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  1. Why did my post get removed???
  2. CPU : I3-8100 [ 3.60 Ghz ] ( upgrading soon ) GPU : xfx rx 570 8 GB RAM : 24 GB @ 2666 Mhz Display : 1360x768 60 Hz ( Yes it's a fucking TV )
  3. Did you fully read what I stated? it's not just about being able to double pump, also relies on your aim....
  4. Double pumping isn't easy as it seems, you also have to rely on your aim... If you miss one shot you're basically fucked by a guy who is using one pump.
  5. shotgun or not, still gives an advantage by using a mechanic that you call " exploit "
  6. btw this is exactly the same thing people do when farming metal/wood, quick switch from axe/pickaxe.
  7. This could have two outcomes One being what you have listed and the other being players quitting TitsRP because of valuables they've spent hours working for, got wiped. Or maybe it could go both ways.
  8. bet you won't say that to Doc.
  9. you called him a noob, toxic raider toxic raider, perma ban perma ban!!!
  10. It was wasn't because of actual pedophilia, zonkey sent explicity / NSFW GIFs to a underage kid
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