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  1. I like the thought of being able to build small things around fountain area for like fountain fishing or other small things but like Tene said, people were fucking cancer with some of their dupes and the FPS drops were awful. If there was a way to combat that issue than having building at fountain would be so nice.
  2. Yeah I noticed this a while ago (back when I was still relatively new and found the legacy jobs hilarious). Like DrHarmacist said, I tend to just avoid people with smaller models/ lower default HP and will only usually kill for a joke/ on accident if they were near someone else who I was killing. Haven't had any issues relating to people complaining about RDM so I never thought much of it. Good idea to post this though!
  3. IGN: Hex Discord: Hex#2406 Favorite Candy: Lindor chocolate truffles
  4. Are you sure you're not thinking of the Preacher's bible? I know that thing does damage. Maybe some other SWEPs, but I don't remember the boot ever causing any sort of damage whether health or armor. Also, just tested it. Hobo boots don't do damage to armor. I loaded myself up with some and had someone hit me with the SWEP. So, no damage was done to this person beforehand.
  5. Like I said you'd only just popped in. You wouldn't even have had the logs for even the last one I dont think lmao.
  6. Alright cool. Staff will still decide.
  7. I don't want to be the person that calls a vote with staff on. So no. And again, a sit would've been pointless because he didn't have the logs. I'm done with this thread. I've explained this all I can. Either just respect that or please leave. A staff member can decide whether or not this is a legitimate case to take. If it isn't, then it'll get denied and that'll be that.
  8. I'm 99% certain I replied to you. I don't have you chat muted. It UN chat muted everyone I had muted. If I had, I would've stayed longer yesterday. Secondly, I was going to. I was literally typing when I saw him pop into the spawn area because I had been rdmed the third time and decided I was going to. But then, blue was there. I was late, which was because I was undecided because several people always bitch when I voteban someone on 2. I was trying to hold back and give him the benefit of the doubt. And it was an RDM x3. I made a mistake in my title as well, because after looking at the logs, I realized I hadn't damaged him in the beginning one either. So it's an RDMx3. So please, if you're going to be a dick, just DNI.
  9. Yes. A sit happened and he was previously warned for the same thing. Player toxicity due to the use of slurs. I told him to stop on several occasions, and I tried to be nice at first by just saying "please stop" or "using slurs isn't necessary" (these are paraphrased but this is essentially what I said). It wasn't until it continued that I got pissed off and started telling him to "shut the fuck up", in which case he of course became more aggressive. I made a sit and drac0 was very cut and dry with it and had warned him. It didn't stop him but after a certain point, calling another in game sit is just a waste of time, especially when staff is flooded with ingame sits for MRDM, NLR, etc. And like somebody else previously said, I wouldn't have even made the sit if slurs weren't being slurs in damn near every sentence he said to me, even when I wasn't talking to or at him.
  10. I've told him on several occasions to stop. Most of which were the previous day, and he quickly followed with telling me to shut up, and then calling me a slur. Nobody is insulted for good reason, especially not when being called a slur several times. I'm an asshole because I'm standing up for myself and not taking your bullshit and letting you guys deal with consequences? Okay buddy. I don't call people slurs and never have on the server. Have I called people dumbasses? Morons? Cunts? Yes, yes, and absolutely yes. Have I told someone to end their lives, make fun of someone or demean someone for race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, etc? Fuck no. I don't think everybody has to love me and the fact you want to take it to that extreme shows that there is no in between with you, and that it's all or nothing. I don't care if people don't fucking like me-- clearly not, or else I wouldn't be a part of the community as an active player. I would've left AGES ago if I couldn't handle some stupid shit like people telling me to fuck off or making fun of my voice here or there. It's when people start actively harassing me, targeting, etc that I fucking say something. I never once brought my trauma into this. The only thing I ever said is that if Cooper wants to try and act like a 'big boy' with his disgusting use of language, then he can deal with big boy consequences of whatever is coming to him because he chose to use derogatory terms and slurs. If he had just been saying dumb shit like "shut the fuck up", there would be no report. This is my last post, because I really don't think anymore needs to be said here. I don't think I should need to defend myself on a post like this where staff is clearly in agreement. As many of you would say, seethe, and cope. Not everyone are as narrow minded as you are.
  11. Very cool dude, good vibes and fun to hang out with.

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