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  1. buff mini printer tokens and maybe people will use that. Mini printers make less than 10% than normal printers, and the only way to stop them from exploding is to spend resources on making failsafes, which pretty much makes mini printers make no money since metal goes for around 1-2k per, and failsafes cost 8 metal to make.
  2. This post was made a full year ago, when printers made around 175% more than they do now. Look at the date of the post you quoted
  3. Isn't it already a rule, or at least enforced, that you can't restrict the flow of players through a spawn tunnel? Or is that only props
  4. Think that's when the person is still actively trying to get their printer / entity back
  5. it's because you need to call a sit, staff don't just check every single revolt to see if it has a valid reason
  6. Or just don't wait for the mayor to die to raid to the vault
  7. couldn't you just like, go into death logs and match the time of the death? Like its not that hard
  8. Just make it a thing in the F4 menu with a mailbox icon, no need to do all this in an area that almost nobody will look into, especially new players.
  9. Zesty

    Gambling Safety

    I bet it's just personally dm'ing Suga or Rubik to remove the restriction on discord
  10. Buff the bank managers specific job money making methods. Currently I believe the only money you get is upon people withdrawing money, and you only get like 2-3k. Before bank becomes just another useless area to try to make a base at, at least make the job make a good amount of money on its own without any entities. Things like getting money per interest cycle depending on how much is in the vault, or getting xp rewards upon unique people withdrawing / depositing money. Removing the main reasons people use the bank manager is a perfect way to make the entire job obsolete. Currently if a player uses the bank manager, without using it as a general base, the most you get is like 2-3 xp per 10-20 minutes, and very rarely receiving ~2k darkrp for somebody withdrawing money. This makes it a completely useless job for even new players.
  11. ppl also went from 1b to 2m
  12. that's pretty dumb, since I am pretty sure roulette has a net negative on the general economy
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