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  1. MOAR JOBS I think a larger variety of jobs would allow more ways to make money and a little more RP intensive and immersive. Such as a Fruit stand worker or a cinema owner, or casino manager, etc
  2. Honestly?no i cant hear him at all, even on my own, ive unmuted him and everything, nothing works Yes
  3. Unmute the piano man but make him VIP and make vip harder to get, such as making vip coins untradeable or something to buff the piano man so USERS cant spam keys, ive got some really good songs id love to play on piano man but i cant due to the mute Or hear me out Make a option in the !help menu to mute piano (if possible) or a new cmd entirely to mute the piano client side
  4. No, Kingdom isnt any more OP than a regular base, only thing that makes em "op" is the laws, and thats entirely fair.
  5. I remember Sugar saying somewhere that back when WireMod was still on the server, no one used it and he removed it. It took someone like three months to realize that wire was gone. Hell ive got some banging e2's i wanna use, think about it, people could set up casinos and stuff and easily make more money, with some servers people can use e2's to farm printers and such, but knowing how titsd is you cant do that because of the rack.
  6. This seems like a cool idea however this isn't a feature of the precision tool addon so it would basically have to be recreated from scratch and it seems like a relatively small addition despite the work it'd take to add The precision tool has it tho? ive used it in many other servers and such, maybe it just needs updated? I've played on servers that use e2 and 99% of them make it vip for a reason as while it can possibly be used to enhance roleplay it can also be used to exploit, minge or other undesired trolling scenarios. I feel like the reason we don't include
  7. 1. Bring e2's into the server, It would allow people to make things like casinos or "auto" shops without needing player interaction on the sellers end except to restock 2. Screengrab script for staff, to check if someone really is hacking or not 3. Allow crates (like weapon crates and stuff you get from Procs) to interact with props and stack, this would allow players to set up a shop without boxes clipping into eachother 4.Update the precision tool so we can use it to Rotate props without the move tool and rotate using move as well, currently building is a bit of a hassle to build sinc
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