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  1. Just to clarify this a bit.. Decompiling a model is never a good idea because tons of things can go wrong, especially if you don't know what you're doing. This could lead to server crashes that are near impossible to debug. The person that made the model would have the resources and expertise to make changes to the model without anything going wrong. If someone comes to me and wants a model modified in some way, I always point them to the original author for help because we simply don't provide any support for workshop models, we only add them to the server so you and your friends can use it. The reason why we do not accept models that are not on the workshop is simply because these models tend to give us the most problems. A lot of times these models are from an older version of Garry's Mod, contain nude bodygroups, or is not allowed on the Steam Workshop for some other reason. Only accepting models and sweps from the Steam Workshop makes it easier for us to determine the reputation & quality of the content before we add it to the server. It might seem a bit lazy or careless for me to just say, "I will only accept models with a good reputation on the workshop", but you must consider the fact that there are hundreds of players on the server daily with new players dropping in every few minutes. It is my duty and a priority of mine to make sure content that is added to the server is safe and will not cause issues for our players. Server stability and performance is #1 over everything, including money. Unlike most servers, I do not profit on custom content. All of the money goes to pay server costs and does not go in my pocket, so I'm not really concerned with selling as many models as possible as quickly as I can. It is more important to me that I add quality content for players that will not break the server or cause players to crash. I can look at the workshop upload, read the comments, the rating, file size, etc. to determine if it's a good model to add. To determine if a model is going to work best for you, you should test it out in single player first. How does it compare in size and height to the default citizen model? Once they are added to the server, models can automatically be restricted from raiding, revolting, or have reduced HP and damage if they are small or have wacky hitboxes.
  2. Rubik

    Mixed Signals

    As a thief class the mugger should be permitted to raid. I can fix this.
  3. You need the gang perk "Morpher" enabled and be on a Stupid / Weird job for the /size command to work.
  4. Rubik

    Ban Appeal

    Pretty incredible that you managed to get 50 warns in 2015 given how long the server has actually been online up until that point. I'll unban you today but I would home you really have changed since then.
  5. You can appeal the warn but you can't appeal an auto ban. Reaching 20 warns or whatever is not an easy task and we generally don't accept bans unless the warn is removed for being false or something.
  6. I agree this job could use a little TLC. I think these are all great suggestions but if we're going to update the job we need to go big and add some new features / functionality as well.
  7. Rubik

    Lost my CC

    That class currently belongs to https://steamcommunity.com/id/cookedblocked/ Do you know who this is?
  8. Rubik

    Lost my CC

    wickett was your old CC command? Did you pay for this class or did you get a slot from a friend?
  9. Rubik

    Lost my CC

    I could not locate a custom class by your Steam ID. Try typing !whatcc in chat and it will return any custom classes you own or have perms to. Sometimes they do not appear in the F4 menu if you have been offline for some time.
  10. Hello, I've already restored your custom class since you PMed me on Discord. You will need to wait until the next server reset for the changes to take effect.
  11. You need a ban appeal, not a report. Sugar is the owner and was kind enough to provide me evidence that your “brother” was exploiting. You would have to wait out the ban. Blame your brother.
  12. Rubik

    Report on fuel

    It's photoshopped to show you why screenshots of a Discord profile are not valid evidence.
  13. Rubik

    Report on fuel

    I couldn't find shit ass so I used big ass instead. Just trying to prove a point, but it looks like Fuel has cleared that up for us.
  14. Rubik

    Report on fuel

    Damn that's crazy, on my screen it looks different
  15. Rubik

    Report on fuel

    If this is not in the TitsRP Discord then we have no way to verify that this is actually Fuel. I'm not saying it isn't, but I have been on the flip side of a situation like this in another Discord before and it would be an injustice to jump to conclusions without verifying this is actually the person you say it is. If this is Fuel then that is obviously not okay to say, but we do not moderate or have any control over what people do or say in their personal Discord channels. Contact the person that operates that Discord group.
  16. Rubik

    Report on fuel

    Is there any way to verify this is fuel? Also this doesn't look like TitsRP Discord so why are you reporting him here instead of to the administrator of that Discord?
  17. January 19th Changelog Fixed a bug where un-hacking your own bounty from the bounty board would not earn quest progression Fixed a bug where you could un-hack a bounty for a player who's bounty was $0 Fixed an issue where you might not earn leaderboard progress if you harvested crops too quickly Add knock down logs for players w/ "down but not out" perk Fixed a bug where if a player was killed in a down state it would always be logged as a suicide
  18. This issue isn't present on my dev server so I'm not sure what the issue is tbh.
  19. The board will not display players with $0 bounties but I believe they are still stored on the server a valid bounties. This should be an easy fix.
  20. This can happen if all of the available spawn positions are taken (as in someone is standing there). The server will attempt to find an empty position around one of the spawn positions. It's supposed to be able to detect walls but for some reason that is not happening. This shouldn't happen unless the server is close to being completely full but I will see if there is anything we can do to fix this.
  21. Rubik

    Gang CC

    I got you in for the next reset. Congrats!
  22. Do /rpname <new name> in chat.
  23. This month we will wipe Monday (January 25th, 2021) until the forced wipe on February 2nd, 2021. Starting on 2/4 we will return to our normal schedule of Thursday wipes. Map Wipe Schedule The map wipes fresh on a bi-weekly basis (every other week). Wipes take place on Thursdays at 5:00pm EST / 2:00pm PST / 10:00pm GMT. Forced Wipe Schedule Forced wipes always take place some time on the first Thursday of each month. We will not freedom wipe on the same day as a forced wipe. Blueprint (BP) Wipe Schedule Blueprint (BP) Wipes will coincide with forced wipes and will take place on a monthly basis.
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