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  1. This ban is ancient and I couldn't personally dig up any prior bans that would lead me to -1, you've served more than enough time for a mrdm ban lol +1
  2. OldGre4g

    Report on Tyz

    Pretty sure my unarrest baton that I spawn with as a staff member shows up as illegal too, last time I checked the rules say "Having a firearm without a license" is illegal, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think a phone is a firearm.
  3. OldGre4g

    Report on Tyz

    Tyz used a command available to all players and had no direct hand in demoting you unlike a /demote vote or the mayor firing you, I believe if you wanted to pursue someone for the false demotion it'd be the mayor for blindly listening to him. The only petty thing I see here is this report.
  4. The banning staff member hasn't responded to this post or on discord for 24 hours so I will be accepting this appeal. We also value education>punishment so unless these actions were continued after being told to stop or it was more than just the shark I personally see no reason for you to be banned for 7 days. Florhn will be spoken to about how he can better handle situations like this in the future. Accepted
  5. still waiting for coinflip and 1v1 wagers
  6. I think only people with full-time jobs should be able to apply for staff
  7. The ban was reduced and you've already been unbanned.
  8. I completely agree +1
  9. Sounds like you were reported and warned accordingly if knickers didn't want you to get in trouble they should've not gotten staff involved by any means, joking or not.
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