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  1. forgot to put this but the nerf could be giving it 3 shots and fixing the bug where you can inventory it
  2. CANNONS ARE STUPID! they should be wiped and their rarity increased, nerfed extremely, or removed. dont do any dumb shit where you cant use it during certain situations. everyone owns 50 of these and theyre used in every encounter.
  3. https://prnt.sc/udz4rn I found the message and I guess 2 share the same command, but still its not even against the rules (also not in channel header, and in old rules before they were simplified it said small commands were allowed) to queue a song once and I don't see how queuing 1 song could ever be given a punishment. It wasn't really excessive use and it didn't affect anyone. --------------- https://prnt.sc/udz6vw
  4. the links are screwed up but you can copy the beginning print screen part.
  5. https://prnt.sc/udyir0 what i believe made skii angry to instantly mute me after I use a bot command when everyone else was dealt with by walter. Ill also send all messages I sent except for the bot command because when I queue music I instantly delete the message and a picture I posted with sewer replying with a gif to jackson which is weird considering he wasnt punished for putting gifs during this situation. https://prnt.sc/udyj6u imagine any family- i was talking about don vault being kicked from mcstubbins and joining the dons| good- he said he got kicked from mcstubbins| me too- I said it because don vualt said to drag him in the channel https://prnt.sc/udyjbs first picture is IWillDominate a league streamer| **** jokes aren't funny- someone made a **** joke https://prnt.sc/udyjee gif is making fun of redditors which is a very good meme and it was also copied from sewer who didn't get punished at all| not cool- literally telling someone who got punished that the gif they posted wasnt cool https://prnt.sc/udyjhj wtf- in reply to a gif someone posted| good one gif is sarcastic saying haha good one https://prnt.sc/udyjmf gif about apology accepted because jaxon said some stupid apology| im happy for you or sorry that happened was in response to a story chesmond was saying| ill comment on ill tell them to stop in the next screenshot because its cut off. https://prnt.sc/udyjpf Ill tell them to stop im a different breed- they were telling them to stop in general chat so I said if I did it things would be different because im a different breed which is just a joke| I said some milk and put the milk emoji because walter asked someone what they need and I said some milk . https://prnt.sc/udyjt7 can i have justins number- someone posted a gif of some dude twerking named justin so I said can i have his number| i told a bitch be gentle...- song lyrics SL - Gentleman| dont speak to me in caps- someone was typing in all caps so I made a joke which is still not drama mongering or toxicity.| u didn't was in reply to jaxon saying he raped me. https://prnt.sc/udyjx4 me tengo que ir- song lyrics same name| thats what 13 year olds say to chesmond - https://prnt.sc/udyobt | omg- in reply to someone | yes- fuel asked if anyone wanted to listen to him play guitar https://prnt.sc/udyk0q this is in response to when skii tried to ban but put the command wrong None of these screenshots show drama mongering or toxicity and considering the last thing I said before he decided to mute me was a bot command that took up 1 line which isn't against rules, isn't in the channel headers, and in the old rules that was simplified to what it is now it said using bots in general is fine as long as its not very big uses like discord rpg bots. Since skii only punished me for that extreme amount, especially when anything I said that could even be considered drama mongering (which it really cant) was like 10 minutes before him muting me, he was definitely looking for any reason to punish me because of what I said earlier today (https://prnt.sc/udypr1) and when he saw me queue a song Im guessing he thought he had a reason to.
  6. good video. based and seared pilled. dont be sheep and open your eyes people.
  7. offtopic but fuck pump shotgun. please revert the auto shotgun change that got rid of the spam reload and shoot mechanic. Im pretty sure even in that state pump would still be better.
  8. please disregard everything from bill he is legit biggest shitposter on titsrp
  9. Your Steam Name: wantednearby Your in-game name:wantednearby Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60039432 Why were you warned/banned?: "killing party members" I was a cop and blacnova my party member started a revolt and i saw him so i just killed him Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : Blacnova was inactive and just had the staff rank, he logged on and we were playing and he didnt know about the rule change Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Blacnova Evidence: http://prntscr.com/qnav0s
  10. During the server meeting I made a suggestion about raiding and Doc told me to make a forum post to get people's opinions on it so here it is. Revert of houndeye and making it a purchasable weapon instead of an owned CC weapon. Houndeye every 10 seconds showed green dots for half a second where players are and this could be used to see how many people are in a base and their general location. Revert of C4 to when it unfroze and unwelded props. This wasn't removed because of lag, but because of new players complaining their base was completely destroyed. Instead of people throwing C4 with gravgun and instantly phasing the entire base, they need to place them correctly so they can get through. I was thinking C4 could be better if it only unfroze for 10-20 seconds and you had that much time to dig through the props. This suggestion will probably never be done, but prop limit is so high wtf. People used to make full bases with only 50 and now people can get 75+more with sugar dollars. tits pls nerf --------- OK thats all for that, now I want to talk about the rise of small BIG-TITTY anime models. I know they can't raid, but they can do everything else and its ridiculous trying to hit a succubus loli that is 2000 years old but looks 9 in any other "rp" situation.
  11. ฉันสาปแช่งคุณถึง 10 ปีของการนอนไม่หลับ คุณจะกินแมงมุมในการนอนของคุณถ้าคุณไม่ลงคะแนนให้
  12. People already use small models in RP, but not to raid and its annoying af. Especially when they're using adrenaline or some talismans.
  13. I feel like Isaac purposely did this because he has something against Touka.
  14. "At that time I did raid without an advert, "
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