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  1. This was my first day back on in 2 months. When I left, I was a Trial Mod and a pretty decent one at that. The SBC cannon is usually RDM but done as a meme, and countless people have done it in the past and not gotten in trouble. When I asked the moderator who else died, he refused to respond to me. He kept asking "are you going to defend yourself?" I would say "Yes, please tell me the other people who died and I can tell you what the story was." As I was trying to pull up !slogs he just gave me a 7 day ban. He didn't give me any kind of time to actually tell him what was going on. Big fat edit: I just realized that my mic was set to the wrong one, so it's entirely possible that they couldn't hear anything I was saying. I messaged them on Discord to verify and it turns out that that was the case.
  2. -1 Obvious troll. 0/10 try harder.
  3. Crabroll was the Senior Mod who banned you. This is ban #41. Something tells me you know what you did wrong. Unless you have proof, you're boned. -1
  4. Kolanis was the one who banned you so until they give their side I will be neutral. But I will say that 40 bans on record doesn't help your case, especially when half of them are for RDM.
  5. As a terrorist, you could sit in that car and just wait to be allowed to kill everyone, and no one can touch you in the meantime, which seems borderline exploiting. That being said, we seem to be having a kind of disconnect where some mods will say one thing is fine and another mod will say it is not. That is definitely something that needs to be resolved for the future, because it is definitely something I see coming up time and time again. I'm going to be neutral on this but I encourage higher up staff members to come to a consensus on things like this.
  6. I was the trial mod that took this "sit" if you can call it that. Someone reported him but he logged off right as the report was made. The person who made it was saying that they were explaining what NLR was, and that is what cause you to log off. In the logs, it did show Mass NLR, which in the punishment guidelines, can be a one week ban. However, with lack of screenshots and any kind of other proof to show it was intentional, I would agree with LeGerbs about changing this to a warn, especially if you have a clean record prior. That lies on me for not checking prior warns, so I'm sorry about that. +1 to change ban to warn
  7. -1 Seethe harder lmao
  8. If I logged on right now and tried dropping some racial slurs, I would be warned/banned in a heartbeat. But if I go in there talking about how the Nazis were right and the Jews had it coming, are you saying that no one would stop me from spreading a bullshit ideology? There is an absolutely massive difference between a political ideology and a flag that symbolizes a regime that killed 6 million people simply for existing. All you have to say is "no swastikas." Two words added to the MOTD and boom, problem solved. I even had people tell me as I was making this report "Zucc will say he's Jewish and doesn't care so nothing will happen just like the last few times." I could be like "I'm a Jehovahs Witness and it offends me." But it doesn't matter. The only thing that should matter is that if staff are silent about it, they're being complicit. If you don't act, then you make shitass people like that feel empowered to spread that toxicity. This isn't the only time it has happened. There's another guy by the name of Ultra Instinct Aryan God who posts swastikas all over his base too. He even decided to use all his reacts on me today, lol. Also, if a trial mod, a regular mod, and several players are encouraging me to make this post, then there are obviously some people on the staff team and in-game that agree that this needs to be changed.
  9. A brief look at the rules shows a few that could be considered broken in this case. DO be respectful to everyone LOL OMG DO NOT be a dick, we are all here to have fun and play the game DO NOT use racial/homophobic/generally offensive slurs or be overly offensive to other players/staff It's all up to interpretation, but I also find it completely ridiculous that you have a zero tolerance policy when people say racial slurs but this is somehow a completely different issue?
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