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  1. To clarify: Luna was warned for NLR and the autoban for warn count activated, as they had reached 25 warns. The player who reported Luna had been raiding their base. At the time, Luna had made a (unclaimed) sit about someone basing inside their base. Shortly after the player Malicious finished their raid, I claimed the sit for Luna and removed the random persons props within their base. Approximately a minute later, a report was made against Luna for NLR x2. After checking logs and confirming them, I said I would be warning Luna, as they could have instead messaged the raider instead of returning multiple, even if the intent was not to interfere in the raid. In conclusion, I cannot control the ban. It was valid as Luna has reached 25 warns. And the warn I gave Luna was, in my opinion, justified and fair. -1 for unban/warn removal
  2. I'm fairly certain there was a recent message to staff that made sure we were aware of what a perm ban means. Little to no chance of appeal, and permanent. On that basis alone I would give you a -1 and leave it at that. However, you also chargebacked the server (great to see you felt bad about it, but come on), and alted. twice. and those are the ones I can find at a glance. And you know what? Maybe you do feel bad. maybe you do genuinely understand the mistake(s) you made. And I'm thankful for that. But I can't find it in myself to respect or want the return of a man who did that when shit didn't go his way. -1. and feel free to consider this a -1 on all future appeals.
  3. -1 for the reasons above, and because if you're the kind of feller who looks up cheats because they're mad, I don't think you'd go long before doing it again.
  4. Drakos

    Jacket's Appeal

    hm....no for many reasons perm bans are meant to be permanent. people seem to forget that. Appealing one shouldn't be an option, especially for the shit you did. Personally I couldn't care less if it was a joke. if that's the kind if humor you thought was funny, at any time, I'd prefer if ya didn't come back bossman. -1 for unban.
  5. this... lad, it IS NLR. and, assuming you tried shooting him after he killed ya, is also revenge RDM. Ya don't come back to a base being raided, empty or not. ya got raided, that's just how it is. Even if ya don't have anything in the base, it's not against the rules to raid it. Personally, I don't think there would be a reason for him to stay the full ten minutes, but I can see why he would considering you kept coming back. Kio did exactly what he was supposed to do in the situation. that's not him being biased, thats just a statement of fact. -1 for action against Kio, and -1 for any unban.
  6. ah. sounds good. still on the fence, but I will rescind the -1 back to neutral. still waiting on dave to respond.
  7. Update to my previous post. Sugar pulled some logs. Im going to post some of these logs. These are obviously not the full logs, and dont relate to the ban reason, but they certainly provide a bit of context, don't you think? -1 for unban and reduction Player Sticks(STEAM_0:0:84586685) (Slanted) said // WTF <28-04-2021 / 01:01:51> Player Sticks(STEAM_0:0:84586685) (Slanted) said ban me if u hate black people <28-04-2021 / 01:01:46> Player Sticks(STEAM_0:0:84586685) (Slanted) said im LTAP <28-04-2021 / 01:01:39> Player Sticks(STEAM_0:0:84586685) (Slanted) said ni**er <28-04-2021 / 01:01:30> I believe you left shortly after this. This heavily implies that you are lying in this appeal. hell, it even gives context for him banning for ltap. maybe he should have slapped racism on there as well, considering I had to censor that last message. I eagerly await your response, sticks.
  8. Neutral, for now. if dave can provide solid evidence, I can understand a reduction but the ban would still be valid. LTAP should not have been included in the ban reason, and dave should have referred the player to the forums with evidence rather than banning them while offline. In general however, if Sticks is in the wrong, he still deserves a ban, though a shorter one would be far more valid.
  9. Hey! in fact. this wasnt an impending sit. It was a claimed sit. you left exactly 16 seconds AFTER I brought them to the sit. I know this, since I took the time to check the time difference between me bringing them, and you disconnecting. You knew that there was issues, it had been spoken of in ooc. maybe you didn't know there was a sit, but it should have been pretty clear when they were brought. Second off, one of the first things I did was check hit logs. I saw two hits placed on you. I wouldn't really call that targeting. and thirdly. You straight admitted to breaking the rules. I thank you for your honesty, but come on. Personally, I see zero reason to reduce your ban. -1 from me.
  10. I see no reason why downy doesn't deserve a punishment of some sort. Leaving right after you "accidentally" hit a printer and destroy it? last I checked, not many weapons can destroy a printer in one shot. Leaving right after just makes you look guilty as sin. +1 for punishment
  11. Drakos

    Warn for FailRP

    from a logical standpoint, you're entirely at fault. that's in no way me being accusatory, more just statement of facts as I see them. Considering what I've seen of Tyz when it comes to arresting people, he tends to stungun them beforehand, even if theyre not actively running away. Needless from my point of view, but this appeal makes me see the merit of it. Back on topic, I'll agree with Isaac. Unless he didn't provide any notice of it, I dont see much reason to remove it.
  12. A warn's a warn. You've provided no reason for a warn removal outside of being sorry. I've seen you around enough to know that you should know better, new player or not. The rules exist to provide regulations, and breaking them has a consequence for a reason. Personally, I'm of the opinion that your warn was entirely justified. As Claudette mentioned, I wouldn't consider you a new player, and I'm fairly certain I've seen you on a custom character. With that, plus the fact that your warn was justified, I'ma give this a solid -1 for removal.
  13. wouldnt quite put it like that, but yeah. Money aint all too hard to get, and the chances of you getting any cash back is basically zero, considering how long its been since it was removed. Sorry!
  14. Heya! I'd like to point out that, unfortunately, the reasonable distance you attempted to maintain was literally within the building itself, which was a bar filled with said anime endowed individuals. I know this, since the area you repeatedly came back to had a sealed doorway, that can't be shot through. Sure, said door is right outside of the spawn tunnel leading to fountain, but to actually be killed, you would have had to enter the building. I actually took the time to spectate the bar before claiming the sit regarding you and... the other alabaster. I'm sorry, but I see no reason to reduce your ban length, given the fact that I reduced it from the typical seven days to five days, since you were both kind, and generally a decent fellow. Can't quite say the same from the other Alabaster, but, yeah. -1 for reduction or removal.
  15. all good bossman. I'ma accept the appeal and reduce your ban to however many hours are left after the day. Appeal Accepted. Ban will be reduced to one day
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