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  1. OG BOT Smartass STEAM_0:0:202180569 Alt indefinitely on the server hahah loooool. jk
  2. what I think happened is that lean gave the wrong and unnecessary punishment of wanting to extend his ban to a perma.
  3. not possible. his alt is not sharing the game to his main. It was because lean banned him. only way an account gets banned for alting is because the main account (which is sharing the game) is banned.
  4. why can’t they just ban his actual actual alt and release his main.
  5. 8 shots were fired, 7 of the shots hit. last shot ( shot #8) was after he was downed. If you’ve played rust before, than you would probably know that hitting 7 SAR shots one after another in rapid fire (the way shown in the video) is literally impossible.
  6. I still roam the rust Tits server which makes me a part of this community, I am allowed in the discord, and clearly, I am still on the forums, friends have nothing to do with my status on tits.
  7. I'm still a part of this community in many ways, just not the gmod server.
  8. I dont see where you read that that's the point im trying to make. big brain. You are saying people shouldn't be allowed to make hardcore jokes like jacket did because children play on the server, but a lot of children themselves literally make the same type of joke on a daily basis. Can't even count the amount of times within my fingers on how many times I've heard little kids make fucked up sexuality jokes.
  9. Last time I got on I heard a 8 year old in spawn say "I want a cock in my ass"
  10. why is dokerz taking this serious
  11. Postal 2 Payday 2 CSGO Terraria CRSED R6 BL3
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