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[Changelog] For the DarkRP Server RULES


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August 19th Changelog


  • Added "You cannot mug as Alien Race" 
  • Added a Custom Class rules section
  • Added a rule that prevents Hobo's from getting raided if they have no goods
  • Added a rule to prevent public places with no closed doors. If they have a locked door, they may be hiding something and its all game.
  • Added a rule to disallow one way props.
  • Added Default Laws
  • Added The Enclave Rules
  • Added Dragon Warrior Rules
  • Redid "What to do" - Added some things from Mr. President's List
  • Redid "What not to do" - Added some things from Mr. President's List
  • Redid "PD Heisting / Raiding Rules"
  • Redid "Basing"
  • Redid "Civil Protection" - Added some things from Mr. President's List
  • Removed a lot of old jobs
  • Added a list for Sewer Lord / Follower
  • Allowed Drug Dealers to self supply
  • Allowed Gun Dealers / Black Market Dealers to spawn one single item for themselves to defend their shop
  • Allowed Judge Gabe to bring people to court
  • Added a minimum mug time of 10 seconds
  • Changed Terrorist Rule for maximum government jobs to be on from 2 -> 3 + A mayor must also be online
  • Changed Spiderman -> Batman and used some of Mr. President's rules

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October 18th Changelog


DarkRP Rules:

  • Mayors cannot enforce a rule that results in people getting killed while being in jail.

      -> It is considered failrp, being corrupt, and annoys all players being constantly killed while being jailed.


Staff changes:

  • Moderators can no longer physgun other players.

      -> Numerous moderators have been caught abusing this feature. If you need to take someone somewhere, use the !bring or !jailtp. Physgun abuse is not tolerated anymore.

(No staff actually needs physgunplayer, Nazi Raccoon and I usually use !bring or !jailtp. Staff can still physgun other people's props and cars.)

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