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  1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/774552641593802784/867943267730346025/Garrys-Mod__2021-07-22__20-29-39.mp4
  2. As "Cum" I'd like to make a statement here. You broke NLR while I was raiding you 6-8 times. Not only that, but as you were breaking nlr, trying to kill me, you tried to propblock me inside your base by blocking off the front exit. This of course didnt work as there was a back exit. After leaving thru the back for a second to prove I could actually leave, you close the fading door which I'm guessing you had a camera out there to watch me. NOT ONLY THAT, but after the 5th or so NLR, you false demoted me from my job (A CC) saying I had mass rda'd. This was false as not only were staff on, I was a non-cop CC. The entirety of the time this was happening, you were screaming in chat about how I'm rdming you and you're innocent. NOT ONLY THAT, but you fucking false VOTEBANNED me for RDM. It was at this point that one of the moderators online at the time accepted one of my 8~ sits I had made. The moderator teleported me to the place where sits are held, jail teleported you, asked me what happened, took one look at slogs (im assuming thats logs) and banned you as he/she probably could've seen the massive amount your were NLRing. I was planning on making a report on you, just to get your VIP removed as you falsely votebanned me, but maybe the staff will read this and figure out how much of a nuisance you've been and I won't even need to make a report. Personally, if I was the staff member I would've banned you for a lot longer than one week, you should be fucking lucky that it was only a week. NLR x6-8, False demoting, False voteban. That's what you have done. A week is being extremely generous. I thought that after you not winning the argument of you being "in the right" you would've stopped, but no, you come to the forums and try to make a ban appeal claiming that you are still "in the right." I have a question for you, ismelllikepee, are you that thick skulled that you do not realize that you are always correct? Are you seriously that fucking dumb to say that I claimed to a friend of a sugar, and that you were getting banned ONLY because of that? Not because you've done anything wrong? I know that you're just being troll, but I've never seen someone go this far into a troll that I am starting to think you're not trolling, that you're just some mentally handicapped idiot. If I left anything out I will include it later if it isn't resolved already. The proof is in the logs.
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