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  1. Saiah

    Ban appeal

    Accepted you will be unbanned and this will be changed to a warn, and please don't say things like this again.
  2. +1 you've put a lot of work into this appeal, and this sounds sincere. Good luck
  3. Accepted you will be unbanned.
  4. Denied Don't make threat's it's not funny, and put more work into this appeal.
  5. Saiah


    Hi @LilCheezIt
  6. Denied for future incidents if u believe someone is breaking a rule please contact us in game with @ and set up a sit, that way you don't end up in one of these situations again.
  7. Saiah

    Jacket's Appeal

    +1 your ban was a very long time ago, I've believe you've had enough time to change.
  8. https://streamable.com/usuewb https://streamable.com/913mbh
  9. https://streamable.com/2k84oc high round on bd6 https://streamable.com/s0cmq9 and better ace on valorant
  10. rdming me = ban, so no
  11. Saiah


    Hello, Welcome to the server.
  12. Saiah

    ban sad

    Denied you admitted to using the exploit, wait out your ban timer.
  13. Denied Ban isn't false, and it's only one day.
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