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  1. Have them spaced as far away from the CPU as possible. No Ram | Ram | No Ram | Ram it should say on the motherboard what the intended order is for 2 sticks. Are both ram sticks the exact same or only same company.
  2. All men who have gambled have made it big and if you are currently in ruin you're not done gambling. Do the math
  3. Don't listen to this foolishness. You are always one win away from greatness. People who lose all their money will always make it back quadrupled if they continue gambling.
  4. We've had modded servers. One was a custom one for 1.12.2 and like 3 people played it Then we had the 1.7.10 pack and 0 people played it Then a pixelmon pack that a lot of people played but pixelmon sucks dick tbh (No mod pack will get a lot of people because the good modpacks require a PC that isnt a 4gbs of ram crapbook)
  5. Does only the heart count as +1 rep and the thumbs down as -1 rep?
  6. People that apply for staff after less than a month of playing on a server are kinda weirdchamp.
  7. Sorry bro @Lil' Pudin' Taters guilty till proven innocent
  8. Make a way for weapon reskins to be automatically changed when you nerf or buff what it's based on. (If its possible)
  9. Non-lethal is cops' saving grace to catch a CC. Anyways, what if we moved a majority of the AFK NPCs to spawn and only keep the Parcel Worker, RSB, General Buyer at fountain and then remove fountain's kidnap immunity and the majority of ********* that happens at fountain goes away and there's more room for things to be placed there.
  10. Sugar's fix is way better than reducing top speed. Reducing top speeds makes jetpack bad even when not in combat and probably not that much worse than if it was a little faster in combat situations. Sugar's nerf kept the fun of going at top speeds and also made it so you can't use it in combat. This is actually true af. Before there were armor packs and HP food when you wanted to raid you would all go to PD buy full armor and then go to the base. If you got hit you lost your armor and couldn't replenish it instantly, and the only heal was your friend medkitting you or everyone grouping up and using houndeye. This also gave the base defenders the advantage of placing armor stations. From what I understand about food sugar can't nerf the food or remove the effect because it shifts all the recipes and food that exists (which people probably have 1000 of) This is stupid and the best CCs don't have more than their favorite loadout and then a couple of dumb sweps because having more makes scrolling through them annoying. Ratio happily
  11. In-game name: WantedNearby SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60039432 Your plans for Halloween: Sloppy *** with Miles
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