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[Changelog] DarkRP Server

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June 19th Changelog



Changing maps, adding content, removing content and going back to where we were almost one year ago.


  • Changed maps from Downtown to Evilmelon
  • Reverted back to old data storage
  • Added Skyrim Weapons back which means Demon Sword and Angel Sword are back too
  • Added Sewer Lord Job
  • Added Sewer Follower Job
  • Added Master Hybrid Job
  • Added Hybrid Apprentice Job
  • Added Kerrigan Job (VIP Only)
  • Added Fireman Job
  • Added Lizard King Job
  • Added Lizard Guard Job
  • Added Sanic Job
  • Added Mental Patient Job
  • Added OvenMan Job
  • Added BoxMan Job
  • Added Bank Guard Job
  • Added Billy Mays Job
  • Added Monster Hunter Job
  • Added Spawn of heck Job (VIP Only)
  • Added Fight Club Owner Job
  • Added Fighter Job
  • Added second bank
  • Removed Weather mod (heavy on CPU) 
  • Removed Instant Donation, now have to rejoin server to get your rank (was heavy on cpu)
  • Changed Money Printers to a more optimized version (still looking)


This list will continue to change until the maintenance is over.

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June 21st Changelog


Server will still crash after 10 minutes - 5 hours which is not okay. Looking into some of the only lua problems we have. I'm going to be switching around some features that are producing these errors.


  • Changed MoTD to a new one without ulx groups
  • Removed hit numbers
  • Updated Atlas Chat
  • Set Satan's staff secondary attack to return for now since that is one of the last occurrences when the server crashes
  • Looking for a replacement for the climb swep, high on performance and causing errors
  • Looking for a replacement for tranq gun, causing errors
  • Updated inventory, will reset your whole inventory, I have backup data in case this does not work
  • Trying new logging system again for experimental purposes

The only other thing I can think of is the inventory system. The addon creator updated it to the point where there is no backwards compatibility so if that is the actual problem then we may have to wipe all inventories and update it.

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June 22nd Changelog



I may of fixed the crashes. I found a trending error...and its very strange.












Clicking the spoiler will show all of the last events the server performed before the server crashed. Sirlepepe either has corrupt player info or having a job named Console is bad. I have banned him for the time being and he is fine with it. I will also remove the class for now. If all is well, I will add back everything the server used to have..such as........


  • Dlogs
  • Cardboard Box
  • Angel Sword
  • Demon Sword
  • Demon Kick
  • M9 Tranq

and some other items I forgot. Hopefully this issue has been fixed and wrapped up. I will watch the server for the day, hopefully it only crashes WITH a warning or someone prop spams it.

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June 23rd Changelog


Adding in everything that was taken out.


  • Upgraded server to hold 42 players
  • Added Cardboard Box
  • Added Dlogs, removed Plogs
  • Added Elastic Cuffs to all police so they can drag people to jail
  • Added Monster Swep to Sewer People along with some other weapons
  • Made elastic cuffs harder to break out of
  • Fixed houndeye removing doors

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June 24th Changelog - Pending


After looking through some server crash logs today, either our job list is too big or the Mayor job is corrupt. When ever anyone will switch to the Mayor or CP after 3 hours in, the server will just crash. Here is what I did to help prevent that issue.


  • Disabled all default jobs and re-added them myself to make sure there is no conflict
  • Removed a ton of custom class jobs that were inactive

As always, this list will continue to expand throughout the day.


Edit: Is now crashing on Satan job

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Changelog June 25th


Still working on server crashes. This log is more for me. Trying some stuff out.


  • Removed playermodels, compressed some
  • Removed Fireman Job
  • Removed Heaven's Angels for right now
  • Removed Fireman
  • Removed Sit mod
  • Removed Playerstuck
  • Removed RT Cam
  • Removed heck's Minions
  • Removed Admin Stick
  • Old inventory System  Going back to new
  • Downgraded Darkrp
  • Removed Adv Dup2 (May see a return, don't know yet)
  • Removed all gangster weapons except the sideways p99
  • Removed and replaced Skyrim Sweps with something smaller / more stable
  • Removed NLR Zones for right now
  • Went back a version on Atlas Chat
  • Added back donation system
  • Nerfed Money Printers
  • Changed admin logs
  • Removed boombox (for a little)
  • Buffed C4 a little
  • Server size down from 4GB -> 2GB

Down 50 addons, looking to remove more. Will be updating the donation page soon.

