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  1. Zesty


    Would the tv function like the theatre? Or instead just be a remodel of the boombox
  2. Definitely not, there is zero filtering when it comes to sprays.
  3. Making the items inside the pickup box not degrade would just be a buff to pickup boxes. Just make it so can't disappear inside the pickup box, and instead just instantly destroy itself upon leaving the pickup box (if degrade timer ended). All the printers will drop out.
  4. make mega seeds AoE and cost more, should be good enough.
  5. I feel like removing insta cuff would be enough, it is pretty busted. Cuffs without the insta cuff gang perk can be made completely useless by just circling the cop, forcing them to use the taser on people that resist, and people that don't resist get cuffed quickly without the use of a taser. I don't feel like making it so if a cop is damaged they can't cuff would be a good idea, since the rp purpose of a cop is to arrest, not gunning people down.
  6. maybe look at the stats before picking, you ape
  7. The afk thing only checks if your player is moving, so you could be deemed afk while actively doing things like t2 farming, weapon enchanting, etc. please fix
  8. It does actually work, unless your client is just bugging it only shows for like 5-10 seconds to give you an idea of where it is. It doesn't give an audible notification I think, only visual, but it's a very large visual icon.
  9. Zesty


    Game tracker rank isn't accurate since if you change your steam name, it resets.
  10. Why are people +1'ing a bug report ...
  11. Only +1 to the poker and blackjack being tokens, others are just singleplayer casino games, no reason to just make the casino area useless by making the entities global.
  12. Zesty

    Meta Weapons

    Find out yourself
  13. Whoever made up that gang leaderboards idea for parcels must be a genius +1
  14. Zesty

    CP Warrants

    It is dumb when your only argument is that it works like a nade should!
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