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  1. I'm with Insurance Agent here. I'd like the fullest clips you have for it. -1/Neutral until you provide info
  2. Looks like a false demote to me. +1 for punishment.
  3. Yeah the whole Loli thing just is a no-go for me -1 from me as well
  4. Told to stop. Didn't listen. That is on you. -1
  5. The issue is that in the end the base shouldn't have been an issue in the first place. The call that was made to force them out of the base entirely was a bad call. I would say that by reading the comments regarding what happened was as follows Smelly (main base owner) switches to hobo (Forgets it unowned the doors when he does this) Immediately afterwards someone owns the doors and claims it's theirs now and is asked to remove the dupe (This shouldn't have happened in the first place was what I was saying) That's why I said it the way I did. I've been reading it I just feel like the whole situation could have and should have been avoided and I feel like it's mostly down to pettiness. The way the base was taken from them shouldn't have even happened. And because there's no proof of when they started to actually "raid" you in what should have been their base anyways I'm not sure there should be a punishment to give them. If anything the Mod was wrong for forcing them out of the base. If they removed their dupe as they started to raid or when you were raiding them. My final point I'll say here is this. If there was an active sit going on regarding who owned the base and there was a raid going on then this should have ended YOUR RAID to start this because it looked like Nigga was raiding his own base. From what I am seeing is that you're sitting here conducting your raid, then they get told to remove it they do then conduct their own raid on a base that's...already being raided...by the base owner??? Shit even nigga being a staff member could have just been like "Oh yeah remover tool" and remove the shit if this wasn't a raid on a already contested base that was part of a sit. -1 from me.
  6. Why are the 2 logs I care about not even listed here. I want to know when you changed jobs to hobo and when the guy bought the doors. Even then just saying "Main owner changed to hobo I bought doors. My base now fuck off" isn't working for me. I've personally as a Mod or Admin for that matter never allowed that as sometimes the owner of said base doesn't think of it or know it unowns the doors and if they're the ones with the dupe it makes it harder. If it was literally like them staking out the base and claimed it within seconds of you changing jobs I'ma be -1 on this. But I see dumb shit on both sides. Like Rethaw and Smelly could have been like "Oh their base then?...so it's a raid technically...*destroys all entities as they delete the dupe*" Then you sit here and know they have a base, know they have a dupe down and still try to make the claim "I OWN DOORS ITS MY BASE BIG STINKY" the entire situation could have been avoided by not trying to find trouble and being petty.
  7. De_Chef (Black Market Dealer) want to demote Nigalations (SWAT Chief) for annoying ass cop wont fuck off Also saying "I don't care" and "Send me back" in your sit just vilified you. As much as I want to clown on you because you called the TMod a "stupid fuck" in your own appeal I think you already did it to yourself lol -1 from me
  8. The ban was because he warned you for it and you got an automatic 7 day ban for hitting a threshold. As for the rest of that I'll let Insurance Agent get to you. But being belligerent is not going to help the case it only makes you look bad.
  9. It says massRDM. Care to explain the full story as for MassRDM you need to kill 3 dudes for that
  10. Lmfao alts stay Perma banned that's also not mentioning that you got staff with it. I'm good. -1
  11. As much as I'm generally willing to forgive for shit this is one where I'm gonna say I'd rather not. It's one thing to be like I found out the person who doesn't talk is a girl and make fun of them for being a female and leak it or share a photo of them and shit. It's another when you're sending IP Grabbers and the potential is just way the fuck out there at that point. -1 from me as well.
  12. Also needing to note that the rule hasn't changed since at least the time I was staff in 2019-2020 as I just checked that out of curiosity.
  13. Time Limits Raiding Cooldown: There is no cooldown but you cannot raid the same person again within 20 minutes Quite literally written in the NLR section my guy. -1 from me.
  14. Ex: (Player X targets and harasses Player Y. Player X is being racist, slandering them, degrading them. Player Y reports Player Xwith evidence: 1+ week ban. If ban time is unclear, contact Smod+ previous offenses should increase the ban.) The ban is justified, also that part where you (Benz) say: "will you tell someone who tells you to kill yourself irl to go on timeout for a week?" No I wouldn't, but this isn't real life now is it? Being a dick gets you nowhere and not caring about it also doesn't make people want to help you. -1 from me.
  15. I'm with Tyz here. +1 from me Obviously doesn't care about his actions so there isn't more I can say.
  16. Coba is right when he says yeah it's MassRDM bit context is everything here. If you're clearly just doing it to bait someone you don't like into a ban and breaking NLR to do it then you both should probably get punished. NLR is described as going back to the same place you died at regardless of scenario to interact with the people you died to in this case it was obvious that's what he was doing +1 Only if both are punished -1 Otherwise
  17. Moving to Denied as it is a Rust report. Reached out to the Rust admins and they handled this once put through the proper channels.
  18. Succ The Zucc


    Thats quite literally what I said but with the Ember shit his was moved to a 3 day ban for IRDMx1|IRDM in a sitx1 So effectively he was still banned sure but I wasn't allowed to make it a MassRDM ban. Reason for it was that from the SMod+ team at the time said "It was only 1 report so only 1 person cared" being their argument.
  19. The amount of effort it takes in me writing this is how much effort you put into the appeal. -1 from me
  20. <has an accepted report against a staff member for warning you for staff disrespect (2 days later) <Gets warned <<ImGonnaDoxYou.jpeg Lol -1 from me
  21. -1 You wanted the ban, you knew what you were doing.
  22. STEAM_0:1:73892581 Kilobyte was who Votebanned you for RDM. Do you happen to have any recording of the incident or anything to prove your side of this being a hit??
  23. Well aren't you high and mighty. Okay yeah looks pretty clear to me. -1 from me.
  24. As Eagle said. Looks like pretty clear cut. If he didn't get set back to citizen then you weren't mayor's assassin. Now that being said I don't have connection logs so I wish I had those. Regardless however you did RDM him. Neutral until I get connection logs (Edited as connection logs were given)
  25. Perfect course of action. Don't report it just voteban them yourself. (Breaking rules because someone else is doesn't make it right and in this situation Quas was in the right to make the voteban in the first place) +1 from me.
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