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Proper punishment times and reasons.

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Staff Tips:

  • Go easy on new players. Education over punishment.
  • Don't punish multiple times for multiple rule breaks in one act, punish once, and the user should learn from it. If they don't, punish them again.
  • Only Verbal Warnings or !warns should be given when it was an accident.
  • If X is done three or more times it is considered "mass X".
  • Keep your ban reasons clean. No personal comments/quotes from the banned player, either. Simply ""
  • Requesting a ban to be extended is easy. Add your name to the ban reason and how long you would like the extension to be. Example: "Extend to [TIME] for [YOUR NAME] | Ban Reason"
  • Do not kick/ban/warn/continue a sit on a user when they are AFK. You must either keep them in sit land or return them to the main land and watch them. If they are fake AFKing it will be obvious, and you may punish once it is obvious they are doing so to avoid punishment.
  • If a user has been banned previously within less than a month ago for the same punishment their ban should be increased to a longer length, there can be exceptions for serious cases.

The chain of punishment is as follows:

Verbal Warning --> Warning/Gag/Mute --> Kick/Jail --> Ban --> Perm Ban

Ban times are reasons are at the discretion of the banning staff. This is only a guide for reference.



(RDM) Falsely killing someone


Accidental: Verbal warning would be given unless it could have obviously been avoided. 
Intentional: Warning or a 1-3 day ban

  • If the player is RDMing for false reasons and is asked to stop (ex: Revolution is over but still killing CP) the ban should result in a 1 hour - 24-hour ban depending on the player's attitude
  • If the player killed the person for "Revenge RDM" because they are angry they lost then it should result in a warn - 3-day ban depending on the player's attitude and punishment history
  • If the player killed the person for no reason but to just kill them, a 3-day ban should be issued for "No Intention to RP"

Mass RDM: Intentional or not can default to a one week ban. Use your best judgement here. (ex: Does not advert PD raid and kills 3+ players)
Mass RDM w/ NITRP: Will default up to a one week ban (ex: Someone joins, instantly goes bounty hunter to shoot everyone on the street and LTAP when they are jailed)

(NLR) New Life Rule


NLR exists. Consider the risk / loss if someone breaks NLR

Single NLR: Verbal or warn. Repeat offender probably deserves a warn.
Mass NLR: Intentional NLR or NLR involving a raid is more serious and can result in either a warn or ban. Use your best judgement on this, mass anything can result in a 7 day ban.

(RDA) Falsely Arresting/Wanting someone


Accidental: Usually a verbal warning would be given unless it could have obviously been avoided.
Intentional: But with a false reason, then a warning or a CP ban should be given.
Intentional: With no reason then the ban should result in a warning up to a 6 hour - 3-day ban.

  • If the cop arrested someone for being RDMed earlier, the ban should be 6 hour - 24 hours depending on the attitude of the player
  • If the cop arrested someone due to some personal grudge against the user, the ban should be 6 hour - 24 hours depending on the attitude of the player
  • If the cop arrested someone for absolutely no reason, the ban should be 24 hours at a minimum

Mass RDA: Intentional or not can lead to one week ban.

Stun-gun Abuse / Job Abuse


If a player is continuously stun-gunning other players with no roleplay situation, this is called Stun-gun Abuse or some staff might call it Job Abuse since you are not using the job for it's intended purpose. Stun-gun abuse or abuse of the CP class just to mess with people can result in a CP Ban or a warn. Some staff might also consider this FailRP. 

Single Offense: Verbal warning or Warn for Stun-gun Abuse, Job Abuse, or FailRP 
Repeat Offense: CP ban for 20min - 1 hour

(Harassment) Disrespecting / Threatening


We highly recommend dealing with this in an RP manner. You should not take what people say seriously on the internet.
Harassment should not result in a ban or kick unless it's very severe. 
Start with a verbal warning and then if they refuse to stop or the harassment gets severe, get an admin+ involved.

Staff Harassment: Do not get offended if someone calls you a terrible staff member or anything else. If harassment goes too far, get an admin+ involved.

DDoS threat: 1 month-6 month ban. Request extension right away. 

Constant banter to a staff member while they are trying to resolve their issue could result in a 6 hour - 3-day ban immediately.

(FailRP) Not role-playing properly or as chosen job


FailRP is a very general term, this includes things like cops not arresting criminals and letting them go.
This should not be punishable by staff and the players have all of the power to decide who is and isn't on the job.

A verbal warning in rare circumstances can be given out to players who do not want to role-play.




Exploiting is using a feature in an unintended manner to give yourself an advantage.
If caught exploiting the punishment will vary depending on how much of an advantage the exploiter gains. This ranges from being humiliated to being issued 6 month ban.
Reporting an exploit gets you off the hook 99.99% of the time unless you are continuing to abuse it after the fact.

Hacking: 6 month with proof. 


(FDA) Fading Door Abuse


If a player is caught using key binds to open and close doors to avoid RP scenarios, this is a  verbal warning for new players then warn or up to a one day ban.
Look for keypads/buttons on both sides of a fading door! Use the keypad checker SWEP on the fading door to check for keypads/buttons before.

(Spamming) Chat


Players should simply mute players before getting staff involved unless they're extremely vulgar or racist.
If disrespectful use the gag (voice) or mute (text chat) command in ULX menu. ulx gigamute does both. Don't use !gag or !mute.

Spamming offensive messages in OOC or Advert is a ban.

Racism is a ban or warn.


