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I am sorry guys

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Let's just get the elephant out of the room, i disliked certain staff members, namely, Insurance Agent, LeGerbs and Cobaselic, and honestly i just don't know why i hated them


I used to dislike Insurance Agent because i was just mad over something that i did myself, it was my fault that i got that warn and i really should thank him that he just wanted to warn me instead of ban me for what i have done


And for LeGerbs and Cobaselic, honestly, i think that it was peer pressure, i always saw people complain about them and i just kind of absorbed the negativity of the people who complain about them


Their ways of staffing in the server should not represent wether or not i like them as a person


I am so sorry if i were rude or hostile to any staff member or player, i don't know why but for a few weeks i just have been feeling very weird, i've tried to go on a crusade to defeat all the people that i disliked, but the issue is that i am not made for this


I have been completely blinded by the negativity that i have absorbed from people, i have submitted to the monster that is drama, i have forgotten who i was, i am just a random dude who wants to become friends with everyone, i am not the messiah that will save TitsRP from the evil staff members


It was so foolish of me to try to do this shit, i hope that you guys could accept my apology

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