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  1. fyi food was already nerfed to where small food doesnt make you as small as it used to, and theres no food that gives u 500 hp. In fact theres a new meta (not really new) that not many know off. does not involve food, and with this meta each raid costs around 600k- 1 mil.
  2. Before tier crates were a thing, SBC cannons were extremely rare. Now anyone can get them extremely easy. If legendary weapons were set to get nerfed because of how powerful they were, where's the nerf for the SBC cannon.
  3. https://gyazo.com/bd7663b2951bc2390962d844417db826 https://gyazo.com/8662b990cd65efa1c64c4a2ce5cf1587 I've already tried to be honest and show that I've changed but me just seeing that im getting all these -1's for reasons I don't know, and if I get defensive in any way I just get more -1s saying " yeah you're replying to all -1s lmao you haven't changed" What am I supposed to do? sit here and stare at a screen with people basically throwing shit at me?
  4. Not being directly disrespectful just me saying facts, also don't forget that on my last ban appeal you wrote like 4 paragraphs on why you are +1ing my appeal and as soon as another staff member after u posted a -1 u deleted your reply to post a new one with a -1
  5. I was only banned once for extreme toxicity which is this current ban AND I have yet not been shown the screenshots, not a single screenshot.
  6. My ban appeal before this one : https://gyazo.com/557bf86e6c522bdfe6620e3ac274a197 https://gyazo.com/3bc2e1c4a4840dc8e51f7c359b28965a all I literally see in this ban appeal is a bunch of dick riders..... for the staff member that resigned??? yeah he resigned to make a report on me, which makes literally no sense, and after I got perm'd he attempted to reapply for staff but you guys didn't want him back because he is "way too toxic"? I just don't get how you guys allow permanent banned players that have charge backed donated money, threatened to ddos the server and leak IP's of specified players but I can't even show what I've been promising these past ban appeals in game, which is to no longer be toxic... Also how come 3 new staff members were able to have a saying against me? Dan joined the server a day before my ban, which btw I wasn't even home for a month for my banning, before my ban I was already a week in living with my aunt. Smelly joined 2 months after my ban.... and Mcondals also joined 2 months after my ban. they claim that I've caused a lot of damaged in the player base, but what kind of knowledge do they have in order to know so when I wasn't active at the time they had joined? what I was told by one of them is that they're going off based on what other staff members have told them. That's really ridiculous... having 3 staff members that have no knowledge on me at all voice an opinion because they are told things about me. If that's the case with TitsRP, the player base could basically drop in a matter of no time a player gets banned for mass rdm, makes a ban appeal. A new staff member asks who the guy is. The new staff member gets told " oh just ignore him he's a complete asshole ". New staff member gives his "OPINION" on the banned player's appeal based on what he was told " he's a complete asshole ". Yeah I don't think that's how it should go. For the part that players have charged back and were still allowed back into the server..... I've probably invested around 120$ on the server from 2017-2020. Have I charged back because I got permanently banned? No I kept my cool and didn't pull an asshole move nd went ahead nd charged back. For the players that have threatened others whether it was to leak IP's or to make death threats and STILL were allowed back into the server. Have I ever committed these acts?? NO. While I was an active member of the community I was threatened many times in many different ways but I didn't pull a bitch move and went ahead to the report section of the forums. BTW, a former staff member has WISHED death upon me, lmao like come on now. Now Dan has mentioned in this ban appeal that he thinks I might be lying about my behavior improvement, you can't possibly know if I'm lying or not when I can't even prove my self in game.... there has been a player through out the year of 2019 that went by the name of "GoshImTripping" HE was permanently banned 5 TIMES, and out of those 5 times he was allowed back into the server 4 times, he was allowed back into the server even though he had been begging staff to +1 his ban appeal, he also tried to loophole his what so called " probation " by insulting a player through anon thinking he wouldn't get caught AND he was also formerly known as the most toxic player on the server as literally every player complained about him in OOC and many reports have been made on him. When it came to me being toxic, I didn't know that the way I acted was toxic until the day I got permanently banned for it. No players would call me out for it in ooc or no reports were made on me on the forums about toxicity. All people complained about me was that I kept raiding them.... thats all. I had no knowledge of my banning at all, I had to be given the news by a friend of mine that no longer plays on here. I was told that many people gathered to try and get me banned. Screenshots that I was NEVER shown were sent to the server owners and they've decided my faith based on that. If I was ever told to stop being toxic then I would of have, but like I said, LITERALLY no one complained about me being toxic, just that I kept raiding them. Also my ban would also lead to the server owners themselves breaking their own server rules..... One being that you are not allowed to use discord to report others to get them banned and the other being that you shouldn't ban players without giving them the time to defend themselves... if the server owners cant enforce their own rules how do y'all expect others to follow every rule in the MOTD??? That's all I've got to say. I know that I'm mostly likely getting denied but all I asked for was for a last chance to be able to hop on back to the server AND to show the change of my behavior. EDIT: forgot to add my ban record from the past 3-4 years.... https://gyazo.com/7b43ac6446b7f1d7b09c8dae65b70b14
  7. why can't we just revert to 2017
  8. CPU : I3-8100 [ 3.60 Ghz ] ( upgrading soon ) GPU : xfx rx 570 8 GB RAM : 24 GB @ 2666 Mhz Display : 1360x768 60 Hz ( Yes it's a fucking TV )
  9. Did you fully read what I stated? it's not just about being able to double pump, also relies on your aim....
  10. Double pumping isn't easy as it seems, you also have to rely on your aim... If you miss one shot you're basically fucked by a guy who is using one pump.
  11. shotgun or not, still gives an advantage by using a mechanic that you call " exploit "
  12. btw this is exactly the same thing people do when farming metal/wood, quick switch from axe/pickaxe.
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