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  1. TitsRP trading sprays
  2. I understand, thanks for your time you can go ahead and resolve this
  3. [1] Reference to ban appeal
  4. Yeah, that's an intended feature I'm pretty sure
  5. Lavender

    Gas masks

    Aren't CP protected from Gas Grenades? and with the sticker price of 10mill, anything's possible tbh and the gas mask already protects the user from meth smoke too
  6. Lavender

    Gas masks

    it'd be pretty neat if gas masks worked for gas grenades
  7. Yeah I second this, MrBond730 is the best player on titsrp and deserves all of the money
  8. same thing happens with setting bounty, any alternate commands?
  9. Yeah I was chill with this, I even told comrade but they told me that he will still be banned because of it
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