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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

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March 5th Changelog


[*] Moved off MySQL for DarkRP storage

[*] Added Pokemon Trainer with a working pokeball for DarkRP (re-coded by me)

[*] Added random events (Testing)


Note that the NPCs spawned by the pokeball should only be used for pokemon battles. They will not attack other players.

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March 7th Changelog


[*] Added different cars back. These are smaller in size and fewer but better than nothing.

[*] Removed Oblivion Magic Swep and Kerrigan for now.

[*] Removed Pokemon Trainer and Pokoeball swep for now

[*] Removed a few addons that were not in use

[*] Removed all Superman Models + superhero jobs



Trying to combat crashes. Its strange. Usually no errors server side or clientside but we always find a way to crash with no explanation.


Also trying to remove a lot of junk that is not used. Superhero sweps will stay though, don't worry.

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March 9th Changelog


  • Fixed DarkRP gamemode
  • Sleeping bug for handcuffs fixed
  • Ulx menu working again
  • Now on DarkRP 2.6
  • Fixed Car dealer

Known issues: 3D2D Textscreens may have a solid box in them.

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March 14th Changelog



In order to combat crashes, I am taking out some addons for now that have NOT been updated for the new DarkRP update or the new Gmod update in general and have these variables that cause server crashes in them.


  • Changed some variables in Dlogs, its working again
  • Removed Traptoide addon
  • Removed Utime
  • Removed the warning system for the time being

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March 16th Changelog


Due to the server crashing a ton STILL after another update. Here we go. This will piss people off but I have no other choice but to remove a ton of addons until shit is more stable


  • AWarn is back
  • Updated to the latest version of Gmod
  • Removed Mayor Voting NPC
  • Removed Knockout Swep
  • Removed News Camera
  • Removed Police Vault
  • Removed some weapons / features
  • Removed economy module
  • Removed Adv Dupe 2
  • Fixed the background on the 3D2D text (only positive)

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March 17th Changelog



As Gmod STILL is NOT fixed. I am working on another solution. Barebone servers will still crash but at a much later interval. Here is what im doing. Everything removed in the next couple of days will come back once Gmod is fixed.

[*]Removed Realistic Player Damage

[*]Removed Bank Vault

[*]Removed VCmod and cars for now

[*]Removed Meth (replaced with weed)

[*]Removed PermaProp placer (using alternative)

[*]Removed the Car dealer for now (theres no fucking cars)

[*]Removed the stungun

[*]Removed Textscreens for now



If anyone is curious as to why i'm removing these specific addons its because these contain networking variables that have been very iffy the past week. People are having success removing all addons dealing with these certain ones. I know, it sucks but its better to keep the actual server alive rather to have it crash every 20 - 30 minutes. Trying to find the actual addon causing it would be very difficult as I cannot test this myself. (I idled on the server for like 2 hours without it crashing when everything was on) so that means at some point, the server will just overload itself and crash. I have some other tools I am trying to see if what I did works. ALL of these addons that I have been removing in the past couple days WILL be making a comeback when the game is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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March 21st - March 22nd Changelog


Someone released a module that can rewrite the networking functions and we are going to try it out. I am adding back every addon that I removed. If the server crashes regularly like before, I will just remove everything again until it is fixed.


  • Added back all the addons that were taken out before
  • Removed Meth addon. I am almost 100% certain that the server is crashing because of it

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March 25th Changelog



  • Updated DarkRP
  • Updated Gmod
  • Added back Bank Vault
  • Added old Anti-Prop kill / Push

Lets see how this goes. Pray to Gaben that the server will not crash anymore. We can only hope team, we can only hope.

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March 27 - 28th Changelog



  • Added back Cars
  • Updated Printers
  • Added a radio and broadcasting microphone
  • Added Radio Host job

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April 4th Changelog


I have decided to not let the server die and it would be great if people played on it. I will be idling to increase the player count by 1 at least. It would be a shame if I let everything we just had die so here are some updates. 


Also on 4/6 I will be removing a lot of peoples custom classes if they are inactive. A lot of the servers content is custom shit from other people so if they don't want to play I will remove it to increase download speeds for everyone else. If they come back, they will get it back, simple as that.


Plus its Spring Break for most people on the east coast so this would be a great time to revive a server!


  • Added back Methdealer (we will see if he crashes the server or not)
  • Updated VCmod
  • Updated Anti-Cheat
  • Updated Hitman Script
  • Updated Car mod
  • Updated inventory addon
  • Updated AWarn
  • Upated VxDonation
  • Updated Ulx and ULib
  • Updated Atlas Chat
  • Updated Radio + Microphone mod
  • Updated DarkRP gamemode
  • Added weed to the entity list (it was always in game but not on the list, derp)

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