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  1. he did it, he made mexico pay for that wall. now titsrp is surrounded by trump
  2. Dangernuudel has already been talked to regarding his harsh behavior yesterday, but this report's essentially that you didn't like the outcome of the sit being a verbal warn and are now reporting him for it? I would focus or rewrite the report to focus only on that, otherwise it's hard to pinpoint the focus of the report. If it's the former, he's already been talked to and I'll close the thread, but if it's the latter, please change up the report to be clear that you don't like the sit and felt it was unfair, etc. Unfortunately I also don't think you can just request that someone not do your sit. Everyone's just trying to do their job as volunteers.
  3. Crt

    YoshE's MRDM Appeal

    So you willingly shot an SBC cannon to kill your target in a public base knowing it would kill everyone instead of using the 100 other weapons at your disposal? Uhh it's hard to justify in RP to bring out basically the equivalent to an RPG. Not to mention, people were allegedly happy that you didn't get away with mass rdming players after you were banned by Buckweed. I asked players after the incident and most of the server agrees that it was just an excuse to use the SBC cannon to kill a ton of players under the pretense of a 'target'. Sorry man, but I can't see this going any other way than a -1 for an appeal. Maybe a reduction, but probably by like two days at most.
  4. Succ, Steve, and I were talking about Quazi yesterday and how many sits he was involved in on his first day on the server. I think he got off the hook for a lot of things bcause he was new and has about 2-3 warns from different staff already in a single day. I think he might need to have a day off to review motd. I'm down for a heavier punishment. .
  5. You were banned by T-Mod Mink11 + Moderator Joe Clean. We will have to wait for their side of the story, but you are still in the wrong for basically admitting to revenge RDA because a cop apparently RDA'd you and you didn't get help from staff and took it in your own hands.
  6. Wasn't on for this, but you shouldn't be arresting cops as a cop. If they arrested you when you weren't a cop andd fined for like a bounty and you refused it or went afk and it sent you to jail, that's on you. If you got autowanted then arrested and got arrested, you should've typed @help rda, [insert story here] and have gotten a staff member to aid you than basically admitting to intentionally going to a cop class to rda another cop.
  7. The ban should stay. You were warned prior for two different cases and now this appeal is basically hinging on a lie because you were actually shooting at players that are clearly not Bloods.
  8. Crt

