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  1. I have definitely heard more creative insults and threats during my tenure of being a proud officer of the law on darkrp. I do think that saying you were going to come to my house / ddos me was one the less smart options to pick. Nonetheless, I am rather surprised you even appealed with an apology no less since in my experience most people of this type genuinely don't care or don't think they were in the right for it and that alone is enough. Not to mention being banned over christmas is ass. As the plaintiff I move to strike the defendant's ban, Apology accepted.
  2. I was unaware of Briski's reasoning, but considering your behavior during reports against you and prior to the sit, as well as considering the severity of the accusations, You are the last person i want to be taking the sit, especially after that stunt you just pulled. Some staff can reason better in sits filed against them. You just agreed in a passive aggressive way and returned me with no rebuttal. denial of anything made against you and dodged any question i asked. You are actually one of the best examples I've seen of why staff cannot take their own sits generally speaking in communities. I really don't care what a 13 year old mod has to say. Marshal is just angry they can't read basic sections of the motd and got reported for it, Even your own staff is worried about their actual knowledge of the MOTD from what i hear. But i digress, as this has nothing to do with you or the report. So stay with the topic please. What? It's exactly what you did. Thanks to various experiences I can tell the difference between a rulebreaks being intentional or not. It's also pretty easy to tell ones intentions by motive and gain. You had nothing to gain from doing this. You didn't even need to use a c4 to enter, You blatantly used a "raid" to shoot me during contruction and c4 my shit so i would have to rebuild it (You didn't even do that right, I save my progress frequently.) What you did was inexcusable and could only show that you dislike me personally as a player, I get not liking a guy. But once you start applying roleplay elements to justify yourself and take out your frustrations on a player in a non-roleplay fashion. You need to take a break. Preferably forever. Strawman fallacy. This isn't addressing any arguments or points i made within the report. I don't care about the base being raided. I care you used this as an excuse to shoot me and c4 the props when you gain nothing out of it. then proceed to dismiss a sit filed against you under the pretense of "It was a raid" with no other explanation. Your behavior is abhorrent, I already know you're thinking "That's ironic" but if that's the case, Then I'm a qualified professional, and You've been diagnosed.
  3. Regardless of who is more verbal with their complaints or not, Both sides should get a say in the roleplay of a mayor, I don't see why one side gets a dedicated command for anti-roleplay mayors but not the other. While everything-is-illegal is fun for cops (I would know) It becomes unfun when citizens are too scared to do anything and start leaving the roleplay realm and train firearms on cops for walking on a populated street, in fear that they will be getting arrested for Section 2, Clause 4 under header 7 that they didn't know of. everything-is-legal is unfun for cops because then cops have no say in the issue, The playerbase will not unfun the mayor because it is benefiting them by preventing cops from doing their job in a legal but extremely assholic way. Cops cannot initiate an unfun because they get no say in it. Cops can't revolt either. All in all the traditional ways of getting rid of this kind of mayor doesn't apply to the police officers. Neutral mayors or mayors that genuinely try to roleplay according to the server's current events are more fun and fair for all sides.
  4. The problem is cops have no say in unfun, Unfun for Police is not a choice.
  5. I figured that since revolts exist, I'm surprised something like this doesn't exist. Essentially, a Coup d'etat for the Police would be initiated by a senior ranking Police (Ie: PD Commander, S.W.A.T Chief, Potentially Judge Gabe) When a senior ranking police initiates a vote, other senior ranking officials are given the option to participate, each person adds a 20% change that the Mayor is overthrown, If the mayor is overthrown, the initiator immediately takes his job, If he fails, the Initiator and any participating officials are immediately demoted as if they were fired from the mayor. Revolts/Unfun are done from the civilians for mayors that are too cop heavy, but a Coup d'etat would be a nice change of pace for mayors too criminally heavy. Hopefully this will encourage more mayors to be neutral and actually take all sides seriously.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtdKQ_p6d5A
  7. Holy shit the first person to give actually genuine feedback and read a majority if not all of it. I applaud you.
  8. I think this covers all the bases. @RubikI think a developer's POV would be good about now.
  9. Added a new Talent suggestion, modified an existing talent suggestion and offered an alternative for an existing talent suggestion.
  10. Then why don't you offer counter suggestions or show what is wrong, Simply writing off everything you disagree with as a shitpost is arrogance.
  11. Thanks for ignoring everything else I typed in their. Seems it's rather common of you judging from your replies of this thread and within the video. If anything it seems disrespectful I'm putting all this effort into all my retorts and you don't even grace them with your eyes.
