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  1. Those fish are only catchable as a reward for people who have an upgraded fishing skill I'm pretty sure, so it doesn't really make sense to have them in the loot table.
  2. What would you like to see as a reward for say "recycling trash"? Would you get some additional materials for crafting? Maybe like enchanting where you have a small chance to a super rare item?
  3. @Tenemake a new post in suggestions instead of replying to one that is unrelated. I'm sure if it gets enough support it'll be done! @Mumperyou caught me! (jk this is a dev server so it's not tied into my real inventory)
  4. It's me after my leg falls asleep from sitting on the toilet too long
  5. I have a few cool things for a pre Halloween update I will probably push the first week of October. This would mainly include Halloween-themed minigames, props, etc but the main Halloween update will be scheduled closer to Halloween night.
  6. I have no involvement in the server, in fact it is not actually me making this post. Actually this post doesn't even exist, what are you reading?
  7. Hey Joe


    1. Rubik


      I know its you, Joe. 


    2. frank fontaine

      frank fontaine

      bro will someone please tell me who the fuck is joe????

  8. Rubik

    name change

    Change your name in game using /rpname Daniel Beckends. On the forums, you can check your name by going to https://forums.titsrp.com/settings/ Also go here https://forums.titsrp.com/settings/login/?service=2 and make sure you have unchecked "Update my display name here when my Steam username changes"
  9. After looking into these players it doesn't appear they are teaming as more than 4 on the tits.gg server.
  10. Accepted. 76561198880140841 is banned.
  11. It was suspected that this weapon was causing a weird issue where tracers were emitting from random players on the map and also it had never been converted over to our current weapon base. I'll convert it over, re-add it & hope for the best!
  12. This is addressed in the October update!
  13. Rubik

    Gang CC - Pantheon

    Your gang cc is created for the next reset Congrats on reaching 70!
  14. Unless anyone has anything else they would like to add, I will close this and mark it as Accepted since Green was spoken to & the party name was changed. If anyone else has anything valuable to add, feel free to re-open it. Obviously if it continues to happen again, feel free to make a new report.
  15. I've reached out to Green myself and requested that he change his party name from "NigNogs" to something else. I understand this type of language can be offensive to some & staff should be setting a positive example for others by not promoting the use of offensive language.
  16. I don't recall any DMs from Lewdness but if you can have them shoot me a DM and just let me know it's okay I can do that for you.
  17. There is a gang perk which allows u to see the actual entity name which is hacked. That does make it a lot easier to locate if you are familiar with the map. For example, it might say "(coords) Entity: npc_vehiclescrapper has been hacked!"
  18. You can appeal bans which were false or issued in error. You're saying that you executed cheats in singleplayer but that's just not possible, which means you did attempt to run scripts on the server. This ban is valid and will stay.
  19. Rubik

    New Changelog

    I think allowing the option for players to choose if they want mutes to persist or not was the original plan, but that part never got added. This should be do-able as well as an indicator in the radial menu if you have someone muted.
  20. I can appreciate people standing up against things that they don't agree with & taking action to affect change, but leaving the staff team in mass was not the right solution. Everyone is hurt by this stunt and no one benefited at all. The players now have 7 less moderators to help them & keep the server safe, and the rest of the staff team now has to work harder to pick up the slack. Just my 2 cents.
  21. Poor communication between the Admin team & the Smod team resulted in a bunch of senior moderators resigning. I wasn’t online when it happened so I’m not sure of all the details, but there was discussion for the past few days in admin chat on whether a certain user met the standards of the smod rank & it was decided that they would be demoted to moderator. Smods were not notified of this so they resigned. Sorry if this is incorrect but I didn’t hear of this until after the fact and that’s what I’ve gathered so far from just scrolling through smod chat.
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