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  1. Right but, anything graphic or obscene won't be added or thought about due to the average age of the playerbase.
  2. Nothing would be graphic. Just things that fit into the humor and culture that is TitsRP.
  3. A new addition to the TitsRP roster of jobs, The Tagger. The Tagger would be added either to the 'Weird Jobs' or 'Thief Jobs' category. Job Description: You are an artist at heart! Go around and spray your deepest desires around the town. Be careful as CPs will arrest you if they catch you in the act! Weapon/Gear: Spray Can Gameplay Tips: 1. Cops will arrest you if they catch you spray painting. 2. The more public the area, the more xp you gain upon completion of a 'painters streak'. 3. Can gain a 'painters streak' if you successfully paint in 7 or more areas, will give a small xp boost. But will end as soon as you are arrested or fail to paint anything within a five minute span. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [ Notes ] 'The Tagger' would work on a risk/reward based system for both how many times you can paint without being arrested as well as the amount of reward from painting in a more public area, i.e. the ally between the PD and the apartment, tunnels leading in and out of populated areas, 'The Tagger' will have presets that they can choose from to paint, the larger/longer it takes to paint one of these presets the more xp they will gain upon completion of a 'Painters Streak'. The presets can vary from something as simple as 'TitsRp' or images such as a form of a pepe or famous pieces of artwork by real life artists such as Banksy or Invader All presets that are words and not pieces of artwork or pictures will be given a different font to mimic real life street artists. [ Attached image is example ]
  4. In-game name: Knifu Waifu SteamID: 76561198400593967 Your plans for Halloween: Try to plan some form of get together with some friends, online or in person whichever is the most convenient.
  5. You we're always really nice to me Grape, and I'm sad to see that after so much time you spent on the server as staff you're putting the towel up. But I hope you still get on, love you <3
  6. Bases shouldn't be able to be just walked in and out by raiders, it should be a uphill battle, favoring the defenders ( In cases where the raiders have the items and materials to get rid of the majority of the bases defenses are different ) especially if the base is protecting money making items such as the printer, bitcoin machine and processor. Bases are customizable per builder and some hold innovative ways to defend them, I.e. the small singular slits in walls that they shoot from. And if it was against the rules, the staff team would be on it like white on rice.
  7. Extreme yes, I like the idea of longer nights as it adds more time for the goons to die and it further's the dynamics of the day and night cycle. I for one love longer nights as it looks peaceful and calm. I like the suggestion, good job coming up with it
  8. So due to this ban being placed on you for the amount of warns you have, I don't see how this is anyones fault but your own? Denied
  9. It really, really is. But this isn't a video game, and they can't copyright so who really cares?
  10. This is just for future reference and to allow Sugar the time to prepare any of the ideas he wants to add into the server
  11. Title Of Suggestion: Limited Time Classes Details Of Suggestion: So basically this suggestion is going to be a year round thing, limited time legacy jobs that you can only play during the months of each holiday ( October - Halloween jobs, December - Christmas jobs, etc…) New Classes: [ The Great Halloween Spirit ] This new limited time legacy job would go around throwing pumpkins at players in the same manner that Santa does but this specific character comes and throws Pumpkins. These pumpkins have a 50/50 chance to either give you a Trick ( A zombie or headcrab ) or a Treat ( Money, weapon, etc…) [ Headless Horseman ] The “Headless Horseman” is like the Spawn Of heck. The Headless Horseman locks onto a target and then hunts them down with increased Health and Armor, both exceeding (100). The Headless Horseman will only be able to hunt down one target at a time before it either dies or the target dies, before moving to the next. The Horseman will keep receiving new people to kill until the player playing the legacy job switches off. Overview: So with this Update Idea to the legacy jobs, it’s purely made to add festivities into the Tits Rp server.
  12. Topic Of Suggestion: Behind The Badge Update Details Of Update: The criminals have been growing stronger and stronger within the City of Tits. It’s time for a new breed of crime stoppers to be placed in the middle of this situation and sort it out with their own discretion. There’s also some talk around the office of a legendary Officer coming… New Classes: [ Overwatch ] The “Overwatch” Civil Protection unit is in charge of ensuring the officers on the ground are safe and well, they have experience with climbing things with ease as they have also developed a makeshift grappling hook (Bat claw with restrictions) that allows them to scale buildings easier in order to gain a aerial view of their fellow CP’s. The “Overwatch” CP has a advance sniper rifle that has the ability to shred through armor of any target that’s on the receiving end, good thing they only have one buller before manuely reloading. [ The Interviewer ] The “Interviewer” is the Civil Protections new Legal Representative that assists with finding those who wish to cause the Mayor some distrust as well as harm. This new addition to the Civil Protection team can scan people (About 5-10 seconds of constant scanning) to see if someone is indeed a person of Interest. (Mayor’s Assassin and POSSIBLY “Crooked Cop”) This new member of the Civil Protection team doesn’t like to put themselves in situations they don’t have complete control over, so they have stripped themselves of all weapons and only have a enhanced taser that renders someone in-mobile for a few seconds unable to function properly, not even being able to move their eyes. [ The Legend ] The “Legend” is a mythical myth within the Civil Protection Community, someone who can non lethal people with minimal effort, a massive weapon able to punch a hole in armor and in flesh, and above all else the type of uniform they wear. The “Legend” will be a legacy job only able to be played by Active CP users. (People who are currently playing A CP job or CC will have the chance to get picked) They will have enhanced armor with NO cost to their mobility. Overview: This entire update is only made to provide better content for the players as well as counter act the criminal updates that I have suggested previously.
  13. Correct with the armor statement, theres a maximum of 4 classes and only 1 person per class. The Enforcer would be the only one who has access to the 250 armor BUT can also supply 100 Armor to their fellow heisters
  14. This suggestion is actually extremely needed in my own opinion. It will limit the amount of talismans used, like you said and will ensure that people aren't running around with 10+ every time. Good suggestion.
  15. Topic Of Suggestion: Under The Hood Update Details Of Suggestion: This update will contain a update for the vehicle of Titsrp, ensuring that the players are being kept entertained with new and interesting looks like the day night cycle has done. Colors: The vehicles the players have access to should have more of a personal touch such as color to start with. Allowing players to customize the color of the plain white airtug that we currently have can add a little more ‘color’ (personality) in the Tits rp server. Seats: Seats seats seats. Although the majority of the vehicles such as the ‘airtug’ have enough space for players to press “Alt+e” on it to force themselves onto it, but there should be at least one added vehicle that allows more than one person to actually sit in a seat that’s apart of the vehicle. Overall: I think that a little more personality and color within the server is never a bad thing, especially if this also adds more vehicles for the land (Thanks for the Airboat Sugar) to drive and express ourselves with.
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