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  1. to be fair, the stimpack is just a reskined health injector, but heals less and is permanent. In all honestly that one seems like the most balanced one.
  2. That would make nobody use it at all, people already don't buy the monthly supporter with prestige tokens, and that's because it will just run out. It would be incredibly time consuming having to prestige 3 times in 3 weeks for a gun that will likely not even be that much better than normal guns.
  3. I like the idea of the cc one, having it be a guarantee from daily drop would honestly flood the market heavily after a bit of time
  4. I honestly don't like the idea of permanent weapons that are actually functional in combat, especially if they're powerful.
  5. Actual realism in gmod? Ew
  6. Imagine paying like 5m so you can put the fire emoji in text chat
  7. When it comes to basing: Printers were buffed, then nerfed to the ground (Print amount decreased heavily, they slowly heat up and the only way to lower the heat on them is to take them out), though I believe a buff is coming back to printers. Degrade timer on tokens is buffed to 8 hours instead of 4, but might not be in the server currently. A lot of new fish + quick rod. 10 extra levels, but I believe the xp to completely max out your level was lowered slightly. Few new talents. People baby raged about the mp5. I believe plots are the current meta for
  8. Zesty


    If this was already handled in a sit, what's the point in making a report on the player? Also in the video it really sounded like he thought you shot him. I am a -1 for any punishment. Plus you did in fact shoot AT him before he attacked you (When he entered the base you attempted to kill him).
  10. what happened to your rank
  11. Zesty


    Nothing here
  12. This is a joke, right?
  13. What are the current gang talents / what gang talents are planned?
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