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Everything posted by Ember

  2. everyone is gone gmodia is over
  3. +1 because i got sent asshole pics for this !
  4. I love Malicious!

  5. Lets just never have conversations on the server again. Mute feature exists if you become uncomfortable from someone
  6. I have a solution stop being cringe
  7. bros tweaking over a 1 hour ban
  8. Just remove basing and raiding and lets play VRChat
  9. If kdawg just didnt make it so bounty hunter had a cooldown on bounties reset
  10. he knew u were obese so he needed to get a piece
  11. IGN: Ember Discord: idk my discord if it comes back but u know it Favorite Candy: kit kat
  12. Go on VRChat and watch movies instead of TitsRP that is the solution
  13. I think you already ruined your reputation by yourself man
  14. The solution to ur problem to uninstall gmod
  15. Ember

    Ember ban appeal

    I understand why you don't believe me I just really want to be able to play with my friend who's been banned for a long time. I knew an excuse wouldn't get me out of the sit when you had evidence of me mrdming you even said it in the sit you had evidence. I also said "do what you have to do" because i'm not going to try to fight it when I was obviously in the wrong.
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