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  1. i can see explicit body parts in your pfp can you please not use it on the forums?
  2. chromium is caught up with base right now
  3. ItHappens


    so his main shouldve only be banned for 14 days?
  4. what about a use timer for the said prestige sweps? let's say 1 use every 1-3 hours if you die you lose it until the next time period
  5. ok so then make it perma for all jobs and maybe have a /locker command to access the prestige weapons.
  6. look at this @Sugar Tits also +1
  7. ItHappens


    I was gonna suggest you to start hacking jack just so you can close the skill gap on us!
  8. yeah why does that model have 100 health?
  9. tf2 is unplayable to me atm as you have to play on a gay furry community server or play mvm. casual is just bots thats it
  10. i went back to chromium and verified my files now its all fixed thanks
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