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  1. Planting seeds takes a few seconds per till, this accumulated time becomes significant around 40 plots, and cumbersome close to 100 plots. If each plot takes 2-5 seconds to plant a seed, it could take 40 plots 1.5-3 minutes | 100 plots 3 - 8 minutes to plant seeds. It would be cool if there were some way to make growing less tedious maybe through being able to plant seeds in an area to target more than one tilling plot. Sort of like how Printer Sound Reducer Sigils work with making all the printers in a radius quiet. Printer Sound Reducer Sigil pic
  2. There are three variations of this kind of prop, two of them are allowed. We can spawn truss_48.mdl, the smallest version, and truss_144.mdl, the largest version. However truss_96.mdl, the medium sized version is blacklisted. I think this prop should be allowed because: The smaller and larger versions are allowed The medium size version is actually more useful when building bases because the other two are usually too small or too big, however all versions have their places. When making a base it's a great idea to use a prop that is the same width or length of the area you are trying to cover, otherwise you will have to stack multiple props along the same width or length. Having the third option makes building with these kind of props more flexible and efficient.
  3. I can make you a PD dupe for 5 mil DarkRP Cash <3, 1 mat grenade or a timebomb to get in won't protect you!
  4. Whenever I get raided, raiders use drugs to become small anyways, but I can see a groups of friends switching to the class before raids. However, everyone raids on a CC, leaving their cc for a VIP class makes them buy weapons, bacta grenades, jump sweps, or other possible utilities not available by default on the alien class. Therefore, the cost to raid with this class, is what it takes to properly outfit it for a raid.
  5. Recently I have been experimenting with a prop, windmill_blade004b, it has some advantages and disadvantages over other props. This prop has been blacklisted and today I would like to convince the community to bring it back because I believe the prop provides a new way to build a base. It also makes raiders think differently about raiding bases, as bases who utilize this prop should be raided differently. Here is what it looks like for those of you who have not seen it: https://imgur.com/YzOAGae Advantages: you can shoot through most of the prop, the prop has a physbox that is larger than the visible volume of the prop, the area where the prop isn't but blocks throwable raid equipment or players is where you can shoot. It is immune to material grenades and material bombs. Small raiding becomes less effective due to being able to see the entire floor if built in a specific way with this prop. Timebombs and C4 can be easily shot back toward raiders. Alternatively you would build with only 16 height or 16 width gaps for shooting, small raiders cannot squeeze through, but you also cannot shoot c4 or timebombs due to the angle. You would focus on killing raiders. Disadvantages: Certain areas of the prop cannot be shot through, the area where you can see the prop is where you can't shoot through it. Since the prop takes up a lot of volume it serves as a large target for Trisha Launchers, the main weakness of the prop. (You can shoot the visible and invisible portions of the prop, the invisible part an easier target) You must keep the visible portion of the prop within the world, if you were to precision it into the wall or void it disappears, therefore the prop must always be visible. (I think this is fair because at least some portion of the prop must be visible, we don't want completely invisible walls, or where you cannot determine where to shoot with Trisha Launchers, or throw Time Bombs) The prop is very small compared to what most bases are made from, most bases are made from props from the Solid Steel Folder and Plastic. Here is some examples of the windmill_blade004b being used in some base dupes. These two Images are from a base by waterfall in the alleyway with a secret room. This base is the only base I put into circulation by selling it to others for DarkRP Cash, this base probably got the prop blacklisted, I wasn't there when they discussed banning the prop or what exactly happened, but I do know this is the best base I have ever built. What makes it so great is that people cannot use timebombs through walls to skirt facing direct fire from the defenders. As far as I know it might be safe from material bombs but I haven't tried that. Its also very small base. windmill_blade004b fits perfectly here. Let's discuss how many layers are in this base. 1 of the windmill_blade004b covers the floor in the airlock area with two doors. I put 3 total windmill_blade004b there. [3 layers] https://imgur.com/WAmlS8k Now towards the backside of the base the volume of the room increases, 3 windmill_blade004b are needed to cover the floor per layer, 9 total here [3 layers] https://imgur.com/qZMoqYE 6 total layers The crouching area of the base has 8 turns, so crouching in is totally a bad idea. The only realistic way to raid like most bases is c4, timebombs, and Trisha Launchers. After destroying 6 layers raiders can get inside the base which in my opinion is below average, but how the base requires raiders to face direct fire, and is very narrow makes up for this. It is not only the prop windmill_blade004b that makes it so advantageous, but its the location, and how it was built to take advantage of its features. This Is from a base in industrial. https://imgur.com/qkmqtpR Here is a picture from outside the base, you can see that there is a lot of options for raiders to choose from compared to the last base. Two entrances, very large openings. https://imgur.com/nZowhMM Let's Discuss layers. This base is pretty simple, its just a wall of windmill_blade004b, 9 in a row, 5 total layers. From this example you can see how this prop doesn't work just anywhere, its almost, with other props, 12 props per layer, where you can do much less, I usually average 8. Here are some example of more conventional builds using props from Solid Steel Folder and Plastic. These bases are basically the same. This one is from lower sewers. It's 8 layers. https://imgur.com/eCm806P This one is near beach. it's 7 layers. https://imgur.com/zd2W3Em Usually these bases average at more layers due to being more efficient and you can build bases like these pretty much anywhere In conclusion unblacklist the prop because its not that OP.
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