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  1. u cant pd raid just to kill people! stupid mod
  2. change job to cop outside pd -> run into pd and try and kill hacker -> if ur demoted just repeat after 30seconds -> repeat until hacker has no hack power -> problem solved
  3. make staff land a safezoned area like spawn, so that jail is less incentivised / useless. there is no rdm in sit when u cant rdm in the sit. this also removes the necessity to auto jail for a mrdm report which will make sits run smoother as people aren't instantly felt as though they are guilty
  4. iirc relogging fixes this, this was because of a bug/exploit i found where u can drop money during a trade and the money in the trade menu still says there is x amount, but because you don't have that amount anymore the money isn't sent to the user but the item is. to fix the scam they made it so the trade completely cancels, but for some reason this breaks both player's inventories as any item used/dropped disappears, but upon relogging all the things came back so i think if u relog u should have it back
  5. i didnt disagree with that rule at all in my post so idk what u replied to me about.. - its a good rule change though as instead of behind dupe its if you're in the waterfall, but still i didnt mention dat at all so not sure what u replying to me about
  6. how do u think it should be changed which avoids all the negatives of the old system but allows the party member to defend a base they aren't on the doors of
  7. i think this should not be a thing and when it was a thing it was cancer because you can have multiple people added to the door and sometimes in different parties and then their party can defend... just use the add party members to door feature and f2 the door, and use calebs method of keeping the player added to door on disconnect so that there isn't any issues with crashes etc. allowing parties to defend bases again is silly and broken as the raider isn't allowed to fight the party member that isn't on the door unless the party member presses his '/yell party assist' bind - basically the raider 9/10 times will die or fail the raid because he is waiting for the party member stood next to him to party assist.. also the raider also cant use '/advert warn 1/2/3' because they are KOS to the guy they're warning the second they warn once, so still the raider loses. for the other stuff, i think a flagpole or any other 'claimable' entity type thing where it shows who owns what and where could be good, only issue is if people just buy flagpoles and place them down in the streets randomly (not sure how the flagpoles would work in the first place in the sense of obtaining a flagpole to place it) - but then how would the raider know who is a base defender or not, would the flagpole have to be outside the entrance of the base? or would the names pop up? the rule was mainly put in place to avoid the confusion/abuse of party assists and random party members coming to defend a base that they didn't own (they would own a base elsewhere and still be allowed to defend their party members base in a different location)
  8. i like this suggestion as its a funny niche and could also be used with 3x xp to make bird better, only issue with it is that for some reason literally anything changed with food breaks every single existing recipe, changing all of them and bugging out the actual food in your inventory to no longer be what it was. if sugar can fix the way the food system works i think adding a lot more new food types could be cool. +1 if kdog can add food without breaking everything - if not then maybe if the bird eats ANY food it has a high chance of diahrrea
  9. Tene

    bird parcels

    let the bird job become a carrier pigeon for parcels, where if you're the bird job and you use the delivery npc, you are assigned a parcel location to deliver 'mail' to, since the bird has no grav gun this would be different to regular parcels, as instead of an actual parcel spawning, it would just assign you a location to go and interact with. i think this would make parcels/delivering in general a lot more accessible to the newer players who don't have jump sweps and risk losing their parcel randomly to rdm or simply dropping it - this also means that delivering parcels is still efficient for people who don't have enough time/money to afford ccs or jump sweps to efficiently deliver parcels. this also makes bird job cooler #birdbuff (also means 3x xp bird goes crazy and makes parcel leaderboard more accessible to contest)
  10. ahh yeah this makes a ton more sense, i think this would be a good addition to the server
  11. what happens when the pickup box has reached the timer to be thrown out? is it still thrown out or no? if it is - how is it spat out, cause most of the time its the fact that it will spit out after 60s that makes it get under the map. maybe just change the spitting out part in general to be that the box is dropped on the player's current location, instead of forced infront of them as if you're looking at the floor or wall it can just go through it.
  12. remove jaywalking laws and then buff fine amount
  13. i irl traded ingame for real money i havent spent a penny of my own money on this server although i have gotten 200$ into the server !! and 200$ for myself but its a win win for me and the server..
  14. i used to be in favour of this but drugs are so overpowered for money making and kdog wont buff procs or printers so ... omg re-add plant accelerators to being useful pls as in keep them nerfed but add them to t2s omg new shit to wast emoney on
  15. Tene

