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unfair ban didnt hear out or take into account what I said at all, was blindfolded then gagged and banned

Juice Wrld

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In-Game Name

Juice Wrld

Your Steam ID

Juice Wrld

Why were you banned or warned?

The whole server was mass rdming, I was a Juggernaut trying to keep the peace and killing or trying to arrest players who were doing what I was accused of. One citizen kept on running around punching other players I tried to arrest him but had to kos. Told the Admin the story but the guy accused me of being some youtube troll or some shit then my screen blacked out and I was handed a 7 day ban.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

Never took one thing I said into account, seemed like him and the other guy had some kinda vendetta and wanted me banned.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

7 days
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If he were to spectate me first and not listen to one persons side of events I wouldn't have been banned, or should've looked to the right of his screen to see the killfeed and what was going on. Better yet the whole chat was going on about the mass rdm not being stopped by the admins 

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In this sit I asked you why you were killing so many people to get your side of the story, you told me you were killing bloods but in logs it showed that you were killing other people too. I sat there for 5 minutes while you typed and you never said anything, then you looked the other way and I banned you. I never gagged, muted or did anything besides jail you since it seemed you were mass killing



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Im not directly involved, but I will say I never saw this guy RDM anyone, and I remember that specific citizen punching people (because he was punching me too). Ive seen this guy around and never saw him blatantly kill anyone for no reason, there was always something to initiate it. Logs might look kind of bad because I do see he killed a CP but he was killing bloods and crips the majority of the time because they were being absolutely nuts. I think you should consider a second chance for him

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looking at the logs provided the only people he killed that were not crips or bloods was 1 citizen which he explained in the appeal, and a fantasma but it appears it was crossfire because they were killed at the exact same time as a gang member. also if he was really looking to mass rdm i dont see a reason to space out each kill the way he did.  you only have 1 ban for mrdm and its from 2 months ago. and it looks like this may have been misunderstood as to why you were killing all those people i would say



+1 for Unban

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