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  1. You said more than just the n word. I do think you are sorry and will stop saying it. The excuse that you thought it was ok is bad. Its common sense that the hard r is a no no. Ill be unmuting you but if I see any racism from you I'll be remuting you permanently unappealable. Better yourself as a person. Accepted
  2. Im more of a chris cornell typa guy hes pretty cool.
  3. Lean

    My Ban Appeal

    I honestly despise people saying that shit. pedophilic accusations are very serious. BUT it has been a whole ass year. Thats a long time, I believe you can change/ have changed. So imma give this a +1 but dont ever do something like that again.
  4. Lean


    Appeal Accepted due to evidence of non association.
  5. Just make it to where you have to pay a tax fee to sugar for selling on his server. If you wanna advertise give him 5% of what you make. omegalulu.
  6. Your apologetic and you understand what you did was wrong. I remember you from a while back and you were chill for the most part. Just be a good man and youll have no issues +1
  7. What do i win!? Nothing, what is life anymore without winning. Where is my luck when I need it. I question the point of living, but this life isnt for me since i didnt win this giveaway. Im very sad now. Im no longer gonna do anything this summer but seethe and cope about my big L. I beg you all to donate to my onlyfanz to help me cope with this big L.
  8. Its a super goon upon death it drops a t2
  9. Yeah I dont realy understand how this is nlr on their part. He killed you. You were the one who started the interaction with him. If anything your interacting with the person who killed you which isnt allowed.
  10. You admit your mistake, I appreciate that. But you claim you didnt know it wasnt allowed at the time. It's common sense that you cannot post a crasher in a discord though. im neutral for the unban
  11. I know you from ingame your a ok guy. If your gonna be unbanned I just dont wanna see toxic racist shit from you. People try so hard to be unpermad then go back to their old weird ways. Imma +1 this. But I wanna see change if you come back.
  12. Its not that big of a inconvenience that it needs changed. Quick farm, and Quick fish arent hard to get. The mining system is fine imo.
  13. Lean STEAM_0:1:213886438 I will most likely go bowling alot and hang out with my brothers and friends. Hopefully see my mom too.
  14. The evidence is there dude. We'd only need to wait for you be not be afk if we needed evidence but its all here. Anyone who hears the video who has spoken to you would know its your voice. Ill bring this up to the banning staff member and the staff team. https://skeet.lgbt/z65167aa.mp3
  15. bounty hunters just choose who they see and gun them down I don't even get a fucking chance. Only chance I get is to completely flick on the dude and kill him. https://medal.tv/clips/55230332/d1337GvTRBJj https://medal.tv/clips/55229964/d1337dAQlOby https://gyazo.com/4e30658f2b775dd03249c11dd610faa1 ( two timer in 5 minutes) The old bounty list was so nice. It was completely random, it gave you time to prepare. This shit dont even have a correct rp for bounty hunting anymore its was too easy now.
  16. Lean

    Unban request

    I will be forwarding this to the banning staff member.
  17. Lean

    Ban appeal

    You were banned for a week because thats the longest I can ban for as a mod. You definetley deserve a permanent ban for the stuff you said ill post evidence here. https://gyazo.com/7675b4c3265a70d43032a76d04325baf (calling staff pedos) | https://gyazo.com/b1c48819304c39f74b52e45350e19012 (calling pedos for a second time)| https://medal.tv/clips/54756432/d1337LsWulp2 (more evidence) Im strongly against you being unbanned or shortened at all you know what you did. BAKAA -1 for unban or shorten
  18. Ye genius honestly, would be awesome for the king to have actually stronger guards.
  19. I know you ingame and your a cool guy. But wtf did you think was gonna happen when you say shit like that. I think you need some time to think about what youve done. Its never ok to joke about ddosing regardless of what our rules say. Alot of people are only sorry for what they do because its not ok according to the server rules and instead of how its morally wrong as a person. But I know people make mistakes, everyone says shit without thinking i dont think a month ban is worth that maybe a week or 2. +1 for shorten
  20. Lean

    Ban appeal

    https://gyazo.com/351bc47833d03c9f910875dae4ffcae9 this is the sc of all the stuff you said. It seems in this appeal your blaming our servers way of running for what you did? you did fucked up shit and this appeal isnt apologetic its just telling me how im wrong? also the pedo bear model was removed from the server. I have no clue why youd think you deserve a warning after all the deplorable shit you said. I do not feel you deserve unbanned. I do not forgive you for what you said. You said real grimy shit and you think you deserve a slap on the wrist? You act like its not a big deal at all that you said this stuff saying, oh i only said 4-5 pedo remarks. Our server doesnt tolerate it, regardless if our server did still doesnt make it alright. Your lying to me as well saying i didnt let you speak. I said you said pedophilic remarks our server does not tolerate that at all. you said i assume thats a perma i said yes, then i ban you. I strongly feel like you need time to think about the shit you said and come up with a apology instead of arguing that i was in the wrong.
  21. i jumped when i first heard it and said woah buddy no cap and ran around my room but i heard it again he says nigga but since he said right here after it sounded like hard r
  22. I know you from ingame and i know your a good person. I believe from the dedication you put in the server doesnt deserve to be shutdown like this. Everyone makes mistakes I believe you deserve a chance. +1 for unban
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