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  1. Please no gambling or shops (unless player owned) Walters server was really unbalanced once you had mob farms and you sold the heads/drops for infinite money then could buy as many materials as you needed. Also you should add Slimefun and Exotic Garden (All suggestions of course)
  2. ^ that modpack sucks
  3. From what has been said and the explanation of what you were doing it seems like there was some miscommunication on your part or rule breaking. Reading the basing section in the MOTD could help you know what is and isn't allowed, and for a lot of situations just asking a staff preemptively if something is ok can avoid a lot of issues, as well as making sure you communicate your side if a sit is made.
  4. There's already a gang perk that allows you to teleport to a cop who has called for backup.
  5. Mocking him about his VIP getting removed shows how much you actually care about being votekicked. -1
  6. Considering the amount of time that has passed if you expressed any sincerity then most staff would be +1 for unban, but going the route of he's not a member anymore kinda makes you look bad. Since so much time passed I'm open to an unban if other staff agree. NEUTRAL
  7. I'd say more than 50% of the current Smods have less than 10 sits taken in the past 2 months, because lololol Smods don't need to take sits. An age requirement for staff apps is dumb because so many good mods were below 16. I do have to say the staff team is a lot more lenient then before, because if it was stricter who would want to be staff.
  8. Almost all entities on the server don't properly display who's the owner and remains a random user no matter what. You can even sometimes place a textscreen and it randomly gives you the text of someone else on the server for a split second
  9. Back to before this server became VR Chat for people who can't run VR Chat...
  10. We didn't ban you, we banned the account that broke the rules. In the future be careful who you allow access to. Denied
  11. Have someone suicide trisha the top layer
  12. It's not really balanceable because you have no cover. Maybe protection for like 3 seconds once coming out of a portal but you still can't get anything done in that time.
  13. The owner should go into debt instead of the person clicking refund getting 0 currency.
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