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  1. I'm not sure how being a serial killer or staff not dealing with your sits is justification for you to break the rules, it's very clear to me that you did this out of spite and your actions on this topic and you not being at all apologetic prove that point pretty well for me, with that said I'm gonna go ahead and deny this due to lack of support and the fact that you clearly broke the rules. Denied
  2. Despite being a funny meme it's still considered mass rdm and can negatively impact players experiences, the only way you're allowed to rdm this way is with a Thomas and as others have stated of all people you should've probably known better, I'm gonna go ahead and deny this given the lack of support for your unban and your admittance of guilt. Denied
  3. This was already reduced to 3 days by Darkfate so I will close and archive this on his behalf. While we normally value education>punishment you will not be given much leniency for something such as MRDM so I highly suggest reading the MOTD upon returning.
  4. OldGre4g

    Warned for RDM

    Situation resolved in-game, warning was reduced to a verbal. Accepted
  5. You were punished correctly and have expressed no remorse for your actions, I don't know why you think being so argumentative is going to help you appeal your ban but it is surely leading me to -1
  6. In-game name: OldGre4g SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70464924 Your plans for Halloween: Setting up the christmas tree
  7. This ban is ancient and I couldn't personally dig up any prior bans that would lead me to -1, you've served more than enough time for a mrdm ban lol +1
  8. OldGre4g

    Report on Tyz

    Pretty sure my unarrest baton that I spawn with as a staff member shows up as illegal too, last time I checked the rules say "Having a firearm without a license" is illegal, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think a phone is a firearm.
  9. OldGre4g

    Report on Tyz

    Tyz used a command available to all players and had no direct hand in demoting you unlike a /demote vote or the mayor firing you, I believe if you wanted to pursue someone for the false demotion it'd be the mayor for blindly listening to him. The only petty thing I see here is this report.
  10. The banning staff member hasn't responded to this post or on discord for 24 hours so I will be accepting this appeal. We also value education>punishment so unless these actions were continued after being told to stop or it was more than just the shark I personally see no reason for you to be banned for 7 days. Florhn will be spoken to about how he can better handle situations like this in the future. Accepted
  11. still waiting for coinflip and 1v1 wagers
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