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  1. shouldn't this be in mods/admins only?
  2. Nah PD has a max 3 fading door limit since it's its own base, but I do agree that PD is a powerful place to build at, but its only powerful if you got multiple dupes down.
  3. There is already a gang talent that makes it slow 90% more, and activate 75% more often
  4. I mean click the thing that says "details"
  5. only issue with connect 4 is that it's incredibly easy to just search up a connect 4 bot to play for you
  6. just click onto the details of the job instead of double clicking the icon
  7. I've never seen somebody have an issue with unfuns being called too often, judging by how the only times that they ever work is during very low pop
  8. I personally would love getting gang banged by a bunch of cc's with kiss sweps because I disagreed that they're furry model looked poggers
  9. It was replaced with fishing up shipments, honestly don't know the reason for it other than it might be better for newer players
  10. Zesty


    I think I did 2.8k in a week? It might be more than that but I think it was around 2.8
  11. Like choose an effect or get another randomized effect?
  12. nice necropost, I am reporting you to the administrators. You're done kiddo
  13. Or just become staff, gives you the perms to edit the props of all players
  14. Though the job names could be dumb, the law does serve at least some purpose, that being that it forces the cops to actually read the laws, and the ones that don't get booted off. If somebody goes cop, they should be checking the laws, fairly often, making sure they aren't arresting people without a valid reason.
  15. I think that'd be pretty cool, it'd also give a good incentive for people to even make meth, especially if there were multiple xp categories you could work towards. Things like selling the meth, repairing / completing a puzzle in one of the machines, etc. Could even raise the xp gained depending on the meth difficulty. Defo a +1 for this
  16. just make it a vip job, not that hard
  17. Idk, that's just a raid my guy, maybe just get better?
  18. The only way to do that is to nerf the bank payout to the point that there isn't much of a reason to do it anymore.
  19. Ah yes, lets make it so the bank manager, who's entire rp purpose is to manage the bank, to not be able to manage the bank. That sounds like an amazing idea
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