Some playermodels may be missing and shit may be wack. I will fix it.

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June 27th Changelog


I am going to assume I fixed the crashes. My test server performed better than the dedicated server even when running conflicting addons and probably 8 - 10 more addons than the dedicated server. Everything I previously removed has been added back. I will be looking at the server closely for the next 24 hours to make sure everything is okay.

  • Removed Monster Swep
  • Removed turrets for now
  • Removed the chat's constant connection
  • Removed Blacklist addon
  • Removed some lua files
  • Fixed shipment error
  • Removed new bank, replaced with armory
  • Removed Fighter / Fight Club owner for now

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June 28th Changelog

At some point




Server still crashes. I was wrong.


  • Player count raised to 50
  • Added Sue System
  • Added back money printers
  • Added Stealth Camo
  • Added Jesus Job
  • Added Satan Job
  • Added back Sit Mod
  • Added Cardboard Box

June 29th - 30th Changelog


  • Changed meth dealer to a more recent meth addon
  • Changed printers
  • Default ULX MOTD
  • Removed Plasmids
  • Removed Party System for now
  • Removed Bank System (since its not being used now)
  • New C4
  • Removed Houndeye
  • Removed Screw Driver
  • Removed Drug Mod
  • Removed Drug Dealer
  • Replaced Stacker
  • Removed Vorti-Magic
  • Removed Cocktail
  • Removed Ark Weapons
  • Removed Russian Pack
  • Removed all custom weapons for now in my weapon packs
  • Removed NLR Zone
  • Removed Master Hybrid Job
  • Removed Hybrid Apprentice Job
  • Removed Kerrigan Job (VIP Only)
  • Removed Fireman Job
  • Removed  Lizard King Job
  • Removed Lizard Guard Joj
  • Removed Oven Man Job
  • Removed Mental Patient Job
  • Removed Sanic Job
  • Removed Kerrigan Job
  • Removed Spawn of heck Job

  • Changed plogs to dlogs once again
  • Removed Dbugr


Testing models that crash the server (I have seen it happen before)

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July 1st


We now know what crashes the server. Now only to prevent it. I thought it was an urban legend about these entity limits, but I saw it with my own eyes! Thanks to Tyler for showing me that is actually WAS entities. Here is a quick changelog. I will do more to prevent it in the morning.


  • Removed default item Camera
  • Removed default item Pocket
  • Prop limit 35 -> 20
  • Buttons 8 -> 5
  • Removed weapons / models from some default classes in order to lower entity count
  • Limited amount of meth entities someone can buy at a time
  • Due to high entity counts at a high count of players, all custom classes now have a max slot of 1 unless you have 2 or less entities. You can share them but only one player can play on it at a time.
  • Added Sue script
  • Added Perma Perk Script
  • Added Sit Mod back
  • Added back custom weapon shipments
  • Added Lizard King / Lizard Guard Job
  • Added Drugs and Drug Dealer back
  • Added NLR Zone
  • Added Fight Club Owner / Fighter job back
  • Added Satan / Jesus Job back
  • Added Monster Hunter job back
  • Added Billy Mays job back
  • Added Plasmids back
  • Added Stealth Camo back
  • Added Party System Back
  • Added back motd
  • Added back Advanced Duplicator

I will be looking to fix up a lot of custom classes with a solution I cannot think of yet. I am only going to allow 10 entities maximum for each custom class which means a lot of stuff is going to change for bigger classes. I still am unsure what I will do but I will report back here when I find a good solution.

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June 3rd Changelog


I thought I posted this, I guess I never did. This week I will be looking for some new features while still trying to keep the performance that we have been having!


  • Changed player count from 100 -> 50
  • Removed custom class limit
  • Changed tickrates so spiderman's swep and breaking out of cuffs is not impossible
  • Removed Jesus's electric swep. Created an entity that was never removed

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