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Appealing my removal from community.

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In-Game Name


Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

I was banned for accusing a former staff member, Dan, of having underage content on a twitter linked to his youtube. Instead of just linking it to superadmins, I decided to link it in a discord with other people as well to get a laugh out of it. The report itself was not meant to be harmful or malicious, but it ended up being that way after I posted it publicly. I was banned, and during the month of February, I had alted many times on the server, discord, and im pretty sure twice on the forums. I also attempted to chargeback, but ~10 minutes after requesting, I contacted paypal to get it canceled because I did not want to hurt the server or any of the owners financially.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I want to start this with a sincere apology with all of my heart to Dan and his brother. Following my ban, up until the beginning of April, I was nothing but a complete asshole to Dan and others over discord, which further dug my ban into the grave. Since my appeal in April, I've completely dropped focus of titsrp and started playing other games, mainly focusing myself on CS:GO and making content for YouTube out of that. Occasionally I did check forums, because my forums account was left unbanned since the last appeal. After my previous appeals denial, I DM'ed Blue on discord and told him to never let me appeal again if I had ever made another alt or was a dickhead to anyone in the community again. I made this promise to blue because I wanted to prove to him and others that the way I was acting was not really me. With my forums account unbanned since my last appeal, I refrained from doing much on forums because I wanted to show that I've been able to control myself. In February / March following my ban, I thought I'd never have a chance on the server again which led me to harass people from the server. I've taken the last two months to reflect on that behavior and change myself, because I knew it was not me. I was not in a good mindset ever since I had resigned from my position as Admin, which led me to bully other people as a way to cope with my own problems. This is the worst mistake you can make when going through issues in life. I also would like to apologize to Doc, a person who had helped me so much throughout my multiple years as a staff member and was always a very good friend to me. I turned into quite the asshole and I was given many chances from him, and I blew them all. I really do not expect any forgiveness, but I would like to let him know along with everyone else I've affected that I'm really sorry you had to deal with my antics while I was in a very warped mental state trying to cope with my personal problems. I've changed a lot since getting over my issues, and finding happiness through graduating high school and getting accepted into a university. I would just like a chance to prove to people that I wronged that I'm here and very willing to prove that I can do better, and behave better.

Who warned/banned you?

Doc McStubbins

How long were you warned or banned for?


If you have any questions for me about the appeal, or would like to talk to me about it, my discord is Kilobyte#3046

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I'm fairly certain there was a recent message to staff that made sure we were aware of what a perm ban means. Little to no chance of appeal, and permanent. On that basis alone I would give you a -1 and leave it at that. However, you also chargebacked the server (great to see you felt bad about it, but come on), and alted. twice. and those are the ones I can find at a glance. And you know what? Maybe you do feel bad. maybe you do genuinely understand the mistake(s) you made. And I'm thankful for that. But I can't find it in myself to respect or want the return of a man who did that when shit didn't go his way.  -1. and feel free to consider this a -1 on all future appeals.

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I was there when the situation happened I know what your intentions were you just went about it the wrong way. You being an exadmin I'm sure you're capable of coming back as a normal player and your apology seems sincere. +1 for unban

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You were sincere about your apologies. You talked to me a lot about your past and you reflected about what you did.  Don't pull stupid stunts again otherwise I'll just -1 it. +1 Unban

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I know you from ingame and i know your a good person. I believe from the dedication you put in the server doesnt deserve to be shutdown like this. Everyone makes mistakes I believe you deserve a chance. +1 for unban

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I believe your actions were well intentioned you just went about it in a horrible way, this apology seems very sincere and while I'm not one of the people that it is directed to I still respect it. I was there before you resigned and had not one bad experience with you and don't think you would've done something like this with any malicious intent. +1


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I believe you have done a good job on this appeal and as a player in general. It is going to be a +1 for me. Can't wait to see you play again

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You're very persistent and this appeal looks very sincere, I don't know you as well as my fellow mods but  I still think you changed.  I'm gonna give this a +1 but don't make me regret this.  

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