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  1. I'm going to leave you with this. It's been 2 years and you made a dumb as fuck decision. Don't repeat it. I'm all for second chances. Just don't take them and throw them away it's all I ask. +1 from me.
  2. I like how you left out that you alted literally a day after the ban was made lol I was admin when you were staff blurr I'm curious to know why you made the comments given that you're previous staff
  3. Bring back the old kidnap circle where you could place it on walls and shit. Makes Cultist RP better. Make it so when Spawn of Hell is on the Cultists get a buff as a class of 1.25 speed (or just make it equal to that of cops) Allow preacher to be crucified once every 30 minutes for 25 EXP on a cross Preacher stays on cross for 3 min. EXP title is "Was that 3 days?" (Cross can be placed, made by crafting 10 wood, 1 rare oak) Add Angle pet Add Demon pet (How to obtain could be talked about) I'm reposting this because I had support for it then and Sugar didn't comment on it lmfao I want to see if he will this time But seriously at the bare minimum I want the crucifixion circles back to the way they used to be. It was more fun to place them where you wanted/needed.
  4. I mean don't be dumb in the future. Read over the rules for the future I'll be +1 just don't let it continue.
  5. Forwarding to the rust admins for ya!
  6. #justiceforflamers has gotta be the best thing I've heard in a hot minute m8.
  7. Look m8 I actually remember you. Ima be real here. You're dumb for even attempting it in the first place. It's been 2 years and you're admitting it was stupid. I'm going to hand you a +1 based on how long its been. If you do it again I wouldnt be as forgiving. Dumb games lead to dumb prizes.
  8. Accepted Mali will be given a 1 week ban and vote restrictions And the other guy will be given vote restrictions as well.
  9. Sal I like you m8 but this ain't it. I was literally forced off the team due to constant harassment that only led to a ban after I left my place as admin. Like legitimate harassment exists. That said. Some of the new rules on things you can and can't say imo are little more on the lines of policing things I don't care to police but it's a rule I have to enforce. However telling someone to kill themselves I don't recall being explicitly allowed.
  10. Yup pretty blatant. That said. Saying "nobody asked" doesn't constitute false vote banning nor extra shit. Especially from a former SMod. Him stating not worth my time also shows just how he feels about the whole ordeal +1s for both players.
  11. Yeahp pretty clear cut and dry to me. Dude even said something that constituted a mute in game to ya pretty directly. I'll +1 this. hopefully rubik gets more logs to show before anything is decided on.
  12. Ima be real with you chief. If Quas is right and saying insurance said it first then yeah thats more or less on him as a Mod. I'm +1 for the fact that he lied to you about the rule. I'd rather you have this switched to a warn for "prop blocking" than the ban imo.
  13. Uhhhhhhh basically what Tene said but no. I mean the ban was just and the ban happened years ago it literally does nothing for us in terms of you getting the verified role nor was it an unjust ban to make the record a clean slate. Personally I'm not wanting to force the super admins to clean up shit especially if the ban made was a just ban in the first place. -1 from me.
  14. Do you happen to have clipped the event? I'm asking from the stand point that you usually always record it.
  15. Exploiting can be anything from sit Exploiting to currency Exploiting the punishment can vary from anything from a perma ban to a warn. For instance sit Exploiting to get out of a kidnap base could get you a warning but doing it to a base to get money making entities can get you a month ban for it. I've seen bans for these go as long as a month so a week is kinda on the short end. I'm personally -1 for this.
  16. So you were banned for the joke, but also because it was an alt account...still doesn't add up to me. Ima go with everyone else here and say -1 as well.
  17. I'd like to point out you stated it was stolen and you also said you made a messed up joke. So did you make the joke then get permed for it then alted? Or??? Like I'm confused by your wording here.
  18. I'll see what I can do to get the ones needed to change that for you. Yeah something should be in place to tell you what is and isn't accepted for the message or just allow it.
  19. Honestly in cases like this where you don't think the ban is needed tell the staff before a call is made. As it could actually sway how we go on certain things if you're not looking for a harsher punishment. I'm +1 due to person calling sit not looking for a ban. (It doesnt mean it always will. But it could change the route that staff take)
  20. I'm going to go ahead and Deny this. Basically as everyone here has stated. You're lucky it wasn't longer for the LTAP/it being your 3rd MassRDM ban. I'd recommend not doing this in the future as these bans will start to get longer for you instead of the 1 week.
  21. Basically what Tene said. LTAP could have gotten you 10 days so be aware of what you're doing. You Massed. Personally I'm one to look past your first or second time. But this being your third one is starting to show a trend. My guess is maybe stop MassRDMing in the future. -1
  22. Ima go ahead and close this out with a Denied Wait out the ban you were muted for this once already and continued even after being asked to stop ingame.
  23. I'm personally with the others on this. Luckily it's not the old way we handled alting where you'd be perma banned for it and you can at least come back. I'd wait out the ban and not do it again. -1
  24. Denied. Your ban will be INCREASED by 4 extra days for continued Toxicity.
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