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  1. +1 for the ban this is his SECOND ban already within a week. This player obviously has yet to dedicate themself to the rules and following them
  2. IM going to +1 this considering I also saw all relative info, only reason I chose to not punish the user was it was not LTAP and he had left a little after the situation but prior to the sit, therefore the user was unable to defend themselves incase it may have been a accident, or died to covid possibly (Not sure covid deaths show in logs as covid, but rather as suicides)
  3. That is understandable but as loaf said, take a step back, you are coming across as petty/immature. Look at it from his point as well as yours
  4. 1.) We should not under any circumstances be directly attacking a staff member, regardless of age, and if you "Don't care what a staff member has to say" then I have reason to believe you don't listen to other staff, which is in the MOTD to listen to any and all staff regardless of what it is (Unless its against server rules or something like that) such as a punishment for a sit, or a ruling on a "Vague" Rule (A rule that should really have common sense applied to it and should not require staff intervention to further detail a rule that shouldn't need a 5 page essay about) 2.) If you had an issue with being raided, then you should've made it a "Public base" You could have no entities in it, and you would still get raided by people simply because you don't have a public base sign, People are gonna be donkeys about it, (I know, I had a base that was made clear it had no raidables and guess what? I got raided...6 times, guess what I did? Nothing, I sucked it up, rebuilt and kept pushing. Which is what should've been done if it was that much of an issue for him to have raided you, or you should've put up a "Public base" sign as smelly originally suggested with a direct quote from the MOTD This really didn't need a report in my opinion, but could've rather been discussed CIVILY outside of the game to clear any issues or misunderstandings, or have it discussed with another staff around or admin+ to be a mediator. -1
  5. Here's another statement, I can't begin to count how many times I've been slapped, and I either 1. Shoot em or 2. Run back to them to do it again, because why not its funny and fun, 9/10 slapper users do it to have fun, and if you don't enjoy it, you could always ask them to just not do it to YOU specifically, and if it's really that much of an issue then yes, you can make a sit for ARDM, as it is classified as ARDM, but no one really makes sits on slapper users because a majority of the time it's two consenting parties just having fun.
  6. In TitsRP we believe in education over punishment, Bri was in every way right in this situation, as sits are handled based on how the staff feels is needed, based on multiple things 1. Cooperation 2. Prior Warns 3. How HONEST the person is (I tend to ask before I even check logs) And Bri chose education (verbal) over punishment (kick/ban) and there's nothing wrong with that. -1 for report
  7. ARDM followed up or not, joking or not, becomes an issue when the receiving party did not wish to partake in it, in this situation ARDM was committed. If I went and hit someone with a slapper and they report me for ARDM, its still ARDM even if I did it once, same applies to the bible. It applied to any swep, weapon, or other that does damage in anyway, even grav gunning a prop into someone can be classified as ARDM if the receiving user(s) report it. Now in a situation where it's all consensual and both parties are ok with it? then sure, its not ARDM because neither party really cared as they were both partaking in it, and are more than likely "friends*" *Friends being as some people make acquaintances over actual friends online. The report is valid +1
  8. Honestly? It was consensual, especially if it was clearly heard and made known, and people said "gather around" and they did it? rdm isn't the case here. It's a group of people enjoying themselves and messing around a little. +1
  9. As far as my stance goes, Considering i've never interacted with you, and this seems to be your first ban. Here's my issue however, A DDOS threat for being arrested and cuffed isn't called for, nor is it mature, especially for someone whos been around as long as you say you have, considering you've been around since 2015 allegedly I'd go as far to say that you're supposed to be a role model for what to do and what not to do for the new players/members you interact with, a "veteran" player should be helping other users regardless of seniority, whos been here longer, who knows more, doesn't matter, we are a community, not a daycare, we build each other up instead of being immature and threatening to DDOS someone over being cuffed. Are people known for being mingey, toxic,etc? Yes, but that's where staff and "Veteran" players step in and show everyone how to behave, if you put good energy in, the community will put good energy out, that way we won't be known for "Oh my god, TitsRP is a server filled with cringe kids who threaten DDOS, or RDM all the time, its a bad server" and instead we COULD have people saying "Hey dude check out this really cool welcoming and friendly community of people who love to mess around and actually play DarkRP right" Neutral leaning -1
  10. Why are you typing things in console anyway? This doesn't make sense, especially after you JUST finished a 1 week ban for ARDM Neutral
  11. After reviewing all evidence and comments my stance is as follows -1 for removal of warn
  12. Why would it increase range? to frisk someone you gotta be next to them? the speed sure, but range?
  13. If you have to spam slurs in chat, you're after a staff's attention to be banned. +1
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