(Prop Abuse) General Prop Abuse

  • Can be anywhere from a verbal warning to a ban. This includes but is not limited to prop Blocking/Flying/Spamming.
  • Building in a place you do not own to give yourself any form of advantage is a warn or ban. 
  • If involved in a raid this could be considered exploiting and can result in up to a 30 day ban.
  • If prop spam causes lag then it can be considered "Crashing Server" & is a 6 month ban.




Failbasing encompasses a large variety of bases that are either banned or unfair.

Punishment for this rule varies massively and depends on how often a user breaks it. It usually starts with a warn/kick.


Bases that fall under this category include:

  • Skybases (Unless your job allows it)
  • a base that use props to climb onto a building
  • a crouch base that exploit head glitches
  • a base with hidden keypads (They must be next to the door and in plain sight)
  • a base that is only accessible using weapons/tools that let you access higher parts of the map (e.g Master Sword)
  • a blackout base or any color that makes it almost impossible to gain a perception of direction
  • a base that uses a killbox or any form of inescapable trap
  • a base that exploits a body part glitch

Repeat Offence in short time span (Continue After Warned)


If continued after being told not to by staff a higher punishment will be given.
This mainly applies to offenders who do something multiple times in one sitting.


The following bans will be automatically given by the server once the number of warns is met:

  • 15 warns - 1-week ban
  • 25 warns - 2-week ban
  • 35 warns - 1-month ban
  • 50 warns - Permanent ban

(LTAP) Leaving to avoid punishment


It is considered LTAP if you leave immediately after breaking a rule or leaving while in a sit.
Keep in mind someone leaving does not automatically equal LTAP, only put it if they obviously were trying to avoid being in trouble.


  • Mass RDM + LTAP defaults to 7 Days
  • Single RDM + LTAP = 1-3 Days 

(Crashing Server) Attempting to lag or crash the server


This will be a 6 month ban about 90% of the time.
Even threatening it can lead to a 6 month ban.

Causing lag in game and DDoSing fall under this.


Player Toxicity


Vulgar language, Racism, or inappropriate / sexual comments in OOC or used constantly around other players should result in a warn first, if it continues then a 1hour - 3 day ban depending on continued offenses


Racism / Vulgar language in OOC should result in a Gigamute for 30 minutes (Along with adding a note on their profile) first then a 1 - 3-day ban depending on continued offenses/previous history


Personal attacks on other players should result in a 3-day ban - 1-week ban - 2-week ban depending on continued offenses/previous history

Ex:  (Player X says a racial slur: warn) (Old Player says a racial slur with previous bans for racism: 1 day ban minimum)
Ex:(Player X targets and harasses Player Y. Player X is being racist, slandering them, degrading them. Player Y reports Player Xwith evidence: 1+ week ban. If ban time is unclear, contact Smod+ previous offenses should increase the ban.)
Ex: (Player X tells Player Y he is going to find where they live and kill their family: perma ban)


Pedophile accusations/comments  

(First offense) warn - 1 week ban depending on situation

(second offense) 2 week ban no chance of appeal

(third offense/Pedophile comments) 6 months to perma ban depending on situation

-Side note use best judgement to determine the appropriate punishment. Sometimes players might be immature and just start calling everyone a pedo. This isn't worth of a perma ban.

Ex: (Player X says that another player is a pedo because he has a bit-minor: warn for player toxicity with !addnote)
Ex:(Player X makes a vulgar joke/statement regarding pedophilia on first offense: 1 week ban with !addnote)
Ex:(Player X actively engages in pedophilic behavior: perma ban with !addnote)



Causing or contributing to drama will be issued a verbal warning to take it out of the server. If continued, the players involved in contributing will be banned for a up to a month depending on the severity of the situation


Failure To Comply


Not listening to a staff member / continues to cause issues / not helping staff resolve their issue 1-day - 3-day ban depending on the player attitude
Running away from a sit / not listening 1-day ban - 3-day ban depending on the player attitude


Personal Info Leaking


Players caught leaking any info of other players without permission will be banned for 1 week - Permanent ban



Porn Link (Basic) (First Time Offender) - 2 Week ban with no appeal  

(Basic) (Repeat Offender) - 1 Month Ban with no appeal 
CP/Mutilation (First Time Offender) - Community Removal 




If a player is caught alting to avoid punishment, the proper punishment is to double the ban on the original account, and perma the alt account. Alting while not banned is allowed, however punishments on the alt will be given to the main as well.


Anti-Semitic Propaganda /  Nazi Dupes


This is not a 1942 RP. While it's not explicitly against the rules to spawn dupes that include any sort of propaganda, if the dupe may be offensive to someone based on their religion, political belief, or the symbol has been designated as a symbol of hate (i.e. Nazi dupes), the staff member must ask the player to remove the symbol or propaganda. If the player refuses to remove the objects from their dupe, you may kick them to force-remove the objects. If the player continues to paste the dupe after being asked to remove it, you may ban them for failure to comply (see above).


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Since Ghostly is inactive, I guess I'll take over.




  • RDM or RDA times one (intentional) is now a one hour ban.
  • Racism is a ban or warn.


  • Removed rules on lack of advert punishments.
  • Removed rules on leaving then rejoining.

As well as overall polishing of the thread.

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  • Player Toxicity section
  • Failure to comply section
  • Examples that would result in two issues being identical but different ban times
  • 20 - 35 - 50 warnings = 1 week - 3 week - perma ban
  • Disclaimer

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