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  1. you kind of instigated the whole situation by saying “nobody asked”. you could’ve went on by your day completely ignoring what malicious was to type in ooc.
  2. +1, if server ever reaches max pop just increase it back up. This is pretty much how every server on any game works, players rather join a server that seems full (like 69/90) rather than half full (64/128)
  3. I didn't wait to make the report on purpose. As you said in chat "didn't you shoot at me" I genuinely thought I did something wrong and clipped it for review in case I got reported for it (if I get banned for anything longer than a week I am re perma banned). I forgot that I had clipped it. The day I made the report was when I was going through clips to see what was needed to be deleted from my computer or not, and from that point on, looking back into the clip, I realized that I didn't even shoot at you, so it came to mind that you really did RDM me.
  4. my clipping is literally only 30 seconds, but here's the full version.
  5. My friend, Hammy, has been banned for around 2-3 years. He has no way to appeal. Is there a way he could appeal possibly?
  6. HELLO I would like to suggest for the rust servers max pop to be 250-300 if possible. Being at 200 is a major reason the server dies at a rapid rate a few days into wipe. Having more pop means more teams and more action. More teams also means longer queue. I don’t really play on Tits.gg anymore because of how fast it dies off. I join from time to time to snowball, and the queue would be at 10-15, which is really low. I guarantee that if max pop was raised to 250-300, tits.gg would see longer queues, such as 25-50. more people in queue = more passes sold (hahaha).
  7. You will be missed forever and always. The beautiful moments you shared with us will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.
  8. I’d love to have the ones with the generator system.
  9. Hello TitsRP people. Check out my rust content :3
  10. thats not the point. The point is that staff are being told something untrue. And my statement isn’t even about me exploiting, its about me not knowing that even a single NLR would get me re banned
  11. Actually, when I was unbanned I was told that being toxic again would get me re banned. I was not told about any other rule.
  12. I was not banned for exploiting, unbanned, and rebanned for the same thing. I left out my discord on this appeal more than once. please consider using it in regards of questioning you may come across. And just based on this reply. Really makes me wonder what staff are being “told” about me….
  13. the alting to mass rdm was 5 years ago. I don’t know how else I can prove that i’ve changed. There’s been so much shit that was done to get me banned. When I was permanently banned for toxicity I wasn’t even in my household for a whole month (was living with my aunt). come back home to find myself banned, even though i had not touched my pc for a month. Theres also the time dookie splashback made a report on me with falsified evidence, it was pointed out, but of course since I was a very hated person at the time no one was in my favor. How did dookie falsified evidence? we had arguments through pms and he literally only showed the stuff that I would say to him, he never showed his replies to me, making me look like I was in the wrong. Im not saying I was not a toxic person, but a lot of “evidence” I was set up for and people choose to not open their eyes. again, if you would like any information please contact me on disocrd…. O G#3255 edit : forgot to mention, that appeal where I mention giveaways was in 2020. I was permanently banned for exploiting January 2021. I see no reason to have to lie about me keeping exploited money to myself.
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