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  1. Ratio. + we're all waiting for TitsRP Redux where there will be a reset and hopefully server is balanced.
  2. Don't listen to glarry. half life alyx was fire. just buy the oculus quest 2 for 300 dollars then buy a 5 dollar app on the quest store called virtual desktop streamer and download (not buy) the virtual desktop streamer app on your pc (from their website) then you can play VR completely wirelessly and there is no delay. (You will probably need to use ethernet or it could lag sometimes)
  3. There is no issue they just have to clown you. Anyways remove this dumb ass cap on gang size or make it like 50. 20 people is legit nothing.
  4. Evidence of no sits being called?
  5. Make Camera actually make all hud elements go away because right now the HUD remains you could even have an options for it where you can choose for camera to disable certain parts of hud like speaker icon over people talking, your player icon hud, kill feed, or everything for cinematic purposes. Please ban advertising CC stuff or disallow the giant adverts where people put the playermodels at spawn or near fountain. Make new major update about cops so their only content isnt having a mayor make cancer laws and legit drain new player's money after 4 fines. Rename current food system to some shit like Reagents and make the crafting of food that used to be like apples and bananas called random elements and change the stove to a different prop. The chemicals could come from distilling chemical barrels or some shit. With above change it would allow actual food system for restaurant owners to actually use in RP. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-masterchef-cooking-script Make all GUIs match each other because right now there's like 3 different GUI styles.
  6. how about instead of nerfing make it rarer and not craftable. its the same shit as cannon where it used to be rare and now people have 100s of them.
  7. Please allow minigun on CCs and minigun reskins. LETS BLEEPITY BLEEPING GO
  9. we spoke about this in community meeting and I believe they are debating making it so only people on doors can defend in a raid and people in party can't party assist to defend. Only issue is knowing the raid area, because some people will snipe you from across suburbs and it's allowed and you're not allowed to kill them unless they are close or fire first.
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