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  1. Since you have no other warns or bans on your account and have 90 days of playtime, I will remove this ban for you this once. Accepted
  2. Hey man, I don't think we can share those logs with you due to privacy concerns. Staff chat logs also include private conversations such as PMs + gang/party chat. I'm sure someone would have an issue with that. off the top of my head I don’t recall how non-staff chat logs work but you may be able to just stand around in fountain and pick up local chat and OOC logs and export them to your data folder using Slogs. 🤔
  3. March 29th Changelog Fixed a bug where if you tried to create all food w/ a full inventory it would only drop 1 Fixed some unexpected behavior with certain bludgeon reskins Fixed a bug where staff couldn't interact with the hit menu if a staff sit was up Improved Mr. Bones TTS filter to prevent ear rape Increased Yacht health by 200% Fixed a bug where legacy jobs would disappear from the F4 menu if favorited
  4. You need to type $linksteam and then check your DMs from the bot. If you aren't getting the message, make sure you are allowing DMs from TitsRP Discord members in the server's settings
  5. I tried to reproduce this by changing the color of two items and then relogging. It seems to be saving for me.
  6. I was not able to reproduce this so it's more than likely already been fixed. If not, let me know!
  7. I was not able to reproduce this. Do you have an errors?
  8. Rubik

    Exploiting Appeal

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/284534267600568320/1089034917876355173/Garrys_Mod_x64_2023-03-24_23-55-37.mp4 Can someone explain what's happening here? Is he in the base below you and throwing a grenade at the ceiling?
  9. These rules go back to 2016 shortly after the server was created (2015) so they've been around for a while. We do try and appreciate the positive feedback. 🤝
  10. We're pretty transparent on how we issue bans/warns for different things. You can view all the reasons we ban and for how long here this is the exact document staff will refer to for proper ban times and reasons. All the way at the bottom you will see nazi shit
  11. To answer your question simply, no. It's not allowed and will be removed if you ask. However, we don't actively monitor what players are spawning in so you should call a sit for it to be removed. I may be missing something but I don't see any nazi imagery in either of your screenshots. I would recommend muting the player for the time being. Sorry no one answered your sit, we've had a massive influx of players recently and it can be difficult to answer every single one. You did the right thing by making a report after you didn't get a response to your sit.
  12. March 21st Changelog Fixed some accessories & clothing not showing up even if you were subscribed to the optional server content Added Minecraft & nightclub props to the Roleplay Props tab in the spawn menu (requires optional server content) Reduced the total file size of optional server content by several MB Fixed missing icons in the SH Accessories menu Fixed missing RP Props icon in the spawn menu
  13. I removed the existing link for you so you should be able to re-verify with your alt now.
  14. In your ban reason it says "RDA,RDM,Player Toxicity". I'd imagine this 3 day ban is more due to the player toxicity part. Can you add some context as to what happened in the sit? We don't usually ban for RDA or single RDM and certainly not 4 days so something else must have happened in the sit. I've forward this to acending since he was the staff member that handled your sit.
  15. Accepted, user was banned based on the evidence provided. Thanks!
  16. 7 days for a single RDM is not normal. We need your friend's steamID at the very least so we can look into why he was banned and by who.
  17. March 13th Changelog Made it so you cannot claim BP rewards if your inventory is full Parcel deliveries now calculate price based on distance traveled Made it so the vote panel uses buttons instead and doesn't lock up your keybinds Fixed a lua error with the warning system Re-deployed the new job voting panel and fixed a bug where you couldn't click on it Fixed an issue where not all models would show in the model switcher Multiple changes to reduce memory usage & cleanup Potentially fix 2 keypad errors Improved load times by removing unnecessary downloads for bitminers Made it so weapon shelves do not collide with players or props Fixed a bug where fishing inside of a fishing circle would not grant BP progress You will no longer receive mail if you're online when an item sells on the marketplace Made it so hobo wheelchairs show up for all jobs if unlocked
  18. You can press 0 to remove the vote panel right now. I'll switch this to a press-able button instead.
  19. Talk to the gang NPC in spawn and you can re-roll.
  20. You can do this via the gang NPC in spawn. Djuk is working on a new gang menu. I think this feature may be included in the new menu as well so you won't need to go talk to the NPC.
  21. This should be fixed now right? If not let me know on Discord Rubik#7711
  22. Sugma Balls: juan your pussy lips are showing Sugma Balls: imma make you cum bruh Sugma Balls: kys Sugma Balls: you sound like a legit retard dog Sugma Balls: pull up on ur mom and fuck her in the mouth Sugma Balls: suck my dick cunt Sugma Balls: its also day in real life fucking dumb cunt Sugma Balls: Anybody got a boner i could swallow? Sugma Balls: i can legit suck u fucking dry bro This is not how we want players to treat each other on our servers. You can view the server rules here: https://tits.gg/ Rule #1 - Be respectful to other people and players. Denied
  23. Did you reinstall gmod or anything like that recently?
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