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  1. Jeep and wheelchair are able to be blown up and lockpicked and battering rammed and u can damage the players at certain angles so I don't see how those are exploiting, but if the new delivery scooter is god mode someone should tell sugar to change it cause its kinda dumb to say using vehicles or only using 1 of the vehicles as terrorist is failrp which just means if you're a random noob on the server with no inventoried master swords or spiderman guns then you're not allowed to have mobility as a terrorist.
  2. Let the hate consume you. Hating is my favorite hobby
  3. I remember one time after I took over Rethaw's kingdom he didn't delete his kingdom dupe till he was done blowing everything up then he finally deleted it...
  4. I remember a situation where someone changed basing spots and someone thought that meant they were fair game to raid without waiting the 20 minute cooldown but they got a verbal that its raiding the same player not the same base.
  5. Wow we should really put something in the rules saying you're allowed to have a vehicle in a raid as long as you don't spawn another one after its blown up.
  6. What if a fresh start server was put up that lasted a month and when it ended gave bonuses on the main server to anyone who participated and you are able to select a couple of slots from your inventory and bank to transfer back over when it ends and you could even get a subway pet or some shit to be the Fresh Pet for prestiging once on the server. On this server custom content could be disabled meaning lootboxes and all other random loot doesnt give any cc sweps and every player has a CC that only has a max of 4 slots and can only use the default !ms models. Damage cap is removed from the server and makes cannons more enticing as no one has them stockpiled. prop limit is lowered to 50 to make dupes have to be redone and doors can only have a maximum of 4 people on them and double doors not getting around that. Can't think of any more suggestions but I don't think this would not make the main server die and could get a lot of players that like the more hardcore basing and raiding playing on it to enjoy. I also think all bans on this server should be wiped so permabanned players could play or some shit for the memes.
  7. 👶👶👶 feed me (this comment is regarding tsyuli im infactuated)
  8. c4 is already worse than it was before. mat nades being disabled means all fence bases that noobs like are better and those are pretty good against c4
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