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  1. I believe the noise going off doesn't actually signify it taking place, just happens when you approach the portal. Or when plenty of things do. happens with the kingdom portal as well. Not a bug per say, just an audio quirk. I'll move this to non-reproduceable for now
  2. I love how you can hear the cops say 'you're being raided' before they immediately all get gunned down. Yeah. That's probably one of the easiest clips to handle I've seen. Fckken Talyn is the name of the third cop, and you can see that they also return in the kill cam. And while they *technically* didn't fire off any shots when they returned (as far as I can tell) they did still return, and did still participate in the 'raid' from 30 seconds prior. Due to clear and concise evidence provided, this report can be safely ACCEPTED. Kaedon and Thedavid will be banned for 3 days each for RRDM, NLR, and FailRP. Fckken Talyn will be warned for FailRP and NLR (If I can find their steamID).
  3. Drakos

    RDM Warn Appeal

    Given that this seems to have been settled between the banning staff member and the person who made the appeal, I'll be ACCEPTING this appeal. Warn will be edited
  4. Of all the types of appeals I could wake up too, I'm glad it was one like this. 'Do not reply to ban appeals, reports or staff applications if you are not staff / directly involved in the situation / or have useful information' is the direct quote from the forums rules. As Succ said, "uhhhhhhhhhhhh hater spotted" isn't a valid reason to post on something. Was pinged to close this appeal, so DENIED
  5. Drakos

    RDM Warn Appeal

    ....I'm struggling to understand why this would be appealed. It seems like it would have been a warn regardless. If you're looking for it to be edited then assuming no other information is provided Im +1 for warn edit, -1 for warn removal.
  6. Drakos

    Exploiting Appeal

    Heavily? It was a week ban. The same we give for just about every other slightly above mild offence, (ex. any mass ban). The staff team was split on increasing the ban due to your history of bans and a previous exploit ban, which, while not along the same vein as this one, was still there. this wasn't punished heavily because of the offence, it was punished heavily because it was you. Plus, other people have been banned for the same offence of abusing the lack of line of sight for explosives on certain areas of the map, and more than just one. On a sidenote, Sugar has mentioned in a staff discussion that he is working on a way to fix both Line of sight issues and the holding of C4 through walls. don't much care about which way this appeal goes, but I'm definitely not wholly supportive of it.
  7. Drakos

    Exploiting Appeal

    To provide some clarification, the note was added to provide context to the ban, rather than leaving it as the blanket term of 'exploiting.' If it had been a verbal warn, it would have called as much in the note. This was discussed in staff chat prior to the ban. I'll wait a bit before responding further to let other people get their words in.
  8. Drakos

    RDM Warn Appeal

    This is.... Still RDM. Paying a player off and adverting crossfire (which isn't a valid advert anyways, which you should know if you bothered to read over that section of the rules. Yes, some people still do it, but that's mostly just to clarify things.) doesn't really make up for it. Plus, unless they literally said 'I'm willing to let this go if they pay me reparations' or something along those lines, you kinda just gave away your money in a desperate bid for leniency that didn't work out for you....? Seems like your own fault that point. Double Plus, you never provided a reason for you shooting the yacht. So..... -1. (Plus your steamID is STEAM_0:1:578626351 and not that other number. That's your SteamID64 bit ID)
  9. Do I even need to provide an answer as to why I warned him? He as good as did it for me. Pretty much directly quoted why I warned em in his warn reason. -1
  10. Due to a lack of response from the person who made the appeal, I will be denying this ban. Your failure to provide any further evidence to support your claims of innocence and improper sit handling suggests that there is none. Feel free to return at the end of your ban period. DENIED
  11. This is... a strange appeal since you didnt follow the proper format, (such as including your SteamID). There's also zero reason to unban you, since you literally said yourself that you killed someone in 'retaliation'. If you had the read the rules you would know this is no bueno. You also didn't list your ban reason, just listed your interpretation of it (You're meant to copy the reason written in the ban when you try to join the server.) Denied. If you're not going to put in the effort to give us any correct information, there's no chance we're going to do it for you. You didn't even list the ban time properly in the appeal. It's 3 days.
  12. Yikes.... -1. If that's your reaction to losing a cc, I dont wanna know what would happen if something actually substantial happened
  13. Seems... pretty open and shut to me, now that we have logs. I am going to DENY this appeal. Wait out the rest of your ban
  14. For similar reasons as Goatnuts, I'll be -1ing this. I'll wait until Acending can provide logs of the situation, but if he can then this appeal will be denied
  15. As the banning staff member is no longer actually staff, I'll respond in their stead. Despite the circumstances of him not bringing you to a sit, their ban is still valid unless you can provide a reason for your multitude of kills. -1 until further info is provided
  16. Drakos

