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  1. the medal is being banned perm by yours truly console.
  2. That's the video he already posted.
  3. +1 Honestly after looking at the clips it doesn't seem like really cheating. Here's why I was messing with the jumping and crouching while shooting, its like 99.9% accurate of the time. It's not the hard to really aim at people that are basically standing still or coming at you. There's another part of the video where you can see others crouching to increase their accuracy on the game which also ties into most of them being easy to shoot at since gmod has like no recoil. You can also tell at the start of the RDM zone he goes over his target most of the times before correcting his aim. To me at this point it just looks like a genuinely good player.
  4. Saiah

    Isaac Abuse

    You can see Issac was asking you to change it and gave multiple chances to do so and you kept ignoring. -1
  5. smh I was part of it and got 8 kills.
  6. Your relevant info isn't working for me.
  7. This is why you should always have video recording software. Otherwise it's just words with nothing to back it up.
  8. From the video you showed I'm gonna go ahead and put this denied since the evidence wasn't enough.
  9. neutral for ban reduction, The way you start this thread off is absolutely terrible, but after reading the comments you do seem to regain your composure, but for this to turn into a +1 I do wish to see the video and how you reacted in the sit, cause taking your anger out on anyone on a sit, does not give a good impression of whoever is handling that sit.
  10. +1 For suggestion 1,2,5,7 and 10 I would like there to be more fines for doing certain stuff that usually isn't fine able, but I don't really agree with the price of it all. -1 for the rest of them I don't believe fines should exceed 5k as said earlier you do only start with 30k and 1/6 of your money is basically gone since you didn't instantly read the laws the mayor made. The reason people elect the mayor or cops is to make sure that there is law and order in the city. Only way for 6 to be turned into a +1 is if the standard for it doesn't change and if the police vote nothing happens, and if the police vote yes it does count as a vote. Also the gang talent atleast gives the k9 somthing to do instead of litearlly just being a dog that attacks or eats bullets.
  11. Saiah

    Slick's Report

    The difference between you saying that and the issue here is that no one asked you 2 stop since no one seems to have a problem with you saying that. Player Slick McStubbins(STEAM_0:1:101510230) (Green Arrow) said // DO be respectful to all players <27-07-2020 / 18:13:09> Slick has had a problem with you not being respectful towards trans and was asking you to be respectful instead of thrashing them as you can see FREE GEORGE kept on going on with the trans topic and ended up with a giga.
  12. Hey at 1:23 when you died it could of been that he was raiding that base, and you can't watch the raid if that was the case, but it looks like he kinda just did it to blow up your props then he sucided to get his timebomb back. Also at 5:50 in the video you can see that he owns the doors. Then at 12:35 you also cant use your fading door keys to get out of your base, that class can raid Do you have like a raw video you can post so we can see the time stamps of between the raids since this one was kinda cut.
  13. yeah but the thing is have you ever strapped a sewer lord with a big punch tali and a armor its insane.
  14. After looking at this I don't really feel like there is enough evidence, I wish you would of provided a video for this so we can see the whole picture, cause we really don't have proof that you were raiding or not
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