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[Changelog] For the DarkRP Server RULES

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  • 3 weeks later...

June 6th Changelog


  • You no longer have to advert raid
  • You must advert heist
  • Cooldowns don't exist, period (unless they are built in)
  • You cannot continuously raid the same person
  • Keypads must be visible and next to the door
  • You cannot block off NPCs
  • Double fading doors is allowed
  • Medics can assist in raids

Added a section for Misc Rules. This section will be used to define some rules that shouldn't have to be said but will clear up some confusion.

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June 11th Changelog


  • Blackout Bases / Super Dark Basesd are not allowed
  • Kidnapping no longer requires an advert
  • Mugging no longer requires an advert
  • Added into Misc: Hitman does not need to advert hit accepted / hit completed
  • Added into Misc: Do not return to your base if you were just raided, give it a few minutes
  • Added into Misc: Heisting Player: Do not return to a heist if you were killed, once you're killed it's over
  • Added into Misc: Cop: Do not return to a heist for at least 2 minutes if you were killed
  • Added into Misc: Just because you're in a part doesn't mean you don't have to advert Counter for your friend
  • Added into Misc: Knocking people out and not kidnapping them is not allowed, when you knock someone out you must attempt to actually kidnap them

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June 24th Changelog #2

  • Master Stalkers and Stalkers are now not default AoS, they must be actually stalking people to be considered AoS due to mass RDA from players.
  • Made a clarification that Master Guardians are not Master Stalkers and sports a Red Teletubby model, while M. Stalkers do not.

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