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  1. Day 403


    Retired, forever free from my shackles. Now we get started.

  2. +1 I always accidently run into Vinny and never use RSB.
  3. I am going to have to deny your appeal as you have been alting. You may try again at a later date.
  4. I will be denying this appeal for the reasons above.
  5. Spartan

    Blorg ban appeal

    All that was need to be said has been said. You will be waiting out the remainder of your ban. DENIED
  6. The Giveaway has ended. Congrats to all the winner! 1. 75 C4 (+25 from Happens) Cobaselic 2. 50 Blowtorches Blue 3. 40 Timebombs toosii 4. Artifact M21 SCxBeeKid 5. SBC Cannon Malicious akumi (requested re-roll by malicious) 6. T3 Lootbox Isaaac I'll be messaging all of you through steam on when you can get on.
  7. The giveaway ends tomorrow! Enter while you can, and if you haven't seen I have changed where I will be announcing the winners, it is not required to be there, I will contact you.
  8. You didn't get the ban reason or who banned you correct, it seem you're not serious about coming back. DENIED
  9. Anybody seen this thing before? Something mysterious is going on.
  10. I assume this happens because in order for you to respawn them they need to respawn at spawn first.
  11. Only 6 days left to enter! If you haven't already noticed I have changed where I will be announcing the winners, be sure to check it out!
  12. Summer Giveaway In celebration of Summer coming up I am doing a big giveaway. The giveaway will consist of multiple prizes and winners. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is reply with this format; In-game name: SteamID: Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: Winners will be chosen via a random name selector. Prizes Prizes are in order of winners chosen (first winner gets first prize etc.) You cannot be chosen twice. 1. 50 C4 2. 50 Blowtorches 3. 40 Timebombs 4. SBC Cannon 5. T3 Lootbox 6. Artifact M21 Good Luck! Winners will be announced June 30th 3pm PST. At that time I will be livestreaming on twitch.tv/baldmanbart
  13. we gameing today

  14. With the addition of a new meth making system I decided it would be helpful to make a tutorial on it. I am a bit late to this as it has been a few days since it released but hopefully it can still help you. If I have missed something, you have questions, or want to give feedback on the video please do so in the replies.
  15. Death logs is not enough evidence to ban someone. Next time please either get more logs or video evidence if you plan on reporting someone for breaking nlr. DENIED
  16. Denying this cause it got cleared up.
  17. Don't know what you mean, I'm not staff. But that Blue guy does seem like the staff type, might need to boot em.
  18. gay month

  19. You are now unbanned
  20. no food fo today

  21. f4, sound, there you can change the volume of certain sounds, hard to tell with names but with trial and error you can get it.
  22. Day 327


         New forums, very nice. Not much has happened. I'm addicted to a new game. Gonna post more of these though. Got something in the works. I'm excited for it.

  23. Spartan


    denied, appeal isn't serious.
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