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  1. I can confirm this. when I was on, I was takin a lot of sits, mostly because I had been the only one on at the time. Mizzuu made a sit, so I ended up taking it, though it took slightly longer than usual because I was already in a sit. after bringing him, I asked about what was going on, and he outlined the same incident. After looking at logs, from my perspective, it looked like Sleepy had cuffed him and just walked away. I recommended that miizuu make a report on it, since I felt it would have been unfair that sleepylatte couldnt defend himself.
  2. in order to more easily organize the information, could you kindly link the evidence within this report so it's all in one place? From the video provided in your separate report, this is definitely intentional RDM. There's no other way to look at it. I say +1 for a 3dban for IRDM, RDA, and NITRP, or at minimum a warning.
  3. sorry, I clarified my response. And, well, yes, it does. While I understand that the length seems excessive, the rules and guidelines appear on your screen every time you join for a reason. I'm not saying you meant to do it, but after you left, any sympathy I may have had was gone. I maintain my stance on the matter. I could remove the NITRP, but it would still be 7 days regardless.
  4. Heya! issue was, just because you adverted (which isn't required) you didn't actually START the terror attack, by typing !terrorstart, which made the attack voided, making all your kills RDM. I understand how it may seem like an unjustified ban, but ya cant go and kill people without making sure you do the things you're supposed to do. Plus, ya ltapped. as in, I brought you to the sit, and you left the game. I don't understand why ya did that when it just made things worse. definite -1 for unban.
  5. what an absolute shitpost. who decided the forums were a good idea? I say we shut it down
  6. Drakos

    Unban App

    considering your ban length, alongside the current punishment guidelines, that your ban has been long enough. I do hope you'll behave, however, less you suffer the same fate again. +1 for unban.
  7. Drakos

    Ban Appeal

    Heya! Lemme explain. this sit was... a mess. I brought him, and asked him why he killed player "W0nder1and," and he got confused and assumed I was referring to the cultists who kidnapped him. we cleared that up, whatever. Then I ask him why he killed w0nder, and he says he was loitering. There was no loitering sign up. He argued that because "in real life you would get hurt." for doing so, it was within RP. I asked him to appeal it on forums if he felt it was unfair. he then told w0nder he was going to kill him, and sure enough, after I warn him, he takes out a gun and tried killing wonder. I rejail him, and tell him hes going to be banned for ARDM in a sit. he says there's no rule in MOTD about it, so I can't ban him for it, calling me a liar and hypocrite (hypocrite because during the cultist thing, some guys that were basing together kidnapped him, and when his friend killed one to save him the other cultists opened fire within their base and killed both his friend and him, and I said that was fair). I tell him to appeal on forums, and he does so. Now we're here. Not only did you never bring your skin colour up during the sit, meaning it's impossible for me to ban you based off it, even though I wouldn't regardless, I specifically said "no" when you said that you were going to kill w0nderland after you get unjailed. I would have extended your ban if I could, for your immature and indecent behaviour throughout the sit and bringing race into this where it wasn't needed. -1 for unban
  8. Hey! so, you were AFK. you didn't, in fact, return. I checked, asked you and everything. I then banned you, since it looked a whole lot like Mass RDM, and you werent there to defend yourself. personally, I dont see a reason to unban you. Sorry, but without proof, I only have logs. -1 For Unban
  9. I am entirely with Isaac on this. Not only did you Mass RDM to begin with, this doesn't even give a reason for you to be unbanned except for you being ashamed and promising you won't do it again. I'm going to have to give this a definite -1. Sorry mate, but take a week to cool off.
  10. Hey! So, typically for an RDM, It's a warn. However, I saw that you had left, which lead me to believe it was an RDM and LTAP. Thanks for clarifying. Personally, I only banned you for as long as I did because of what I thought was an LTAP. I'm fine with seeing your ban reduced to one day, which would be down to about 12 hours now.
  11. Drakos

    Teddy's Unban Appeal

    Dont remember adding null, but I do mostly remember what happened. You had killed uncle acid about 25 seconds before you disconnected. After I asked one of the other staff in @chat about what I should do, they said I could ban for LTAP and rdm. I wasnt sure if you had disconnected on purpose or not, but I had to base my opinion off of available evidence.
  12. my friend, this is TitsRP. A Garry's Mod Discord Server. None of us know what a joke is.
  13. why am I never on the list in the right position or there in general
  14. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/2433509660057884747/662991AA355335A12A92987C6F575B579AF883AB/ I'd like to point out he was playing we like to party while this was happening.
  15. Bug / Exploit Description: You can gather quest coins by using f4, claim reward, then close f4, reopen, and claim again. On a side note, when purchasing with these "exploited" coins, it removes all coins used to buy it. say to complete 3 quests. exploit 7 coins. buy a 10 coin item. You lose all coins. During me testing this I lost all my real quest tokens. How to reproduce: If you finish a quest, claim the reward, then press close f4 menu. reopen f4 menu and you can claim reward again. Can repeat for as long as you dont press force refresh quest. Priority: High
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