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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

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April 6th Changelog  Pending



  • Fixed prop pushing and prop surfing
  • Fixed AWarn
  • Fixed Chef Player Model
  • Fixed car npc and meth dealer from spawning in 2 different spots
  • Fixed Textscreens
  • Added a gangsta tec 9 and p99 to crips and bloods
  • Added BMW Car Pack
  • Added Ford Car Pack
  • Added a day and night cycle + weather
  • Added a gang addon, show us your true power
  • Added the Destroyer of Worlds job
  • Added the Magic Man job
  • Added pepper spray
  • Added some shit here and there
  • Added a chat command to get out of morphing if you bugged it
  • Added any jobs that were not in the MOTD, to the motd
  • Removed a bunch of unused addons / playermodels / custom jobs that were inactive

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April 19th Changelog - Pending


  • Added back the second bank vault
  • Added back the theater
  • Added a script to disable physgun reloading
  • Added a second layer of AC protection
  • Voices of the people the camera man is talking to will properly go through the TV (This means you can now interview people)
  • Raiders can now buy a weapon from their F4 menu 
  • Thieves can now buy a weapon from their F4 menu
  • Hobos can now show their dolla dolla with the M9 Bayonet Fade, purchasable from the F4 menu

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April 21st Changelog


  • Fixed Taser
  • Updated Inventory
  • You can now drop and pickup weapons properly
  • Removed Theater due to people unable to join or people going inside and crashing
  • Added base defense Shop Turret for most shop owners
  • Added base defense Shop Turret Advanced for most shop owners
  • Added health and armor kits to gun dealers to sell and use
  • Changed prop limit from 45 -> 35 to help with some performance issues at high players
  • Changed sv_maxupdaterate and sv_minupdaterate to different values to test performance
  • Changed Stacker to the updated version, Improved Stacker

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April 22nd - 25th Changelog


  • Turrets now have health
  • Turrets and health / armor regenerators are in categories now
  • Added a FUCKING DRONE that you can defend your base with / wreck havoc with. Black Market Dealer and Gun Dealers sell it
  • Removed some pills that were invincible
  • Changed prices on Ark weapons, C4 and added elastic cuffs to Black Market Dealer

Added a ton of new toys to the black market dealer. Only he will sell them and it will be expensive so spend your money wisely.


  • Added 3 landmines: Small, Medium, Large
  • Added a Warmine and a claymore
  • Added 3 types of turrets that will kill on sight unless you are registered to them
  • Made spawning pills for Superadmins only (sorry you guys cause shit fests)
  • Made it so it does not download 2 pill packs

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May 1st Changelog - Pending



  • Removed turrets the automatic turrets all together. They are relatively pointless either way
  • Made changes to C4 and how much it blows up. This is what it looks like now


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May 10th Changelog



Now that my Rust base was deleted by the admins, I can return. My bad. Sorry for not responding to 90% of the messages. Rust is a REALLY FUN game which I would definitely open up a server for if you guys were interested.



Here is an update I held off because I was playing Rust for 9 hours a day for the past 4 days


  • Changed the HUD
  • Added arcade machines. Let me know if you want a specific game and I can put it on
  • Added a Body Grouping tool to the server to allow players to use bodygroups on playermodels
  • Updated DarkRP to the latest version
  • Fixed default spawn of the meth dealer

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May 29th Changelog



I promised CW weapons before then I had a thought that turned me away from them. Long story short, I have no idea why I didn't add them so I am adding them now. I am going to be trying something new over the next few weeks. I am going to be heavily removing content that is either relatively pointless and managing content that I never knew that was in the server. This is because people tell me "Sugar, this server is great and all but my FPS sucks compared to other servers". I understand that, we have over 400 addons compared to top servers that have 130 - 200 addons. Also a new rule, if you are inactive for 10 days and you own a custom class it will be removed until you come back and tell me you want it back. This will inevitably save us a lot of resources. If we ever wanted to upgrade player capacity, this is 200000% NEEDED. Without further due, here is the changelog.


  • Changed weapons to CW weapons (I am changing the weapons on CC's to the best of my ability)
  • Changed printers to a more friendly version
  • Changed a lot of playermodels
  • Changed it so Cops have to go through lower tier jobs to get into higher tier
  • Added back the day and night cycle
  • Added a new weapon to the Stalker / Hobo / Hobo Lord jobs
  • Added Enforcer Addon which may help when the server is being spammed by props
  • Added a Mayor Menu which will help the plebs that don't know how to use the Mayor.
  • Added a food mod that allows people to cook! Also enabled hunger mod, hunger will only drop by 1 from 100 very slowly so don't scream at me.
  • Removed the Gambler Job
  • Removed Guard Job
  • Removed Spyro The Dragon Job
  • Removed Cars and its mods, if you want a refund for your cars, please post on the forum here http://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=12
  • Removed some custom jobs that were inactive
  • Removed Bodygrouper addon
  • Removed a bank, we only need one
  • Removed old playermodels / guns that were laying around
  • Removed Pepper Spray
  • Removed Game Room
  • Updated ULX
  • Updated ULib
  • Updated DarkRP
  • Updated MOTD addon
  • Updated Crash Menu to remove dead servers
  • Updated loading screen pictures
  • Updated Shipments to fix some pricings and to make it so most assault rifles / snipers go to the Black Market Dealer
  • Updated Mayor timeout so there is no bar over your head for over a minute
  • Switching back to full workshop support instead of half / half (except for modified weapons)
  • Made all custom weapons on all custom classes purchasable from the Black Market Dealer, these will all go for hefty amounts and it will be named "Playername's Weapon". I feel as this is the right thing to do considering it gives every player a chance. They will be in shipments of 5, no you cannot opt out of it, its a weapon that you spawn with every death and every player should get a chance to use them

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May 31st - June 2nd Changelog


  • Mounted some files into FastDL so you don't have to redowload them every time you join
  • Fixed it so food does not make your health go above 100
  • Fixed it so eating poop does not make you get get a lot of health
  • Disabled some checks that may cause the server to crash
  • Updated Gmod
  • Updated Party System
  • New weather system
  • New logging system
  • New printers (my all time favorites, I can't believe I found them)
  • Running tests to see which addons are killing FPS
  • Lowering some tick rates to increase server stability
  • No more prop surfing
  • No more prop pushing
  • Trial Mods can now use logs
  • Lowered some addons in size
  • Removed Gang addon for now to test performance (all gang data is saved)


Looking at old addons that are not supported and will be removing them if there are not 100% needed and there are other newer ones:

  • Dlogs
  • Atmos
  • Stungun
  • Crash Menu

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