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  1. I am entirely with Isaac on this. Not only did you Mass RDM to begin with, this doesn't even give a reason for you to be unbanned except for you being ashamed and promising you won't do it again. I'm going to have to give this a definite -1. Sorry mate, but take a week to cool off.
  2. Hey! So, typically for an RDM, It's a warn. However, I saw that you had left, which lead me to believe it was an RDM and LTAP. Thanks for clarifying. Personally, I only banned you for as long as I did because of what I thought was an LTAP. I'm fine with seeing your ban reduced to one day, which would be down to about 12 hours now.
  3. Drakos

    Teddy's Unban Appeal

    Dont remember adding null, but I do mostly remember what happened. You had killed uncle acid about 25 seconds before you disconnected. After I asked one of the other staff in @chat about what I should do, they said I could ban for LTAP and rdm. I wasnt sure if you had disconnected on purpose or not, but I had to base my opinion off of available evidence.
  4. my friend, this is TitsRP. A Garry's Mod Discord Server. None of us know what a joke is.
  5. why am I never on the list in the right position or there in general
  6. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/2433509660057884747/662991AA355335A12A92987C6F575B579AF883AB/ I'd like to point out he was playing we like to party while this was happening.
  7. Bug / Exploit Description: You can gather quest coins by using f4, claim reward, then close f4, reopen, and claim again. On a side note, when purchasing with these "exploited" coins, it removes all coins used to buy it. say to complete 3 quests. exploit 7 coins. buy a 10 coin item. You lose all coins. During me testing this I lost all my real quest tokens. How to reproduce: If you finish a quest, claim the reward, then press close f4 menu. reopen f4 menu and you can claim reward again. Can repeat for as long as you dont press force refresh quest. Priority: High
  8. Its been a while since this has been updated buddy so uh....... yeah...... update or just.... what now?
  9. I mean...... If it is sugars birthday.... happy birthday sugar...?
  10. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/925925359478995099/BD3F5A6E85AC7C0C74D503B0FC10DE408DFA431C/ Needless to say he got banned for mass RDM. Guy wasnt even a hitman class.
  11. Id like to say the fact that the two people were NOT killed on the sidewalk in front of the PD. I told you this while you were yelling at us. they were killed across the street. neither were cops. and heres proof that at least one was RDM. couldnt grab the other one because the person has either crashed or left. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/932677970902015688/C14DAA259257A6A3513C2D42CDB7A5FF85C65D63/
  12. its cuntbucket. I realized I ignored your sit, sorry bout that B.
  13. And, yes. there were times when I saw your sit and wasnt curently doing anything. I would have taken it, but its the bystander mentality. "Im sure someone else will deal with it, right?". so Im sorry that I didnt take it, but each of us simply expected someone else to deal with it. I will say thanks to noahmh for stepping up and finally taking the sit, but I, on behalf of the server staff, am sorry that we ignored your sit for so long. I am sorry, and Im sure most of the other staff are also. Im aware of how many you made. again, Im sorry we ignored it. We dont tend to have that happen. typically we respond to a sit within 1 request. sometimes 2. this is the first time Ive seen 6. Its not typically this bad. sorry magma, youre active on the server, and a report liek that shouldnt have been ignored
  14. I would like to say that I didnt ignore your things, its just that I am normaly taking other sits or a job such as mayor where if I die I lose the job so I cant really help during those times. but yes, I do see your problem with things. lots of people dont take sits, and thats a problem. Im not saying I dont do it, Im just sayng I do it far less than lots of other staff who ignore sits for RP.
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