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  1. Saiah

    Account blocked

    You've been unbanned, you had the same IP of a banned cheater so it banned u with him.
  2. alrighty I will accept this seems you've learned your lesson.
  3. hello I was the person that issued u the warn. so the main problem I had with you was that you were being toxic to him after I pulled you up to a sit, and punching someone for no reason is still counted as ardm even if they did fight back after it. "and I accidentally punched a hobo lord once," which you admitted right here for doing so.
  4. Accepted I'm speaking 2 him about that currently. he defiantly shouldn't of shared those answers, and that post has been hidden.
  5. Denied the punishment he gave was perfectly fine.
  6. Denied we will spectate the person you claim is cheating, since you didn't bring any evidence.
  7. Accepted players will get a ban for nlr
  8. Saiah

    Player Report

    Accepted player will receive a mute.
  9. +1 haven't seen any problems from u.
  10. Accepted Staff member doesn't have evidence and this shouldn't be a warn based off the situation.
  11. Here is the location at which you died at. the logs of getter killing you over and over again you still returning back 2 the base him telling you kept breaking NLR logs and the sit being called Denied I don't have the skeletons to show, but you kept returning back 2 the base which you did admit, and returning back to watch on the sidewalk is still counted as NLR, Like I said in the sit if you needed 2 know if the base was done being raided you could of either Pmed him or waited out the 10 minutes of it being raided.
  12. Saiah


    Like jewann said, there is nothing that doesn't allow him in there, and actively conducting a raid with the warrant he was given.
  13. Denied After looking at the logs does seem you did MRDM. Player MaschineGewehr (SWAT) (STEAM_0:0:2666198) killed PeePeePooPooHead (Crips Leader) (STEAM_0:0:73105644) with weapon tfcss_ar15 <12-11-2021 / 20:31:56> Player MaschineGewehr (SWAT) (STEAM_0:0:2666198) killed Comrade Pookie (Communist) (STEAM_0:0:52966006) with weapon tfcss_ar15 <12-11-2021 / 20:31:27> Player MaschineGewehr (SWAT) (STEAM_0:0:2666198) killed ph1dly (Citizen) (STEAM_0:0:41284744) with weapon tfcss_ar15 <12-11-2021 / 20:31:25>
  14. +1 honesty is the best policy
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