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Secret Santa titsrp edition (omg)


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Omg guys its almost Christmas and whats better than giving most likely the person you hate love a present!


How it will work

1. First you will comment your in game name and your discord so I know you wish to participate

2. Second on December 1st I will roll using a cool secret santa maker I found online and msg you on discord who you are gifting to

3. Around Christmas so like anytime after the 20th you will give you gift to your person

4. To make it fair the minimum amount your gift should be worth is 1m (If you have a question about if your gift is worth 1m or not msg me)

5. If you are some how confused you can ask questions below or msg me on discord.

6. I will not be taking apart in this I am simply organizing it as i've done for the past years.

My Discord: Mori#7258


@Rubik im pinging you because you will most likely want to be in this because omg christmas spirit omg titsrp I love gmod omg 

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