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  1. Added a new suggestion under Gang Talent Section.
  2. I have added a new suggestion under the Gang Talent section.
  3. This is just my take from a Police perspective, but to essentially boil down these sections: Fines: Multiple crimes and bounties not being combined leads to really stupid situations like multi-fining or listing 3+ murders with the same fine amount as a jaywalk. I think most cops always max at 5k because you can't seriously hit someone financially for worse crimes and they always max out to compensate for this. Hopefully increasing the max while adding stipulations will give cops more freeway and more realistic fines. I think everyone would love to see the day where they don't assume their fine is an automatic $5,000 before it even shows. Jobs: Some jobs just plain don't make sense or are ironically worse compared to the base jobs. Read this section for more detailed reasons on each one. Equipment: Some equipment isn't logically given to other chiefs or superiors and doesn't fit consistently. Ontop of that I made that Scanner suggestion in the hopes that PD would actually start conducting raids. I haven't seen a single raid attempt on a base from Civil Protection, this leads them to jaywalk duty 24/7. Basing: Basically PD has more things to take care of compared to a normal base. More descriptive reasons are given in this section. Essentially, The Department as a whole is way too focused on petty crimes and does not see the benefit or in some cases like raiding, the opportunity to do other things. I believe alot of PD don't try raiding as an example often because It's unrewarding, difficult, and hard to determine if illegal activity is being conducted in a base in the first place. It's also infinitely easier to 5k fine spam the newbie that doesn't comprehend the concept of crosswalks.
  4. I have edited the main thread and made an alternative suggestion for the scanner idea that I believe would implement very well with how tits deals with progression items.
  5. No, PD conducting raids. Printers, Meth, Processors, etc. Can you elaborate on this? I don't understand what suggestion you're addressing here. Why would me, as a cop main that benefits from this, be salty? I want PD to experience the other fields it has and never utilizes, and it also would spice up the server tremendously with little to no implementation effort. If you are going to argue in bad faith at least throw an insult that makes sense.
  6. I do agree PD is in a very good state, however I think they need to focus on some areas like raiding rather than jaywalk enforcement 24/7, Would benefit all parties involved.
  7. About to reach my goal of -100 reputation in less than a month of this account being created.

  8. I have edited some suggestions in, Users should relook over the changes.
  9. I know this server uses record history very often, I just find it odd that "Use your best judgement" translates to giving the max ban time to a first time offender of a guy that just reported you.
  10. Afaik since the pd shares the base it shares the rules, I don't think two separate bases makes it two separate limits.
  11. This Thread will be home to many aspects concerning PD, and will probably be the thread i use for further edits instead of separate one. Fines - Rework fines to allow a max of $15,000. * Add a stipulation in Cop rules saying that non-violent crimes must stay below $5,000 (Current Max), However multiple crimes or violent crimes can go above that value. More serious crimes should be more punishable as well as committing multiple crimes. Jaywalkers should not get the same fine as a mass serial killer. ** I assume the limit was downed because a bad law example says 20k which i assume used to be the old max, and i guess every mayor just defaulted fines to 20k. However the max being this low means that people who should be taking a hit to their wallet get off much more than someone committing a much lesser crime. It's very frequent for a jaywalker to get fined 4x as much as a mass murderer because of this. - Allow a bounty to combine with another fine, so the bounty and the crime is dealt with in the same fine. Fining a user for a bounty and then recuffing to fine them for the actual crime seems silly and inefficient. Jobs - Give a AR15 to S.W.A.T Sniper, For a VIP job it has worse gear than a majority of default swat jobs. It should atleast have a side rifle. * Remove the vote off this job too, It's a vip job lmao. - Remove the vote off Juggernaut aswell, Paid jobs should not have votes. - Rename "Smoke" to "S.W.A.T Support" and also give it an AR15 and a medkit. Hopefully this will give it something on par with Juggernaut and still be unique. - Allow Chiefs to fire anyone in their division, more explained Here. Equipment - Add a new Scanner for the S.W.A.T Jobs or atleast the VIP ones to give them some flair and practicality. Hopefully this will also give PD something to do other than pissing off the populace with their jaywalking laws because they can't find anything else to do. Also I think raids for the Department are severely lacking due to no accurate way to determine crime within a base. ** Rather than giving this to all S.W.A.T by default, Have this as a Police Specialized Gang Perk much like the perk that equips a sledgehammer for example. Gives another thing to grind for very good reward and will most likely distinguish the dedicated cops. - Give the "PD Commander" SWEP to the S.W.A.T Chief and Mayor, Why one chief can talk to his men and not the other two kinda makes no sense. - Buff the taser, Make bodyshots a smidge more powerful as well as headshots, Currently it takes 75% of the taser's mag on bodyshots or 35% on headshots (hard as hell to do btw) in order to get a decent stun. It's often so bad compared to cuff rushing like a moron that some people refer to the taser as "a free pass to rdm". * Alternatively, Make this a level perk. Basing - Allow an extra fading door for the police department, Effectively meaning a 4 max fading door limit compared to the default 4. * The reasoning is because PD oftentimes for bases uses all three doors for defense and have none left for the cells or the mayoral office, You could make the argument "split the doors across the sections then" but either leaves entire sections exposed for raids or makes them easy as hell to enter. The extra fading door should either be used to close off the jail cells or the Mayor's office if a mayor wants to separate the access from his office and the main PD. Rules/Laws - Add a default Illegal Activity stating that being outside during a lockdown is not allowed, aka fineable/aos Gang Talents: Police Specialized - Buff 'Persuasive Fine' to $5,000. $750 is way too low to justify an entire Gang Token. 5k is generally the medium range for bounties. any lower people won't really actually search for. - Add a Talent called "Skilled Architecture", Any Cop with this talent will have props that are immune to destruction. Dematerialization will still work though, just not destroy props. - Add a Talent called "Daily Quota" that increases the max fine amount to $8,000 Level Talents: - Add a new talent called "Experienced Frisking" for 3 talents. This increases the speed of a weaponcheck confiscation, increases range and removes the need to have a user cuffed in order to do this.
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