    Exploiting Appeal

    can u give an example im not very up to date but ive not really heard of anyone being punished for holding a c4 thru a wall (allowed from precedent) or abusing the lock of line of sight for explosives.. waittt sooo what is exploiting here?! its an intended feature for the same reasoning silver has stated - kdog changed it to do less damage as a nerf due to complaints, instead of entirely removing the functionality, so it is an intended feature and using it in this way isn't exploiting.... gas grenades do damage through walls, because its gas, which is common sense. an explosive on a thin wall should also do damage, courtesy of common sense, along with the other fact mentioned earlier... if he used gas grenades instead, is it allowed? there's no way of defending urself against the grenade, you just have to heal, which is exactly the same as the sticky grenade, so what is the issue? this has been allowed for a long long long time, and the only time ive ever heard someone complain was succ's forums post last year, which again, lead to a NERF, not a removal, so its an intended feature. but if current staff haven't made the playerbase aware that a rule has been changed when their only knowledge of said 'rule' is old staff, they do speak for current staff.. completely disreguarding what old staff have said because the new staff team disagree with it isn't very smart, especially when you're punishing players over the new staff team's decision making, which hasn't been made public. If he/the playerbase have all been informed by old staff that it's allowed, they will treat it like its allowed until told otherwise. If he had been told otherwise (a verbal), he most likely would have stopped, and if he hadn't then sure I can see the decision to ban him being valid. Yes what the current staff team says goes, and it overrides what old staff have said (sometimes), but when the playerbase isn't made aware of the new changes, you can't punish them heavily over it, and have to take the old staff's decisionmaking into account. so it really isn't a big issue then, and is more bias than anything(?). i understand punishing harder for repeat offenders, but this isn't a repeat offense for this, and it wasn't decided upon as being an exploit until seemingly right now, so punishing heavily because it was him repeatedly offending doesn't really work when HE wasn't made aware of it being punishable until you guys banned him for it without warning. Repeat offenses should only scale if they're literally repeating the offense just to repeat the offense and keep breaking rules. If it's an entirely different scenario/context with entirely different rules that have been disagreed on for years, how can you punish him heavily for repeated offenses if its a completely different thing? Was this handled via a sit? Because it honestly seems like Silver wasn't able to give his reasoning behind it, as a lot of his reasoning is very valid, and it's quite clearly not a transparent rule, as it's not written anywhere and the only discussions of it have lead to it simply being nerfed instead of removed, which seems valid enough reason to keep using it, as kdog could obviously remove the functionality (as he can decrease the damage it does through walls), but chose not to. "Do not insta deny this I am very interested on why all of a sudden my punishment jumped from a verbal to a week ban with no explanation saying that my sit was "Hello you exploited you will get a week ban" " This makes me think he was given a verbal, and behind closed doors it was agreed that it is infact an exploit so he was punished harder. If the rule isn't changed until AFTER the incident, how can you expect players to abide by the NEW rule that hasn't even been developed yet. Does this not fall under double punishment? You gave him a verbal, completely changed the rule (old staff, myself included have said in the past its allowed) and then punished him harsher. Not cool at all and definitely not how punishments should be given out from a staff team perspective. How is he meant to know he can't do it if the staff at the time hadn't even made up their mind on if he could? Edit: How is this rdm btw its a literal raid, nothing about it is rdm Double Edit: Why didn't you try and heal yourself until the very last few seconds? You waited until you were at 50hp, hearing him grab more sticky nades and about to throw it before even making an attempt to heal. People talking about no counters when he has 200 med syringes and armor packs in his inv, along with healing items in his hotbar which he waits until the final nade to try and use. I am (maybe) an old staff member who has told many people that this is allowed, Silver included, because that is the mindset that both the old staff team and majority of current players who have been around for a while. The reasons provided all show that both the old staff and playerbase have a completely different view on this than the current staff team, with the playerbase only being aware of what the OLD staff have said, as the new staff hadn't made it public of their new opinions until heavily punishing someone over it, without them being aware of the new change.
  16. Tene

    Block button

    i still think its cancer for a player to just not be able to see ur chat anymore, could lead to way more issues, esp with people like wilhelm and others who will block every1 so they can sitbait with party assists and adv warns
  17. Tene

    Block button

    not true at all ive accepted many of ur harassment cases and punished the guys accordingly. and most of them to my knowledge have stopped/stopped whenever i was online. YOU are the one who stirs up shit in chat with people that are 'harassing' you, and because of that I can't treat it as though you are completely innocent and are just being bullied, so I give them a verbal or a warning and also tell you to stop replying. None of your harassment reports (except DING DONG DITCH) would exist if you had just muted the guy with the current mute feature, which is what staff tell you to do after you call a report/make a forums report (because you didn't think to do that in the first place, again, because you like to stir it up by replying) this alr exists with the mute feature.. just improve the mute feature instead of adding stuff that can be abused a ton more.
  18. Tene

    Block button

    idk why them not seeing ur chat is necessary. again can cause more issues with false rdm reports cuz they cant see u adv warn / party yell. not too sure what the harassment is when they can see ur chat but u cant see anything they are saying. also could i not abuse this by just blocking staff so i can get away with saying outrageous things until a report is made, with a staff having to check logs instead of them just acting the second they see it? i feel like this could lead to way more toxicity/harassment before a staff would usually intervene i honestly dont see how improving the regular mute feature to just mute more chat commands is bad and how it doesnt solve the harassment issue. none of these other suggestions in this thread from what i can tell actually do anything more that stops harassment... sure from dreadmore's post u cant see if the other guys online, but u'll see him ingame, and if hes actually trying to harass you he will just harass you anyways.
  19. Tene