    Ban Appeal

    Appeal Accepted by banning staff member, will replace ban with warn.
  17. Drakos

    Ban Appeal

    Hiya! I'd like to provide clarification. The voteban was incorrect, and I'll be removing that partshortly as it was meant to be put in a separate players ban. but you were also reported for FDA and NITRP (which you failed to mention in this appeal oddly enough). and happened to leave directly before I was able to bring you to a sit (rather peculiar, that). Typically, this would have been a warn, but since you had left directly before I teleported you, I assumed you had left to avoid punishment. Since you immediately returned, I'll assume that your leaving wasn't intentional, and warn you in place of this ban.
  18. As far as I can tell, this seems pretty valid. Excluding the part where you mentioned that you weren't given a proper sit. Could you elaborate on this part? Were you not brought to a sit?
  19. Was attempting click on the appeal to see if there was any further responses. It seems there has not been any. I will be DENYING this appeal. KOS signs, and simple word of mouth are not valid reasons to kill someone within the PD. Please keep this in mind for future reference
  20. No one ever said they had to be good options, just saying there's a lot more than just seven where you have to stack everything together.
  21. 7??? My guy I can name 15 off the top of my head. You have: -Warehouse in downtown -Every single Indus base excluding one of them (the carpeted one with the stairs) -The ghetto warehouse -the industrial building to the left of spawn tunnel in suburbs -Just about every single underground base -Beach island building And there's probably a fair few I'm forgetting. Plus, the amount of people that base in most of these bases is limited to people who are actively grinding. Most of the time 3 quarters are empty. I agree with the blowtorch part of this though
  22. Hi! This ban appeal is pretty poorly written, I won't lie. Let's go over all your mistakes one by one though, okay? 1. You didn't post your steamID, you posted your steam community profile. Big difference. you can get your steamID through a multitude of ways, but the most common is simply posting your steam community profile link in a website that can then gather all the info from it. For future reference, your steamID is STEAM_0:1:115225466 2. Your reasoning is that you thought you were going to be warned, and figured you would be safe from genuine consequence outside of a warn. That is, quite frankly, a horrid excuse, and I would typically -1 you just for that, even if you had done everything else right in the appeal. 3. The person who banned you was Goatnuts, one of our moderators. you would have been able to find this by either checking https://www.titsrp.com/bans/banlogs.php? and searching up your ingame name or by, shocker, putting your SteamID into the search bar. This is ignoring the fact that the the staff members name is typically shown in your actual ban reason when you try to join the server. To summarize: No. -1
  23. TMod moment, Yes. without further information, the ban is currently valid. Textscreen have not been a valid excuse to kill someone in the PD for years. The only time the PD is KOS is if A: They are in the mayor's office, which is KOS by default, or B: If the mayor adds a LAW (Not Textscreen or advert or broadcast or anything else like that) that the PD is KOS/AOS. Past the second sets of doors of PD is AOS by default (this includes everything past the lobby and stairs essentially). -1 for unban.
  24. +1. Same as Succ, only if you abide by the terms that were negotiated between you and Goatnuts
  25. Will wait for Acending's response, but typically, a single instance of NLR results in anything from a verbal warn up to a 1-3 day ban. A mass NLR ban is typically 5-7 days. Assuming you did MNLR, he took it easy on you. Assuming you didn't, the ban is still valid within the context of the punishment guidelines. Although, we do typically only warn or verbal for single instances of it. Again, I'll wait for Acending to respond to this before leaving a firm + or - on this.
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