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[Changelog] For the DarkRP Server RULES

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October 22nd Changelog


  • Added a category for Pill Rules
  • Added rules for Gandalf
  • Added rules for Lawyer
  • Added rules for Guard
  • Added rules for Pizza Delivery Man
  • Added rules for Magic Man
  • Fixed Syntax in car rules

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October 31st Changelog


  • Added rules for the Night Stalker
  • Stalkers can now raid during the day. Except they cannot kill or hurt anyone during the raid
  • Night Stalker can now raid during the night. They cannot hurt or kill anyone AND they don't have to advert raid
  • Master Stalker can raid any time of the day, except they cannot kill or hurt anyone

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November 28th Changelog

  • Clarified rules for Kidnapping.
  • Kidnappers must have a lockpickable holding cell. If it cannot be lockpicked, it is considered propblock.
  • Kidnappers can no longer keep their hostages indefinitely and must let them go or slay them within 5 minutes. The hostage can commit suicide after 5 minutes if their kidnapper fails to comply to do anything with them. It is not considered as FAILRP at that point.

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December 1st Changelog

  • Clarified rules for basing.
    1. Players that have the Building sign can place an optional KOS sign.
    2. Players with a building sign cannot have bitminers or any form of money generation.

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December 2nd Changelog


  1. There is a 20 minute cooldown to raiding any base. You cannot raid a base and then move onto the next one within 30 seconds. You must wait 20 minutes for every base. The cooldown starts after the raid ends.
  2. "KOS Inside" is optional, players that are trespassing in other people's property with a weapon out can be killed without warning. If they're unarmed, ask them to leave.
    Alternatively, you can still place the KOS-Inside sign if its too much hassle to talk to people and you're antisocial.

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December 8th Changelog


  • Added the following rules to The Corrupt

6) You are still part of the PD and cannot base


7) You can bypass most rules except make sure cops are upholding the law, not civs. Ex) Making RDM legal, Making PD able to kill civs for no reason...thats not RP. You also cannot force a war against another faction


8) You have no grace period. The second you become the job you have the right to be killed for some RP reason

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