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[Changelog] DarkRP Server


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Here, you can find all of our recent changes / updates. Since we moved to a new site, if you would like to see the past changelogs, refer back to this post Here



January 25th 2015 Changelog


  • Added experimental Pointshop 2
  • You can now grow weed for more cash
  • RDM Manager has been added for Mods+
  • Bail System
  • Handcuffs for Cops
  • Fixed car dealer for some users
  • A lot of backend stuff
  • Compressed all playermodels into 6 addons instead of 80+
  • Deleted Wiremod
  • Added a poll to the MOTD
  • Temp removal of cooking meth


Next week, I will be taking a look at server performance and will be removing a lot of things we do not use much or do not use in general.

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Did I say optimization would be next week? I meant today. This post will update throughout the day with some updates here and there.


January 26th 2015 Changelog

  • Changed some tick rates
  • DLL_MessageEnd: Refusing to send user message TextMsg of 256 bytes to client, user message size limit is 255 bytes finally FIXED
  • Removed Pointshop until further notice, please do not buy pointshop points.
  • Weed texture is now force downloaded
  • Removed Crafting Table due to usermessgaes
  • Removed Vending Machine due to usermessgaes
  • Removed Slot Machine due to usermessgaes
  • Removed Bail System / Handcuffs due to usermessgaes
  • Added Crystal Meth back
  • ZedCar Dealer reverted back to SQLite because it lags the shit out of the server when on MySQL
  • More weapons added to gun dealers - Not added yet


Note, this will not fix all the stuttering but it will help a bunch. Stay tuned.

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January 27th - 30th 2015 Changelog


Some more optimizations, getting closer and closer to adding Pointshop back


  • Replaced Taser gun due to ragdolls which caused high entity lag
  • Removed Ragdoll Roper weapon due to ragdolls which causes high entity lag
  • Removed the playable piano that I forgot we had
  • Fixed the weed plants. Should not be an error if spawned in.
  • Change prop limit 75 -> 45 per user
  • Ban who ever it is that keeps rating this a dumb I swear to god, I will slaughter you
  • Remove the addon RDM Manager, I hate my life that I spent $15 on an addon that I used once
  • Remove the Sue Script cause no one fucking uses it plus this map does not have a Court
  • Deleting some ItemStore inventories that are not used
  • Deleting some more useless data that does not need to be in the server
  • Remove Nomad for high Entity Lag
  • C4 Blow time from x -> 20 seconds
  • Higher damage to make the server not feel P2
  • Remove Gmod Pee Swep for high entity lag
  • Remove Weed Plants for the time being
  • Knockout swep is honestly the worst thing in the world for entity lag I found out, Cultist limit from x -> 2


  • Possibly change some tick rates
  • Compress some weapon addons to decrease loading times for new and regular players (Sometime this weekend)
  • Blacklist props with a lot of collisions?
  • Add in Pointshop 2

As of right now, everything seems to be relatively stable except for entity lag. Still going to try and find the source that makes the netgraph go insane.


Found some of the main sources for the entity lag. If you were peeing, it was you lagging the server. No im not kidding.

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February 1st Changelog 2015


[*] Added Pointshop

[*] Added a new car dealer that handles MySQL better than the old one



I am currently monitoring the netgraph and chokes to make sure that the source of the lag is coming from an addon and not the players in general.

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February 4th - 8th changelog


  • Our second server is now open, you can now go in game and go on the server portals to connect to it or just search for TitsRP #2
  • New printers
  • Dumpsters for hobos and stalkers to rummage in
  • New VIP Job: Master Raider. You can only raid but you have a shit ton of supplies to complete the job.
  • New VIP Job: Venom. Natural enemy against Spiderman and both are KoS to each other
  • New Non-VIP Job: Master Stalker. Take control of your weird looking army and throw bug bait at everyone.
  • New Non-VIP Job: Sewer Lord. Live in the sewers and kill anyone who disrupts it.
  • New Non-VIP Job: Sewer Follower. Follow your lord and destroy invaders.
  • New Non-VIP Job: Seal Team Six. Show everyone what you're made of. You are an elite force, not a cop. You cannot arrest but you can enter PD.
  • All data now goes through MySQL so data will transfer between servers
  • Removed some junk from addons and places
  • Cleaning donator jobs that are not used (will be saved if they want to come back)
  • Removing player models and weapons of donators that are not used (will be saved if they want to come back)
  • Converted all usmgs to net-messages (may increase performance significantly)
  • Fixed car dealer by moving it to another db?
  • Changed printer configurations so they don't suck cock anymore


  •  Loads of shipments added to gun dealer

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February 11th - 14th Changelog


  • Server Crash addon that allows users to connect to server 1 - 3 when it goes down
  • New hosting site that has no resource limit
  • Updated MOTD
  • Everything back to MySQL, transferred other data
  • New inventory system that works with MySQL
  • Not using FPP anymore, too many usermessages and now we moved over to a system 

    • Remove a bunch of uneeded ulx commands?
    • Removed some playermodels
    • Shipments added to gundealer
    • 3rd Server is up, testing gamemode TTT (Subject to change)


List will continue on. Don't expect to see many changes until like Saturday morning

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February 15th Change log Pending


Mass Server cleanup. Removing models, weapons, textures and uneeded junk.


[*]Updated DarkRP gamemode.

[*]Removed News Camera Mod.

[*]Removed FPP and moved over to the other system (finally).

[*]Removed new inventory back to old inventory. Deleting everyone's data that has not been touched in 15 days.

[*]Cleaned models out of addon packs that are not used, rarely used or just plain missing from in game.

[*]Moving over to a blacklist script. Certain variables may disallow you from playing on our server, sorry.

[*]Edited crash menu to say something else a little less vulgar.

[*]Removed broken riotshield

[*]Removed server hopper addon

[*]Server addon size from 3.14GB -> 2.68GB

[*]Good amount of unused ulx commands remvoed

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February 17th Changelog


[*] Added 4 new VIP jobs, sorry non VIPs I had to add in a model for someones class and I decided to add in all of them

[*] Door tool, hobo lords or anyone in general can make a really cool house now with doors

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February 20th Changelog


[*]Added Utime, this will now log your time

[*]Added Spray Mesh, this will fix sprays and allow better sprays

[*]Updated the MOTD to support HTML, should be easier to navigate

[*]Trying a tickrate

[*]Trying to clean some shit as I say every changelog

[*]New kidnapping tools for Cultists, Hobo Lord and Pedophile

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March 1st Changelog


[*]Changed map to Evilmelon because #yolo

[*]Removing dead classes from people who have died and haven't risen from the dead for 1 - 2 months

[*]Buffed Printers

[*]Moved off MySQL for a few addons, next week I will convert the actual darkrp db to sqlite

[*]Being really picky and removing models and jobs that just are not used

[*]Removed all cars. If you want a refund, please post on the "Refund Thread" and I will hook you up.

[*]Added the jobs: Sewer Lord, Sewer Follower, Kerrigan (VIP), Pissed Baby

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