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  1. Saiah

    Ban Appeal.

    Accepted Your ban will be reduced to 3 days.
  2. Saiah

    Dokerz ban commute

    +1 for a full unban. What you said was dumb but I think a perma is crazy to think it got pushed this far for what you said, normally this should end up in a verbal or maybe a warn.
  3. Borderlands 3 Shadow of the tomb raider Middle earth shadow of war & Mordor
  4. Saiah


    Denied, this was already handled in game there is no reason to attempt to punish this person again whenever it seemed a verbal was the best option.
  5. Saiah

    Ban for MRDM

    ACCEPTED I'm willing to unban you just don't make me regret it please.
  6. About to make someone couple millies rich. Sign me up
  7. Saiah

    Broken Hitbox

    do the body groups work? if they don't you need to ask rubik to remount it for you, if they do work there's not much you can do.
  8. Saiah

    Ban Appeal

    Denied your last ban appeal was already denied yesterday.
  9. Moving to Staff only so people don't try to reduplicate.
  10. Should of bought insurance.
  11. Saiah

    Ban Appeal

    Denied This ban is valid and doesn't seem like you took this appeal very serious. Here's a link to the rules.
  12. Saiah


    DENIED it may be online but you took this to a very extreme level and kept it going idk why you thought this would be ok. You were asked to stop in chat and continued. Please wait out your Ban
  13. Accepted the ban is going to stay for 1 day instead of 3 and will talk to shit ass about sits etiquette.
  14. This is sign of abuse of staff privilege's, I will wait until what Fraser has to say on this report before a final decision is made.
  15. Saiah

    ban appeal

    Denied Please follow the format
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