    Block button

    so block is just an improved mute feature? make mute also work for !p and other stuff, along with persisting after reconnecting. not too sure why the hiding in tab menu is necessary. could be very annoying when u cant find who is on a certain job, grab someones steamid etc, also just means raiders/basers will block eachother to appear offline so they dont get raided, and for raiders they can block so that the basers cant prepare for a picolas cage train/kings assassain/anything that involves a job other than that, this really isnt an issue that needs stuff implemented into the server, maybe just retrain/add more staff guidelines on player harassment. issue with this is that it becomes incredibly petty very easily when players report any and every insult to staff under the mindset of it being harassment, and now that player is not allowed to interact with them without the risk of any future report resulting in a harsh punishment over 0. for people who are actually harassed, if you're seriously being harassed u should be able to get some evidence of it and make a forums report or ingame report with the evidence and staff as they currently are will take it and warn/ban the user depending on severity. if you're struggling to find proof that someone's harassing you, are they actually that bad or are you caring too much about someone else?
  20. pickup boxes on cars sounds cancer asf as it literally makes the player inside unkillable unless u blow up their 3k hp car
  21. i actually false reported here, my fault, i forgot i had custom animations installed and only found out like 2 months after. The exploit i report was showing the playermodel would move to a different location than the players hitbox, this isn't the case with regular animations (that the server has), so you can re-add these binds if you want. I personally don't think they should come back cause of how cancer they were to see players guns and also just to pvp them, as while it wasn't as bad as the custom animations, it still makes the playermodel seem different to where the hitbox is.
  22. before this is inevitably hidden, i'd like to preface by saying the rule agreed upon by smods for forums posts, was that if someone is commenting to benefit either party (actually add value to the report), it is not to be hidden. You are only to hide shitposts or things that add literally 0 value. This comment does hold value, as it's quite clear staff don't know what is/isn't allowed. I don't actually see anything in here that would be bannable. The accusation was in a (relatively) private area, as you can see in the first clip, when Razr leaves the base he can no longer hear merh, meaning that it would be very hard for someone not in the base to hear him. The 'accusation' also seems to have had backing, as the only way Merh had it was BECAUSE it was sent to a minor, which is why Blood Moon no longer plays the server... If this is considered a 'pedo accusation' worthy of a ban, why did we have a SMOD+ discussion on b0ne's ban appeal which was extended due to calling Yuli (another person who sent nudes to a minor) a pedophile, where the outcome was to unban bone after his original ban length had expired, as him stating that someone who sent nudes to a minor is a pedophile doesn't seem like it should be something bannable. The main thing about banning pedophile accusations is to reduce the damage it causes to FALSE victims, who are wrongly accused of being pedophiles. In this situation, it really doesn't seem like the user is being wrongfully accused of sending nudes to a minor, as how else would merh have these videos and why would merh be lying about that stuff to wrongfully accuse someone who has left the titsrp community for months. Really doesn't seem like a pedo accusation that is punishable here, especially when we go off of past punishments/instances of this same scenario (b0ne). Also, something I want to mention. This Razr guy claims to be uncomfortable, and in the first clip leaves the base, which sure I can see as him not liking the situation or anything about it, totally fair. But then he goes back inside the base in the second clip, for seemingly no reason, as the second clip provides 0 to this report as nothing in that clip is punishable. So can you explain how you're uncomfortable enough to leave the base so that your clip looks like you are disgusted, and then you're not uncomfortable enough to then go straight back in and continue hanging around this guy for ages it seems (the base location changes). The mute feature exists, and there is a moderator inside the base with you, why was this handled on the forums? Why did you not message the mod, even message merhaculous, or call a sit? Especially since you claim to want this situation to be private, why would you post it onto the forums, where it gains much much much more attention than simply calling a sit ingame? And this is a punishable offense how? Did he leak any of the information? Did he give out Dare's face pictures? Or was he just talking about how he has x photo of Player 1.. This really isn't doxxing, and just off of being relevant in the community I can already confirm that every person he listed off sent him the pictures knowingly and willingly. The rape game thing, while weird, isn't bannable either. If you want to bring up Mordecai's ban for this argument - as omg sexy talk got him perm banned (i am expecting this reasoning would be used), he sexually harassed a member of the server, along with multiple other things, whereas Merha is talking about a game where you're given a slave and you can do what you want to them because they're a slave. I honestly don't think an argument about how playing a game where you can rape and kill slaves is weird and not allowed when the exact same things happen on this server, almost weekly. "omg selling this furry femboy slave 100k", "omg now u can do whatever u want with him", "omg im going to kiss swep him and then kill him." Talking about the decapitated girl, while weird, again, really isn't bannable. Dictator Gas repeatedly would say things 10x worse than merhaculous saying something about decapitated girls for 2 seconds, and made it his entire persona for months until staff intervened, telling him to stop, and then ultimately it ended up with him being community removed and reported to the FBI. At most here I think a verbal telling merha to not talk about gore would be the correct move. Again, this entire comment 100% adds value to the post, which means it shouldn't be hidden. Thank you xxx xxx xxx
  23. omg guys lets buff t3s
  24. Tene

    Monke Pet

    as a remaining proud monke pet owner, i am quite upset that it is still meme pet... i like the monke being funny monke.. but i would also like funny monke to be gangsta monke. if not the piss = water thing, make it a worse mooshroom pet when it pisses
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