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  1. Turns out mr. Succ made a post while I was typing.... Welp. Anywho, what I said stands.
  2. The new ruling was made on 10/28. In personal opinion, we cannot enforce a rule for something that took place before it was announced, but I figured I might as well establish this as clearly as I can now. Any continued behaviour in a similar fashion is abhorrent and punishable, and I'm disappointed it took this long for us to establish said rule. I will wait for other staff to weigh in on this, but for now I am -1 on any punishment due to the fact that there was no clear answer before this post. that said, I'm all for a note being added to Aryan regarding this topic, where any further issue or attempted loopholling will result in a ban.
  3. I... I don't know if this is a shitpost????? And that's the most concerning part.
  4. I'd say this counts as both a bug and QoL, but it doesn't really matter what it gets marked as in this case, just that it gets fixed.
  5. I always assumed it was to be treated the same way as a train bomb is, and never enforced a mass rdm ban or warn upon anyone that did such (and my god have I seen a lot of them over the years.) A lot of the hacker options you can choose do involve just murdering people, whether it be the mayor using the panel in his office, at a mailbox, or in this case, with the money pot. Quite frankly, I always thought that these should be removed, as they serve no purpose other than rdm, and assumed that was their literal intention. With all this in mind, I'm -1 for a ban/demotion, but +1 for a warn, verbal or otherwise.
  6. Drakos

    Player HArassment

    Can't say much else aside from agreeing with what's already been said. Player has a noted history of the offence. when educating doesn't work then we have to actually hand out bans, and when those don't work we escalate the ban length. Seems relatively open and shut to me. +1 for 2w Ban.
  7. We had a similar (although not entirely overlapping) issue with someone buying the base that's directly outside the spawn tunnel, before putting decoy props that look like dropped items and a loitering sign up. This was ruled as not allowed, both due to the fact it's a high traffic spot, and because it was clearly just for killing. I see no reason why this wouldn't be punishable in the manner that it was, when taking into account that it's both an obvious killbase and FailRP, making the base invalid from the start. The only thing I could see is a 2 day reduction from 7 to 5 days, and even then.... -1 for unban, neutral for reduction.
  8. I'm highly confused as to whether it's a shitpost or a sincere appeal, but it reads like a Copy paste shitpost. Tentative -1 for now. I understand the server's a fuckin joke but, c'mon. No need to treat an appeal like one. Also, you didn't even say what got you banned, with the only info we've got being 'Player Toxicity' which typically ranges from death threats, pedophilic remarks/accusations, etc. Kinda a bit of a red flag my guy.
  9. Hey Yahya! I can't help but feel like I've had a conversation like this with you before, in a sit. Remember that? When someone reported you for mass RDM, and the only reason it didn't result in a ban with your previous (and relatively recent!) history was because the player specifically requested that you only receive a warn? This time, the player outright suggested you be banned, since they noted this wasn't the first time, especially just before disconnecting from the server (Remember how the last time I brought you to a sit it was also just before you planned on getting off for the night? How weird). For their sake, I won't list their names, but I also asked other people that were killed with your explosives, and within the first 3 I asked, 2 of them confirmed that, yes, it was RDM. Sorry, but I see literally zero reason to reduce this ban. -1.
  10. Drakos

    Ember ban appeal

    Plus, I'm fairly sure I've had to ban you before for mass rdm. C'mon man
  11. Drakos

    Ember ban appeal

    -1. I've made my opinion on people appealing blatant MRDM bans clear previously. Personally, I actually don't mind Ember. He's chill. But I've also banned other people I'm familiar with for the exact same thing, on multiple occasions.
  12. All of you, being former staff, current staff, or long time players should know how to behave like reasonable adults.
  13. Considering this is devolving into what could accurately be summarised as a pissing contest/circlejerk (as it typically does when involving certain players), I suggest we await a verdict from Rubik, of whom has reportedly been notified of the report.
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