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  1. Denied Poor tasting joke, and lying on your appeal won't help you.
  2. Added NSFW punishments, and clarification to accidental RDM.
  3. Saiah


    Reread the decision.
  4. Saiah

    Report on Tyz

    Denied Tyz did nothing wrong he did the right decision so I don't see how this is a false demote, next time you make a report please put more evidence.
  5. Saiah

    Favoritism in sit

    Denied Don't see anything wrong with that koda did.
  6. Denied Not a way to act in a report, and I don't see anything wrong in the screenshots.
  7. here's the clip.
  8. Saiah

    Noah pt2

    Denied you knew you were breaking rules.
  9. Accepted This isn't enough evidence of a 4 second clip, you will be unbanned but the staff team will keep a eye on you.
  10. how is a -1 reputation being a toxic player?
  11. Saiah

    Zesh's Ban Appeal

    -1 as stated by other staff, alting doesn't help your case.
  12. Saiah

    Report on Shit Ass

    Accepted I will talk to shit ass about how to handle situations better.
  13. Accepted I will talk to zesty about how the sit was handled, but since u didn't own the doors nothing is going to happen to the others, since that is legally there base.
  14. Saiah

    Ban Appeal

    Denied don't make jokes like that, and shitposting on someone else's appeal doesn't help your case.
  15. Denied don't alt when you have a ban.
  16. Accepted don't make dumb jokes like that again.
  17. Denied Don't cheat simple.
  18. Saiah


    +1 Feels like you've matured as a person.
  19. Accepted The staff member was warned for the RDM incident, and I was spoken to about it. I will talk to Crab about the way this sit was handled, because this is no way for a smod to talk.
  20. Accepted u will be unbanned ingame.
  21. Denied next time don’t try to checkpoint spawn, and listen to staff.
  22. +1 seems like you've gone out of your toxic ways.
  23. +1 u did pay them back, so seems like you've changed as a person.
  24. Denied English speaking server.
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