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  1. Hello TitsRP people. Check out my rust content :3
  2. thats not the point. The point is that staff are being told something untrue. And my statement isn’t even about me exploiting, its about me not knowing that even a single NLR would get me re banned
  3. Actually, when I was unbanned I was told that being toxic again would get me re banned. I was not told about any other rule.
  4. I was not banned for exploiting, unbanned, and rebanned for the same thing. I left out my discord on this appeal more than once. please consider using it in regards of questioning you may come across. And just based on this reply. Really makes me wonder what staff are being “told” about me….
  5. the alting to mass rdm was 5 years ago. I don’t know how else I can prove that i’ve changed. There’s been so much shit that was done to get me banned. When I was permanently banned for toxicity I wasn’t even in my household for a whole month (was living with my aunt). come back home to find myself banned, even though i had not touched my pc for a month. Theres also the time dookie splashback made a report on me with falsified evidence, it was pointed out, but of course since I was a very hated person at the time no one was in my favor. How did dookie falsified evidence? we had arguments through pms and he literally only showed the stuff that I would say to him, he never showed his replies to me, making me look like I was in the wrong. Im not saying I was not a toxic person, but a lot of “evidence” I was set up for and people choose to not open their eyes. again, if you would like any information please contact me on disocrd…. O G#3255 edit : forgot to mention, that appeal where I mention giveaways was in 2020. I was permanently banned for exploiting January 2021. I see no reason to have to lie about me keeping exploited money to myself.
  6. Hello. Sugar tits unbanned me from forums so I could write my appeal. Just to clarify.
  7. IGN - hubert STEAM ID - STEAM_0:0:202180569 PLANS FOR HALLOWEEN - give out my boogers to people and tell them its candy.
  8. Hello everyone, hubert here! for the past 2 years I've been gaming on a I3-8100. Just recently I've purchased a 5600x with a motherboard combo. It arrives this Sunday. But because of how retarded I am, I forgot the factor of the case. I found out that my current case is a micro ATX, but the motherboard I am receiving is a ATX. I am 20$ short for the desired case that I have in mind. If anyone is willing to help me out on this, I will really appreciate it. Anything you guys want to send, send it here through CASHAPP - *redacted* Preach.
  9. Quas sounds like that guy that doesn’t care you hurt your elbow
  10. you have to left click one of the items on your cc, bottom left, than click on edit items and look for the swep.
  11. wrong. A few months back, probably last year, you could get banned for going really fast with the jetpack, or even if you extremely lagged.There’s been many cases in which players would catch bans like these when they really aren’t cheating. (please don’t warn me, this is helpful information for newer staff)
  12. The banning of selling in game money didn't stop my 20 hour a day grind breh.
  13. OG BOT Smartass STEAM_0:0:202180569 Alt indefinitely on the server hahah loooool. jk
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