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  1. I am frequently basing in kingdom with a large group of friends, responsible for bases and tactics like this. Every single night we got a team that logs on, coordinates, and takes us down. Just because you cannot do that, does not mean nobody should be allowed to use set ups like this. Plan something, come up with a tactic. Our raiders literally dropped a c4 and used a hacker to detonate instantly in the portal and fucked us (genius). We have also been accepting feedback from the raiders, how to improve, what their tactics were; they even record their raids in which we watch. Theres really nothing toxic about this in my opinion, I dont see how it differs from other bases. Concept: Enter base grounds and blow through dupe. You can set up a dupe at any door at any base, just because we set one up at kingdom entrance doesn't mean anything. As cobaselic stated, there's already a restricted zone right next to the portal. Hope this clears things up for some folks.
  2. omg today karen at the store omg she was like SOO drunk it was SO funny omg you should have been there. Talk to later ray ray 😘

  3. Bug - Gang CC's do not render custom models. Description: When using a user-added model for a Gang CC, the model appears as an error for all players who try to use the class. How to reproduce: If you are the owner of your gang CC, set the model to a custom model, in my case, a custom model I added, and have either yourself or someone in the gang switch to the Gang CC and they will render as an error. Also, side bug: Gang CC colors do not save, every reset they reset to blue. Priority: Medium/Low (Depending if you're using a custom model, $$)
  4. To address what you said, slugger was in no way associated to me aside from the fact I was showing him a dupe, I don't see why him killing the person in question effects my sit in this case? In addition, I wasn't actually given a sit so I don't see how slugger killing someone in a public area means killing in a sit. When referring to us, I was referring to another gentlemen by the name of S A I K O who is a friend of mine, you may check logs and see he was cuffed at the same time as me. I also was never told of this spectate or anything of the sort, some communication would have been helpful here I feel. In reference to the PM's, as I recall I did tell you that I was going to make a report, with a video, and asked why you were acting the way you were. I'd say go ahead and post the PM's if they are an issue. There is no need for insults here. I only wish that you understand my side in that you should have communicated what you were doing more, and been more formal. This whole thing feels sloppy. That's the whole point of this, I'm not trying to have a go at you.
  5. I would like to report Rubik today for 2 main things, 1: Not Granting me a proper Sit. 2. Not addressing my sit due to an unfair reason. I will break my argument down into 2 main pieces, Claim and my Evidence. While playing on Tits today, I found a man who happened to have a kidnap dupe very similar to an old one I used, after seeing his base I offered to show him my old one to see if he was interested in purchasing it, directly before I pasted my dupe, a cop (Detective-Goose)who was kidnapped by someone else came back into the base and cuffed me, and the gentlemen I was speaking to about the dupe, whom I was not in a party with or previously affiliated with any way. I decided to let it pass as things happen, after killing him he then returned AGAIN in which I believe the other guy killed him, all but the last time the officer came in did the cop shoot first. I then decide to make a sit, without even knowing my sit was taken, as I was selling the dupe and talking about it, Rubik appeared. I did not even know he was there to take my sit so I struck a conversation with him asking if he remembered my old dupe and how I used to kidnap. I thought he just walked in, I guess he teleported to me, the cop then runs in as Rubik is standing there, at this point ive realized Rubik may be here to help; I tell him whats up, the cop runs in again and this time the guy buying the dupe (slugger is his name in logs) lights him up, Rubik then says that my report is invalidated because he just watched "Both of us break the rules" so he "doesn't have to help us" Honestly I was just really confused, here I am not getting teleported to sitland, not being asked whats going on, and now being told I am not going to be helped, because the guy standing next to me who aside from being my customer, has no affiliation to me. I PMed Rubik because honestly I was really surprised...I recorded when Rubik was explaining, where he CLEARLY say's I was not helped because of the sluggers actions. I took to the PM's, this was our conversation where Rubik changes his argument to "You were being offensive and hurtful" and thats why he didn't help me, I cant see anywhere in the video where I was hurtful or even mean. It makes it seem as if he was back-peddling due to the fact he knew he didn't handle my sit right at all, I was frustrated, because of your explanation, I apologize truly if I did offend you, but I think the video will clear that up. Honestly Im really shocked this happened, Rubik and I are on good terms, and I always thought highly of him being superadmin now. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else, here is my evidence. Rubik not taking my sit properly https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1000304886614187404/695152F0B22577F3FA63243172ECB2900CFB1C2A/ As seen in logs, the officer cuffed me once, and then came back again after being killed inside the dupe to arrest me. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1000304886614139836/AD6162449EDBCB216800C37FD0F30655D83ED8C0/ Damage logs between me, slugger, and Detective-Goose https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1000304886614143781/128B3D4A14E817A863D5201CF91B1001A13C7238/ Rubik claiming its due to my "friend" https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1000304886614187678/A71C95971230C89840AA9EDDE78250600A88E65A/ Rubik claiming its not due to my "friend" https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1000304886614140448/B8C9B34154D4CD56EF9C0E8ED823F64369125644/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1000304886614140188/350081D77C5BDE4621F98B1BA4B102900B33A84C/ Video of last half to 3/4ths of interaction.
  6. +1 Lets clean up the RDM zone.
  7. +1, now lets legalize weed.
  8. Description: Can use cop models on regular CC only How to reproduce: Hop on CC and type !ms to switch to cop model. Priority: Medium Here is the video, I hopped on my regular CC and I was not able to use any model other than cop models.... says cop next to my name and I cannot open CP owned doors.
  9. You can switch out items that you put in the server, yes. Contact Rubik via discord and allow a few days for a response as Rubik is a busy man. I’ll forward this to him as well; not sure if there is a charge involved though.
  10. That is a ridiculous statement; no offense but that seems very petty. Very mixed feelings on this report, on one hand; I honestly dont think its a huge deal. On the other hand, it could be something somebody could exploit, simple fix in my eyes. Dont allow shit models to kidnap, the health on that goose is already completely rp-handicapped. Reiko should NOT continue his behavior obviously. But people have been having issues with small models kidnapping for a while now. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Happy thanksgiving to my third family!
  12. -1 as if you have ruined CC kidnapping enough. Sorry for this guys, Zucc, there is no CC kidnapping anymore, or any kidnapping. You haven't played. Please dont make suggestions to destroy something thats already a shadow of itself until you've seen the effects of the previous decisions.
  13. God bless man, prayers for you and your family from the Big family <3
  14. Hey super, Im assuming you also messaged me on discord and then removed me after messaging me asking for an explanation. You got reported for RDM by a gentlemen whos name I dont have currently. I went to pull you into the sit and saw you had left the server, you were unable to attend the sit and it was his word against yours. In this case because you went through the trouble of making an appeal and messaging me on discord ill go ahead and lift the ban :) accepted Closing
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