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  1. In-game name: OldGre4g SteamID: STEAM_0:1:70464924 Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: Getting heatstroke
  2. OldGre4g

    Ban appeal

    Lean was the banning staff, I simply extended it. He has been notified so expect a reply soon, until then I am neutral. Edit: I was originally under the assumption lean had given you some type of warning or told you to stop but after being informed otherwise I am +1 for unban, you've served enough time to learn your lesson and because it wasn't targeted at any specific member I don't believe much harm was done.
  3. OldGre4g

    Ban appeal

    I'm not sure why you think it's okay to say something like that, you were also literally banned today. Take a few weeks at the least to mature and learn to think before you say. -1
  4. 43 new types of fish !! give them all to me
  5. I believe your actions were well intentioned you just went about it in a horrible way, this apology seems very sincere and while I'm not one of the people that it is directed to I still respect it. I was there before you resigned and had not one bad experience with you and don't think you would've done something like this with any malicious intent. +1
  6. I do the same for staff as I would any other player, but the way you explained yourself it in the sit is you were running around koda in circles essentially chasing them with your zip ties out and then they killed you. I would've probably also killed you on the spot knowing I could've been arrested and you were clearly chasing me because to my knowledge you don't get a notification when batman is near (which may be incorrect and if it is I'll certainly use this information in the future) however using that information while considering kodas pov I could see how he would've felt threatened and
  7. It's usually staff discretion on rather or not they would like to warn or verbal and they can base their judgement on a multitude of things such as how apologetic you are, or how new you are to the server. Either way the warn is valid and lean has made it apparent he does not wish for it to be appealed so I will be denying this on his behalf. Denied
  8. You were mistakenly banned after a wave of discord bots joined the discord with the same exact account age, your account age differs from these bots and no malicious dms were found I will go ahead and unban you. Accepted
  9. Goon chunks despawn in about 30 seconds, this is way too fast when the goons be body blocking that shit constantly and makes it a pain to gather for crafting, I suggest the timer be increased by a minute or two.
  10. If you could please provide said evidence it would be useful to all that look into this report.
  11. The only logs saved that do not require console access to obtain are the ones auto-exported to our own computers after we ban someone, if it is possible I'd suggest finding ANY evidence you can that suggests peen may be in the wrong. Aside from that I had a look at your warns and peen has only issued 2 warns to you both on the 25th and neither of them are for NLR or attempted rdm.
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