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  1. SORRY NOT STAFF BUT RELEVANT INFO: Hey there Hardass, I was one of the other cops that was called into the sit with you. I have footage showing exactly what happened for one of the scenarios you mentioned, I will upload that and post it on the forums here if the staff are ok with it. Just to give some context. That being said, I think this is definitely a gray area in the rules for CP. I've had staff tells me different things for different situations, so I am not at all supporting Cobaselic getting in trouble, but I do think a rule clearly defining scenarios like this should be put in the MOTD.
  2. Dictator Mayors on TitsRp are simply just a way of life. And I think you mistaken the reasoning for Dictator mayors. I never have done it for the money, as a matter of fact, you honestly do not make that much from when your CPs fine players, there really isn't any incentive money-wise to be a dictator. I do it so I can see the chaos outside the Mayor's office and hear the whining and screaming over voice chat and OOC. People like Zesty do it for the revolt combat. While I understand your wanting to edit the Mayoral system, I believe it's important for you to truly understand why dictator mayors are dictator mayors. As for revolts, I don't see why you want them to be less common? In fact, I'd actually enjoy a shortened revolt cool down timer. Like you said, revolts are fun and it'd be easier to get dictator mayors out of office.
  3. +1. Incredibly unfair, no reliable counter.
  4. NOTE: Sorry I am not staff commenting on this, but I am the player that reported Abstergo. Hi there, this is JEWWORLD, the player that reported you. First and foremost: What I did was not RDA nor NLA. Stun gunning to slow you down and stop you from flying away is simply not NLA. Along with that, during the time mentioned, the skywalk props I believe were only above the street, therefore you were violating the law. Second of all: I do not appreciate you calling me a "serial minge that RDA'ed half the server". Many people on the server know that I exclusively play CP . I do my best to follow the CP rules. When I break a rule, I always own up to it. In your case and many others, I was not breaking any rules. Also, the whole "5+ sits in the spawn of an hour" is a complete lie, and you only threw that in there to make myself and Kotos look bad. Third: I find it strange how you claimed to make 2 sits and none of them were taken, which is why you demoted me, yet my sit on you was taken... Fourth: After this sit, which you are appealing, you proceeded to make another sit on me (Which was taken again by Kotos) claiming once more that I RDA'ed you. After I showed to Kotos that I hadn't broken any rules, you proceeded to literally stand there in silence while we both waited on your response, and then were returned. I do not appreciate your attack on me. Kotos did a great job handling both sits. Personally, I believe you just have it out to get me, simply because I like playing CP and enforcing dictator Mayor laws.
  5. I have never gotten more than 70k per tax just for me. You have to remember that it is spread equally amongst the amount of PD players online. 300k-500k is a fabrication and you should be ASHAMED.
  6. This post is spot on, 100%, I agree with almost everything you've said. When I first joined the server almost 2 years ago now, I was immediately terrorized and punished by the mechanics of the server. My bases would always get raided and I could never seem to get a foothold of progress. Because of that, I resorted to playing the Police role, (which is what I find fun now, but it definitely isn't for everybody). Since then, I practically only play CP. It's especially fun for me because both experienced and noob players must obey the law or be punished. There is no inequality or unfairness, it is a level playing field. +1
  7. +1 Definitely would bring flavor to playing the Sewer Lord.
  8. I completely disagree with a cooldown. I have been mayor multiple times and players like Mr. Happykins will donate real money to get the suga to demote me. If I am able to just be bought out and forced to wait a cooldown, at that point it's practically Pay-to-win. I agree with Succ in that the cereal count should be raised to 50 cereal to atleast make it more difficult.
  9. Suicides and kamikaze doesn't matter if the singular goal of the person is to kill the mayor. I've been teleported numerous times and get instantly killed. Literally the second I TP I am dead.
  10. When you are teleported someone can place landmines or use grenades and immediately kill you. It isn't fair whatsoever.
  11. I don't see an issue whatsoever with killing prisoners. You lose nothing. Why does it have to be changed. Very silly imo.
  12. I agree with some of what you are saying. I understand the police who like enforcing my laws can be harsh sometimes, but I'd like you to think about this: Let's say a new player joins the server and wants to start making money with printers or processors or whatever. CPs almost exclusively patrol the fountain and main city area and rarely raid bases outside the heart of the city. If new players or otherwise do not want to be harassed, they can simply post up in a different district of the map. Also, your point of 'this how real life works' is quite frankly very false. Maybe in the United States and other western nations police protect and serve, but in the dozens of totalitarian nations or otherwise undemocratic places on Earth, it can very much been seen as a 'Police State' or 'Police vs the People'
  13. The first time I joined this server, in the summer of 2018, the first job I picked was Judge Gabe. I made a makeshift public execution chamber near the fountain, and I would cuff random people and drag them into a cage. I would hold public trials and accuse them of crimes they didn't commit and then murdered them. Obviously, I was banned for 7 days for MRDM, but from that point on I fell in love with TitsRP. After my 7 day ban was lifted I rejoined and played exclusively CP. I read the MOTD and learned the ins and outs of the rules and, for the most part, I've followed server rules very strictly since then. I would hunt for bounties and enforce 'bad laws from bad mayors' almost exclusively. I think as many of you know, the rest is history. From my many hours on TitsRP, I believe the most fun times on the server is when there is a strict and 'unfair mayor', with J-walking laws, Swep laws, etc etc. Now, before you yell and scream at me, call me a minge or whatever, hear me out. When there is an unfair Mayor, the server joins together. They form a common hatred for the Mayor, and the server essentially becomes a CP vs Citizen server. The people will PD raid, Revolt, do anything they can do kill said Mayor. It is a constant tug of war between the people and the police. In my experiences, I have really enjoyed defending PD from raiders, and I imagine that atleast some of the raiders enjoyed the raid aswell. I know many of you are upset with what I do, the constant handcuffing and fining, but I find enjoyment in that. It's a challenge for me, especially when I am fighting against CCs. I think it is good PVP. Recently, I have been playing Mayor. I've found myself with a loyal PD fanbase of people, which is why I am sometimes able to win elections. Many people on the server have a severe hatred for me, they call me a minge, egotiscal, bad mayor, etc. The evidence for this is my -24 rep as of right now and always being yelled at in OOC. Some people have even advocated for a permanent ban for me from CP and Mayor. My counterpoint is that, I believe my laws and my style of play causes conflict. Good conflict, like a struggle of sorts. Revolutionaries vs the Old guard. My question to you, the TitsRP community, why so much hatred? Do you agree with my statements? How do you feel about tyrannical mayors? Extra note: When I change my name to Lord Jewworld or advertise those cringy 'I have brought peace to these lands!' and all that, those are all Star Wars references, not some strange ego-freak out like many have accused me of.
  14. I am having a hard time understanding why you are appealing the ban. OG, you are an experienced player with many hours, you know racism with a hard-r in OOC is against the rules. I am sure you've seen people get banned and gigamuted for doing the same thing. I am honestly not sympathetic at all. How hard is it to not say the hard n-word, or even the normal n-word? You don't need to make a point to try and constantly be edgy or bait staff. Your argument of, "Why didn't they get punished for doing the same thing!!!" doesn't justify what you yourself did. Along with that, the fact that you've been punished for racism before should've made it crystal clear you should just avoid the whole thing. -1
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