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  1. You seem to really care for the server so I will unban you but if anything like this a happens again it will be worse. Just next time do not let anyone play on your steam account.
  2. I mean @{GN} Isaacyou took the word out of my head. I feel It's your account you are going to be held accountable for what happens on that account the no matter who it was playing on the account. When it is all and said and done it was a mass rdm and mass rdm is a week ban. just next time watch who is playing on your account. PS-and tbh I do not believe the whole gf was playing.
  3. Heosphoros

    FAlse ban

    the base beside Water Fountain with the part where u can go in sews
  4. Heosphoros

    FAlse ban

    can u show proof that it was not a raid?
  5. Heosphoros

    FAlse ban

    u baned me before even asking dude wtf u mean
  6. Heosphoros

    FAlse ban

    how dose it not lol got on dude had a print in the base and i raided it?
  7. Heosphoros

    FAlse ban

    it was in a base?
  8. Heosphoros

    FAlse ban

    do not recall it happen so fast i had just got on
  9. Ingame name: James B Grossweiner Steam profile: https: //steamcommunity.com/id/Fuckoffhoebag696969/ Previous gangs: None Hours played: On tits 2 3 day's gmod 2k+ Hours played past week: 20+ Gametracker score: Age: 18 What can you provide regarding raids: I'm a good back up guy or even the guy you send in first for bait i can do both and also i have a good cc for raid's and I'm also good at call outs and braking down bases to find the best way for us to get in with out dieing fast. What can you provide regarding basing: I'm good at bases and also i'm good at holding down bases and keeping people out and killing them if they even try also i do not mid staying in the base to make sure they don't get in. Do you use a mic: Yes What is your favorite food: mexican Food all the way!!!
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