  12. Other than the Don't post to assist another player's report if you have nothing to contribute. posted on this subforum. I assumed he was a random cop as I'm used to random people making really stupid claims without knowing what they are talking about, The moment smelly decided to escalate it to a sit was when I decided that was a bad choice if you couldn't tell by my tone and reply when he brought me. And I did listen to him if you watched the video, I replied to everything he was saying. the issue lies in which he decides to aggregate the situation into a sit without an actual basis as to which he is issuing a punishment. Any player would have a variation of this reaction if you made a baseless claim, pulled them into a sit and then refused to answer their request and issue a punishment. How convenient that anything i argue is "twisting and contorting". I directly quoted you for anyone to see and the video evidence backs it up. Judging from the kind of reply this is, You didn't even read past the second sentence of my reply. Because within it i gave a very direct example of what you state I do without denying it, except i correct the assumption in which you make. I don't "misconstrue" or "loophole" rules to my liking, If you believe so ask for my reasoning, I never deny anyone the reasoning why I read or interpret a rule the way i did.. On your end however, I asked for a simple citation and the only response you had was flipping your "rulebreak" and then refusing to cite anything.
  13. Considering more than 90% of your argument and response is concerning my "reputation" i won't bother making this long. > the current !laws the Mayor had in place said the only punishment allowed was AOS If the mayor had this that is a fail law. Mayor cannot restrict fines. > However, you are known to misconstrue laws/rules to benefit yourself and find ways to loophole these rules That's a rather interesting way of justifying yourself. > while drawing out sits with arguments that take staff away from other situations that need tending to. So what? What is your argument here? If a sit takes this long like you say. It's for a good reason, You aren't the first moderator I've argued with. However you are the only one I'm reporting as of now, I don't report Jay or Troy because although i may disagree with their decisions they argue in good faith and try to see from my end. You however didn't even bother and are using the classic propensity evidence trick. Your entire first paragraph was an behavioral justification with an ad hominem for context and reasoning. > I help people along the way rather than just getting rid of them and moving on. This video shows flatly otherwise. > I was a little annoyed so initially I was going to do a day ban for FailRP but thinking over it I agreed that a warn was more suitable for the offense, so I changed the punishment. Convenient. > I apologize you took my no-nonsense approach as "intimidation like tactics" but unfortunately, reputation you've put upon yourself has precedes you and I will not be harassed, talked down to and disrespected in a sit for the entertainment of another. I also apologize that you took my citation requirements as a suggestion, I read the same rules you do and if you make a claim i expect you to back it up, especially if you decide to provoke it and make a sit out of something so petty. I also found that your last sentence was a rather interesting way of saying "your reputation allows me to alter my judgements in my sits and get more leniency if i get caught issuing wrong or biased punishments", You were also not harassed. You are the one that aggravated the situation and got angry when you failed to cite and prove any of your claims and then got threatened with push back when said user decided they weren't going to take a false punishment quietly. If you say that you like education, but in the video show you never once tried to substantiate this claim as you only stated and never proved, you also never tried to even reason. Instead you pulled the atypical "oh shit, he's refuting better ignore it and issue my punishment!". Expect a user to act the same way you act to them if you do something like this. What do you expect a user to think if you make a unfounded claim, pull them into a sit TAKEN BY YOU, proceed to drop the claim you just made and make ANOTHER unsubstantiated claim and proceed to issue punishment without explaining or showing wrongdoing. If you do this and then consider knockback from the user you bullied harassment/condescension/disrespect, Don't be a moderator. Respect is earned, not deserved, Don't treat your users like this disregarding their perspectives and then expect to be treated like a deity.
  14. https://youtu.be/4WzR1SNQonY
  15. Added a new suggestion under Gang Talent Section.
  16. I have added a new suggestion under the Gang Talent section.
  17. This is just my take from a Police perspective, but to essentially boil down these sections: Fines: Multiple crimes and bounties not being combined leads to really stupid situations like multi-fining or listing 3+ murders with the same fine amount as a jaywalk. I think most cops always max at 5k because you can't seriously hit someone financially for worse crimes and they always max out to compensate for this. Hopefully increasing the max while adding stipulations will give cops more freeway and more realistic fines. I think everyone would love to see the day where they don't assume their fine is an automatic $5,000 before it even shows. Jobs: Some jobs just plain don't make sense or are ironically worse compared to the base jobs. Read this section for more detailed reasons on each one. Equipment: Some equipment isn't logically given to other chiefs or superiors and doesn't fit consistently. Ontop of that I made that Scanner suggestion in the hopes that PD would actually start conducting raids. I haven't seen a single raid attempt on a base from Civil Protection, this leads them to jaywalk duty 24/7. Basing: Basically PD has more things to take care of compared to a normal base. More descriptive reasons are given in this section. Essentially, The Department as a whole is way too focused on petty crimes and does not see the benefit or in some cases like raiding, the opportunity to do other things. I believe alot of PD don't try raiding as an example often because It's unrewarding, difficult, and hard to determine if illegal activity is being conducted in a base in the first place. It's also infinitely easier to 5k fine spam the newbie that doesn't comprehend the concept of crosswalks.
  18. I have edited the main thread and made an alternative suggestion for the scanner idea that I believe would implement very well with how tits deals with progression items.
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