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  1. kind of late but happy birthday jack
  2. weird european man

  3. Cumm


    hi my name was cum but it isn’t anymore stop confusing me with Cum thank you -Cum
  4. ok first off, would you let anyone in the world come on to titsrp and use any image they want as spray? i wouldn’t if i were to make that decision. by limiting it to supporter lifetime, you can reduce the amount of NSFL/NSFW sprays by a great amount because who is gonna pay $70 to get banned for a spray of porn?
  5. maybe limit that to supporter lifetime
  6. hello sorry it’s hard to keep track of all my accounts yeah u do
  7. i would like to formally apologize to you Tene, that comment i made around a minute ago was very insensitive and rude of me. please accept my apology
  8. Hello, I won’t be using this so maybe one of you may. This spreadsheet includes every enchantment and it’s mins and maxes on the enchantment. I probably messed up somewhere so if you see something that isn’t right just comment here. This can be used for price checking epics/legendaries as you now have a complete lists of what the best and worst is. Figured I would post it since snakeeyes just posted one. also don’t bully me this is the first spreadsheet i’ve made Link
  9. Probably not supposed to say anything but it looks like to me that the hit box for the head is using the same thing(hit group??) as the hit box for the body. Or maybe i’m just dumb
  10. https://skeet.lgbt/z2umk51w thefile name shows you have edited it at least 4 times. using the default windows editor and saving a clip adds Trim to the end of it.
  11. ill have you know i reported this to popo so thecops are busting inside you(r door)
  12. if i get perm banned on the forums i will be releasing a 654 terabytes of text chat logs of frisco saying cuck

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