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  1. EDIT: I'm cancelling this since it was made out of salt and I'm over it. Feel free to delete/deny/whatever you need to do.
  2. I don't recall them. If you want to be serious about this I'm sure they can pull them from logs.
  3. [Removed a tasteless joke.]
  4. I would like to chime in on this as well. This individual had votekicked three people in the span on ten minutes, each and every one for "NLR." I don't know exactly why he was being so picky, which is why I started a votekick for "trying to votekick everyone." Since then he has been threatening me with "enjoy losing your VIP" and what not. I have a few screens of some conversation between us and some thoughts from others. As well as some of his "reasoning." This is my first use of the votekick function. If it was out of line, sorry for the inconvenience. But I'm not gonna get threatened with loss of VIP over something so small.
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