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  1. You bring up a valid point with the lack of building room, however, what would you say we do with the grow area? the water basin? the portal? Neutral leaning +1
  2. In a person to person sense? yes. in RP? Varies on the scene and what roles/jobs. Rank wise? Staff are technically the ones to ensure the server runs smoothly, so in that sense staff are "Above" users. Now as far as the ban appeal, and the situation behind it, If a staff had a issue with a Steam ID which can be fixed by relogging, which you stated the staff asked you to do, and you admittedly refused to do so. The staff was there to benefit you and ensure you didn't get into further trouble as having a steamid of "0" can be seen (depending on staff) as exploitation which is not allowed in the slightest in TitsRP, aside from that all the prior replies have outlined everything that needs said. -1
  3. My only issue with this is the ban for the "Pedophile Accusations" was at the beginning of this year, not two years ago. Neutral leaning +1
  4. I personally would use it as well, because i actually have a person who can help me code E2's as well as a entire collection of e2's in my folders id love to use.
  5. I only suggested e2/wiremod because i personally have people who would use it in alot of builds, things like security systems, casinos, other methods of gambling, things that would add to the server rather than cause problems, hence why i said restrict it.
  6. The VIP thing was just a suggestion, and plenty of people i know would use it, and alot of e2's as i stated can be found online for the things i stated. and the only reason i suggested restriction of it was to prevent abuse/trolling of users, it can be left to whoever approves it, i was just making a broad statement, if they really want, users can use it, but it definitely needs restrictions for some of the things it can do
  7. Id like to recommend two things 1. E2's This can obviously be restricted to something like VIP or similar to prevent User abuse, and be limited to what E2's can be used and how many of em. E2's would allow users to build casinos, minigames, Interactive experiences, rooms that are restricted to users (for the hotels) a way to actually rent rooms, etc (and unless they find code, theyd need someone to code the e2's for them) 2. Better Precision tool: I understand it may be for optimization, however it gets annoying when we cant properly precision push props because of some odd reason or another or that we cant push props "Out the world" And yes i understand this is to prevent users abusing out of map bugs, however There should be a rotate option for moving props (when using the move part of precision) or adding in the rotate tool so we dont have to fight with physguns.
  8. MOAR JOBS I think a larger variety of jobs would allow more ways to make money and a little more RP intensive and immersive. Such as a Fruit stand worker or a cinema owner, or casino manager, etc
  9. Honestly?no i cant hear him at all, even on my own, ive unmuted him and everything, nothing works Yes
  10. Unmute the piano man but make him VIP and make vip harder to get, such as making vip coins untradeable or something to buff the piano man so USERS cant spam keys, ive got some really good songs id love to play on piano man but i cant due to the mute Or hear me out Make a option in the !help menu to mute piano (if possible) or a new cmd entirely to mute the piano client side
  11. No, Kingdom isnt any more OP than a regular base, only thing that makes em "op" is the laws, and thats entirely fair.
  12. I remember Sugar saying somewhere that back when WireMod was still on the server, no one used it and he removed it. It took someone like three months to realize that wire was gone. Hell ive got some banging e2's i wanna use, think about it, people could set up casinos and stuff and easily make more money, with some servers people can use e2's to farm printers and such, but knowing how titsd is you cant do that because of the rack.
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