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Megathread: Items missing descriptions


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I've created this thread to address the issue of some items which do not have a description inside the player's inventory. If you find a item that does not have a description, post it here so we can fix it. Thanks to everyone involved in making TitsRP better! 


This is what an item with a proper description looks like:




This is an item that is missing a description:



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Goon Chunk


Run Fast SWEP


Fidget Spinner

Crescent Rose

Benny's Saxophone

Zip Ties

The Bible

Deagon Dagger


PD Lockpick


King Spawner

King Portal

Clown's Bike Horn

Micheal's Knife

Impound SWEP

Bilibili Thrower

Santa's Presents

Useless Item

Egg Thrower

Armor Gun

Handcuffs In Hand

Chicken Grenade

Russian Roulette


Hazmat Console


Patrick Plushie

Motorola Flip Phone

Jinx Lockpick

Melon Grenade

Miku Plushie

Admin Stick

Admin Keypad Checker

Mad Milk


Dark Night Fists


From my bank and inv. Sorry if I repeated any that someone has already pointed out

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3 hours ago, mcdonalds wifi said:

It would be cool if CC sweps got a description that could be written by the uploader, or at least something like for example “GN ISAACS PEACEKEEPER (AS VAL RESKIN) “

I very much agree with this, just like with showing rubik the addon you want, maybe also show him what you want the description to say - im only saying going to rubik because that would prevent racist/foul descriptions vs giving users the ability to change it themselves.


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what the fuck is a "theirselves"
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I've added descriptions for everything listed here that actually has a function or can be used by at least one class. I did not include CC sweps because this is something that would take a lot of time and I would really like to figure out a way to give players the option to set their own description since they paid for it. Maybe this is something that can be included in a future update. 

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