    warn appeal

    You may have been hacker and killed the cop and mayor, but you stayed in the mayor office and shot at anyone who came in or tried to take down your barricade and you died. You came back and got arrested a minute after. I questioned why you kept killing cops in the PD and asked where was your advert and you mostly ignored me. Then you broke NLR by coming back and getting arrested so I warned you there. I spoke to plutori (Big Heart) if I'm allowed to warn you for witnessing the NLR breaking myself and if I already told you off for it, which I did. I spoke to tass (retired admin) and Succ (admin) if I can do the same and they said I should've brought you to a sit to make it formal, but you still NLR Broke. This is the NLR break in question: My chat log that's not so relevant but my side of me talking to you via ooc chat:
  9. ill miss you love, erston
  10. Bug Description: Ragdolls staying after I respawn. How to reproduce: -Go to Big Heart's CC or any class that has a goose on it (not through !ms) -Die -Wait for it to change to Goose and your HP gets set to like 0 or something for being weird -Die and hope it changes to a new model. -Die -That non-goose model stays on the ground Priority: Low
  11. Today, Minop the Mayor put like a 30 minute lockdown with no reason and half the playerbase keeps getting arrested for walking out of spawn. It clogs up sits, it actually wastes staff's time, and half the playerbase is unhappy. TIMER for lockdown please.
  12. [video=youtube] Old TitsRP with old stun gun and boomboxes. And also ugly ass map that's always at sunset. I also don't know I had -2 bajillion hp.
  13. I mean, he gave you a warn, but it was your 14 other fuckups that got you hammered by an automated system. I actually think danger's pretty lenient if you were mass NLR breaking
  14. Any news on this? OVO)9
  15. +1. Should be basic and not a hassle. Many people loopholed this to basically have the server be an RDA/AOS or KOS for being outside and not indoors. If the Mayor announces a lockdown, I'd like it so that it'd automatically kick them out of Grace period so they can die.
  16. Can we change the colors of defending PD to like blue or something? I have Deuteranomaly (red-green color blindness) which affects basically my entire color spectrum and the way gmod handles red for revolters and orange for defending PD is straight up unidentifiable to me with all the lights going on in PD by players and just in general it's hard to tell who is who. I 100% know this is like basically a me problem, but I think realistically it'd make sense if PD was colored all blue since PD is already blue-colored for their role ingame and it'd just make it easier to identify. Like if it isn't an issue with code and just changing one line to make a different color, that'd be nice.
  17. I was present at the sit as well with dangernuudel. The server was really laggy and people reported you, hence you were brought to the admin land, which is general procedure. Dangernuudel just said: -I had many people reporting you. -I tp'd you here to ask what is going on. -Why are you 'ddosing' the server? If anything, danger handled the sit pretty well. He didn't raise his voice at you or anything and when he first jailtp'd you, this is what he said. https://streamable.com/vasmi (vid link to the beginning parts) Provided is an additional video that follows up on the previous. https://streamable.com/hfto0 You dodge his questions about the ddosing by replying with: I don't actually think you ever answered anything in the sit besides being upset at being jailtp'd, but danger pretty much just let you go because of no concrete evidence and he simply just brought you to ask you questions.
  18. mass arresting cause of jaywalking laws by mayor is rp ' v')9
  19. This is kinda awkward considering I made the Ban/Warn Appeal Sticky Thread OnO)99\ Your Steam Name: Crt Your in-game name: Erston Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:25751534 Why were you warned/banned?: "RDM" Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : I tried to counter someone, realized I couldn't and stopped. I did not kill this man (STEAM_0:1:59964395). I apologized and went on my day. Repeat with me: I did not kill this player and I apologized and went on my day. I was pulled into a sit by Trial Moderator Joe Clean where I was warned when I didn't kill the guy and I find it really petty the sit was even done in the first place considering it had been like several minutes since the event transpired and the guy clearly was just wasting everyone's time. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Joe Clean Evidence: None unfortunately. Moderators can't find log on this guy (STEAM_0:1:59964395) due to slogs being reset. I talked to the moderator involved (Joe Clean) and like 4-5 other moderators (Hot Loli, Mads, Walter, Bookies) about my warn. My case is that I think there's a clear distinction from intentionally shooting a guy for the sake of RDM and making a mistake and not following through with it because I realized it was a mistake only to still get warned for it like nearly 10 minutes later over nothing basically. I talked to a few of the moderators about the warn and they think I shouldn't have even gotten it but a verbal warn because I didn't kill the guy and I apologized to the guy before the sit even happened and it's kind of dumb the sit happened. EDIT 6:55pm: My man Joe Clean out here as Michael Myers telling people to randomly hurt people to 70 hp so he can free rdm them, but that would contradict the entire point of my warn where I didn't even kill anyone but he's suggesting people to randomly shoot people so he can freely kill them. Can I just get the warn removed? EDIT 7:07PM I talked to Ivan (the guy I didn't kill) when he was Mr. Bones, he said don't worry about it. So I'm taking that as basically we worked it out and I can have the warn removed.
  20. lol a mod got banned, sugar please fix i can try unbanning you edit: "Banning I throw rocks at fat girls permanently for using a shared account to avoid his ban! u got shrekt" __ don't let your brother on a shared account join the server to rdm, buddy. I unbanned you :)
  21. Crt

    Zek Mod Application

    i deleted all his warns like last year by accident. that dude has like 500. probably deserves respected tho
  22. Crt

    Ban Appeal

    I'd reduce it to like a 3 hour ban since he actually made a ban appeal and now he'll know better. But if you want to duel someone without getting in trouble at all, use your fists + get a fight club owner to spawn in their thing.
  23. i still have no idea who kez is, but i think he needs a hug.
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