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  1. I know both of you are low IQ (will work entry level jobs for the rest of your lives), but if you put more than 2 brain cells together you can see how the bans are just false. I just made this post to point out how the staff are just banning him because hur dur Noiz is banned when the logic behind the ban was that the account "Noiz" was now his alt and the alt he got banned on was his new main, but I don't blame you for not knowing about the situation you do log on every 3 months.
  2. Lol. If a player is being falsely banned who tf cares hes not saying anything Right
  3. Noiz had no say they said his main is now his alt since he alted on it after his alt got banned.
  4. WantedNearby


    If Noiz got banned on an alt then got on his main and got his main permabanned for the reason that his alt that is banned is now his main, why is he being banned every time he logs on when the ban for mass RDM is already done on his "main". He's not removed from community. It makes less sense than if someone got banned for mass rdm got on an alt and that alt gets permanently banned then you permanently ban all his other accounts even after the main's ban is done.
  5. I disagree, I believe all sound volumes should be doubled or maybe even tripled!
  6. terminally online
  7. garbage pc starter pack
  8. WantedNearby

    RDA Warn

    I would like to mention that Big Cat never made it past tmod.
  9. thank you so much for the information. I find it confusing when people tell me to go to hell, no clue where that is on the map.
  10. Frenzy doesn't mess with hitbox unless ur aiming at the arms
  11. I believe that printers should be god mode, don't degrade, and once frozen can no longer be moved. Then i can make 30 mil in 10 minutes
  12. I didn't just kill them because they were past second door, they were both hacking the panel and demoting cops. Why am I supposed to attempt to RP out trying to handcuff 2 hackers at varying distances that are hacking my shit and demoting cops/me when im outnumbered and by myself when people get killed for less in the PD. I don't see people get warned for shooting people breaking others out of jail, and jailbreak/hacking are both in the same quote from the motd. Is punching a vent open and letting people that probably just jwalked out of prison worse than demoting the entire police force and
  13. You say they are two different scenarios and that I should rp it out, when there were two hackers both trying to demote all the cops and even myself the mayor, and if I try to arrest them they would kill me. Different scenarios call for different things yet you think I should just say please leave PD to two people inside my office demoting the entire police force, as opposed to someone letting out people that j walked and instantly being fired upon with the prisoners also being killed. You literally didn't know the hacking thing was included in the example in the MOTD when I tried to tell you
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