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  1. I'm going to take my leave here at TitsRP as staff. It was nice being staff here honestly, I enjoyed every last bit of my experience here. I won't ever forget the memories I got here, the mass rdming, mic spamming, the sits, and the constant complaining and the times where I just wanna open up console and type quit because people know loopholes in the system. I'm not retiring because of too much stress, or school, not because I don't like the community. More like, I don't really have anything to go after, It's my drive doing this. It started fading whenever I got senior moderator, I've been thinking about this for a while now I've given it a few weeks see if anything would come back but at the end not really. A big impact on this decision was with Doge Skeletor retiring, he was the main reason I wanted to become senior and along with I felt like I could do something if I become senior moderator as well but I didn't really make much of an impact. There is much more capable senior moderators that have been added that are much better then me. I wanna say a personal congratulations to Koda and Senior Citizen Jack Johnson good job you two. With all that said, thank you everyone you've all been amazing. Personal thank you to Blue for accepting this boy as a staff member.
  2. Forwarded to staff member for a response.
  3. Alright, I searched your ban reason up. You seemed to have posted nsfw content in general, as well spam Dan DM's with racist remarks. I do not agree with your unban from the discord regardless on how long it's been, I certainly don't agree with letting you back into the discord after what you've done. -1 for unban.
  4. This looks like it has been resolved. Next time, don't lie in a player report, you will just make yourself look bad. DENIED.
  5. I don't see you in the discord ban list, perhaps you have special characters in your discord name, or different name on discord?
  6. Bulvie

    Jacket's Appeal

    People deserve second chances, don't get me wrong. What you did was completely UNACCEPTABLE, wrong, immature, and dumb. BUT, I'm going to trust you reflected on your actions and changed. It's been a whole year and you had time to mature. For the people that disagree with his unban and don't agree with giving him a second chance. We had people, do a lot worse and we swing an unban to them. We believe in second chances here at TitsRP. Everyone makes mistakes, no ones perfect. What he did, was unacceptable, and a horrible joke. He apologized for it and that's a sign he matured up over this year he's been banned. We will keep him an eye on him as Slick says. We can just ban him again, if he does anything dumb and easily make his ban unappealable. Now with all that said. 1+ for unban.
  7. Alrighty, you basically just went to youtube and searched up some hacks and got banned for it. This wasn't a mistake. I suggest waiting out your ban a bit longer, and actually prove you are sorry for doing what you did. -1 for unban.
  8. I agree, if you really did care and actually wanted to come back to TitsRP you would've actually put effort into your ban appeal. But as of this moment, looking at your appeal looks like you slapped something together in fifteen minutes hoping it would work. Now, I'm not saying you can't come back, but I would've actually liked to see some effort and a sincere apology for your actions. -1 for unban.
  9. Alrighty, the public base didn't have a sign stating it was a public base. Melicious was raiding the base, and you came back several times breaking nlr, this ban is valid and kio will not be punished. DENIED.
  10. I understand, but you cannot take justice into your owns. You are breaking the rules, we staff can't get to everyone's sits. If we aren't doing one thing, we are doing another. If it doesn't get accepted the first time. Make another, or if it doesn't get taken make a player report. Just because your sit doesn't get accept doesn't make it right. DID the base have a sign clearly stating. "Public Base."
  11. https://forums.titsrp.com/server-rules/ This rule is under basing. A public base is a place with open doors such as a restaurant. For your base to be considered a public base, you MUST place a sign indicating it as a "Public Base." You may not have money-making entities inside/it will be treated as a building sign. If the base does have closed and locked doors or entities, call staff to report a false public base.
  12. For no raidable items, the man could've been raiding and destroyed the items. If you went inside the building, he has permission to kill you. On top of that, public bases MUST have a public base sign to make it valid. You commited NLR, if you believe he rdm'd you. Make a sit, I understand that you are angry but it's best to leave it to staff to avoid getting in trouble. Why would you want to get a person out of a building if they are clearly raiding? All I see is a perfectly good ban, you broke NLR many of times. What makes him harrassing you? What makes any of what you said, harassments? You kept going back and breaking NLR during a raid? I'm confused on how that makes him harrassing you? -1 for unban / -1 for punishment on kio.
  13. Alright REGARDLESS, you did sit exploit. It doesn't matter if you have no intentions of escaping, sit exploiting is not allowed. If you would've talked to me, and didn't give the player an attitude and me. We could've came to an understanding, but you being toxic towards me / the sit caller made me seem like you deserved the warn, on top of telling him to kill himself not the way to go. I hope you learned from this mistake and improve in the future. DENIED.
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