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  1. Do you have any evidence to help support this report? It can greatly speed up the process for a Rust Admin if you have gameplay recording.
  2. Hey man, I see you only have 1 hour of playtime in the past 2 weeks. This can happen sometimes when you go inactive for a while. Just refresh your quests to get new ones and it shouldn't happen again.
  3. Use !pop to get currently playercount on titsrp
  4. I can re-add dingus but I'm going to remake him from scratch. Any other features you'd like to see? (This will be in addition to the Secretary bot so don't include any features that Secretary has)
  5. Can you copy your discord id? It’s a string of numbers if you right click your pfp
  6. I'll go ahead and unban you because the alt detection was from back when we used the old forums and idk how accurate it really was.
  7. September 18th Changelog Jackpots will now "roll over" to the next round unless there are at least 2 players betting Suga Shop will show max character count for join messages, loading screen quotes, etc Fixed a rare lua error when using the model blocker Fixed a rare lua error when using the marketplace Fixed a bug where mayor's assassin might spawn with a cop model that was unique to him Fixed a lua error when being force dropped
  8. I could not reproduce this. If you are in a gang but do now have reroll/edit permissions of said gang then the NPC is useless.
  9. Although this is a bug, I personally use this as more of a feature - double tap C to keep the menu open vs one tap and hold for quick access. I'm going to leave this bug report open for a bit to get some more feedback, but as of right now I think this one can slide.
  10. User fell off many moons ago 

  11. I haven’t heard of you getting involved in any drama since your last appeal I’m +1
  12. September 15th Changelog Fixed a lua error when sending mail Fixed a lua error when interacting with the model blocker Fixed setting a player's voice volume level inside the tab menu Fixed the quest coin not moving with the lightning quest panel when dragged Fixed "blow up x printers that are more than 2 hours old" quest
  13. This is fixed for the next reset!
  14. September 12th Changelog Fixed sorting by name / price on auction house Fixed sound menu not saving
  15. You were banned because your client contains an unknown and potentially malicious file. This will need to be reviewed by Sugar. I can't imagine any reason why you would need a module to print anything unless you are trying to determine if there is an anti-cheat or not.
  16. There is a tool in the Q menu called "Shadow Remover". Try that!
  17. September 10th Changelog Fixed the player HUD preventing you from interacting with the server browser if it was placed in the bottom left corner Added the ability to buy shipments in bulk via the new F4 menu "Reload Quest Data" and "Reroll Quests" buttons will render properly on all resolutions Fixed "Reload Quest Data" button preventing you from claiming rewards via new F4 menu Improved notifications when becoming Abomination & small improvements to his job description in F4 menu Fixed "sell X items to the blackmarket dealer" quest not giving progress Fixed vehicle not displaying their models in the Entities tab
  18. Next time this happens and if you're still able to interact with the gmod client in this state, please check console for any errors. I don't have any server or clientside errors logged for you so it may be something with your client. If there are any errors this would definitely help. I think our voice module runs independent of the game (as others mentioned) in order to improve performance, so that might explain why you could still hear voicechat.
  19. This should have been resolved with yesterday's update. If not shoot me a DM on discord! Rubik#7711
  20. I think the F4 menu will cache it's data to improve load times. We used to have a button to "force refresh quest data" but it seems this was removed in the new UI. I will re-add it.
  21. This should be fixed for the next reset. If not let me know!
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