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  1. I feel like removing insta cuff would be enough, it is pretty busted. Cuffs without the insta cuff gang perk can be made completely useless by just circling the cop, forcing them to use the taser on people that resist, and people that don't resist get cuffed quickly without the use of a taser. I don't feel like making it so if a cop is damaged they can't cuff would be a good idea, since the rp purpose of a cop is to arrest, not gunning people down.
  2. maybe look at the stats before picking, you ape
  3. The afk thing only checks if your player is moving, so you could be deemed afk while actively doing things like t2 farming, weapon enchanting, etc. please fix
  4. It does actually work, unless your client is just bugging it only shows for like 5-10 seconds to give you an idea of where it is. It doesn't give an audible notification I think, only visual, but it's a very large visual icon.
  5. Zesty


    Game tracker rank isn't accurate since if you change your steam name, it resets.
  6. Why are people +1'ing a bug report ...
  7. Only +1 to the poker and blackjack being tokens, others are just singleplayer casino games, no reason to just make the casino area useless by making the entities global.
  8. Zesty

    Meta Weapons

    Find out yourself
  9. Whoever made up that gang leaderboards idea for parcels must be a genius +1
  10. Zesty

    CP Warrants

    It is dumb when your only argument is that it works like a nade should!
  11. You can just pop heal food and armor as you lockpick?
  12. Zesty

    CP Warrants

    Currently, CP's are required to get a warrant to enforce laws in buildings, which makes total sense. The issue, is that cp's are also allowed to just KOS anybody within the building with a warrant, even if the players inside give zero resistance towards the CP. Simple rule change: CP Warrant raids act the same as Mercenary raids. This means they can Shoot / Arrest the player the warrant was made for, but not touch anybody else unless threatened (Or other players also break laws). It doesn't make any RP sense that a player can get a warrant for something like having a vape out (Swep AOS), and everybody within the building could be shot and killed and/or arrested.
  13. You ever heard of uh bullet proof glass Ya know, glass meant to protect against bullets, something that a mayor / PD would need when under the constant threat of revolts and PD raids to kill the mayor.
  14. He made this because I stopped his PD raid with sticky nades btw
  15. Zesty

    Civilian XP

    You can literally max restaurant owners xp category in 10 minutes max for like 1.5m edit: Also parcels is one of the only xp category that can actually take genuine effort if you want to be efficient. All the others are brain dead easy, just take time.
  16. Zesty

    Civilian XP

    tbf, jobs like restaurant owner and shipwreck diver can get 3x xp. These jobs you can max the xp category in 5-10 minutes. Parcels take an hour of non-stop high effort grinding to max. I don't see how you have an issue with that but not wit xp categories that can be maxed, without effort, instantly
  17. Zesty

    Civilian XP

    I would honestly be completely fine with the 3x not going towards parcels since parcels are already decent for xp, I just want the npc's to be at least viable SOMETIMES for xp. Currently they're completely useless, and if you were to just grind it to max the xp category, it would take over an hour of just going through the npc, accepting the task, then giving him the item (olive, deployable shield, fish, etc.) for 2 xp at a time (3 if you have double xp active).
  18. I feel like just reducing the damage is enough. CP's have the authority to just warrant the people making the meth and arrest them anyways, they just don't do it.
  19. Zesty

    Civilian XP

    Simple suggestion: Make all the "trainer" NPC's as well as the parcel NPC count under civilian specific xp, so that it would be possible for the civilian job to get 3x XP and allow all the trainers to actually give decent xp during it. Currently the only NPC that is even some-what viable is the parcel NPC, all the others are completely useless and end up untouched from even players that want the information. Having the ability for these NPC's to get 3x XP would give them at least some purpose for the players that have more than 2 hours of playtime. Currently, all the NPC's give 1 xp if you complete their little quest, which is so incredibly minor it really doesn't matter. If this NPC could get 3x xp, it would mean it'd be possible to get about 3 xp or 6 xp if you have double xp active, which is actually enough to make it viable to just sit there and complete the little challenge they give you until you max the xp category. Also it would buff my favorite thing on the server, parcel farming
  20. Uh oh! They're going to time me out of my hand! I've been had! They knew exactly what they were doing, this is was done with malice and an obvious exploit to take my 1.2m in a poker hand! https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/8duMiKJx6H0H9/d1337kuAH3Kb?invite=cr-MSxNd0IsMTM5MDE4MzQs Anyways, this video shows that if you really cared at all you could've just, ya know, walked back to the poker table and continued to play. The timeout timer is so incredibly long that a player could run, not even sprint, and get there before the timer even hits half. @Special Educator So as it turns out, the timeout is ~20 seconds on the high stakes, for no apparent reason, making it only possible to get back if you have a jetpack Why does kdawg make these changes nobody asked for
  21. How is a man gonna get a week (or longer) for completing a hit on somebody who was at their table and somebody wanted away from said table. Killing a guy at a poker table isn't exploiting. It has like a 3-5 minute timer to make a move. All the guy had to do was go to the casino and play his hand. Also I don't see how it could be exploiting to kill the person who is at the table to have them run out of time. If this was some serious ass mafia rp, it would still make sense since you're killing the person who's playing. There is still RP there, not an exploit. He was killed, he can't play poker anymore (even though on this server he could just go back with the long ass timer to play)
  22. buff mini printer tokens and maybe people will use that. Mini printers make less than 10% than normal printers, and the only way to stop them from exploding is to spend resources on making failsafes, which pretty much makes mini printers make no money since metal goes for around 1-2k per, and failsafes cost 8 metal to make.
  23. This post was made a full year ago, when printers made around 175% more than they do now. Look at the date of the post you quoted
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