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  1. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server.
  2. As staff you are supposed to listen to both sides, and not only that if he was arresting mass rdmers I dont see an issue with keeping the peace on the server. +1 for unban.
  3. Im the banning staff member, why did you want to be banned?
  4. I've been staring at this for a very long time. Do you know who warned you?
  5. Ah nah br he posted bad things DENIED!!! for the reason of posting innappropriate content on a thread he made, for a odd crazy razy reason.
  6. Don't see the point in banning you if its clearly a joke, just think. +1
  7. Was around when this situation unfolded and I saw the twitter account so I dont blame you for accusing him. You being ex staff I believe you're capable of controlling yourself and coming back. +1
  8. You called a sit because Bo jack told you to kill yourself, when you were brought you just continued to say the same thing over and over again. after he was banned you said "EZ" in chat, after that you tried to report raccoons for saying kys to you and you said you have audio recording of it. Last night he wasn't using his microphone so I am confused as to how you would have audio recording of him if he wasn't talking. You said "KOS yourself" and "kys" at some point in time.
  9. I'm +1 for unban if you don't do the same stupid thing again.
  10. I was not the person you banned you, but the person who extended, the person who did the sit and banned you originally has been informed.
  11. I've based with you multiple times and have been on the same time you've been on, and you don't appear to be as toxic as they say. Aside from the toxicity, you exploited and lost the money you gained and were banned for a few months. I dont see a reason to keep you banned. +1
  12. The whole ban reason was stupid and a perma shouldn't have instantly been put in place, along with a removal from community. I'm with the unban should you not do this type of stuff again. +1 for unban
  13. I do not see a reason to keep him banned as it just does nothing but prevent a player who genuinely cares about the server to play and participate. 3 months is a good amount of time for something such as this and I feel like he has learned his lesson. +1 for unban
  14. I have never done this because its insane to result to something such as this. I have seen it, engaged in it, but never did it myself. This would make rp kinda less enjoyable if i can robot while beating someone to death with a crowbar.
  15. If you are unable to find a way around something like this you should probably practice aiming. It only moves their upper torso, not their entire body
  16. Kilo, you have done very much for the community in the time that you were admin, and I can see you being unbanned in the forseeable future. I don't involve myself with drama or ban appeals unless im directly involved like the person above me, but you need some time off from GMOD, but now isn't a good time. Neutral
  17. I remember when you were toxic in the past but it didn't seem like you were that heavily hostile, and I dont see an issue with unbanning you. +1
  18. Do you guys have any video evidence of this occurence? It would be greatly appreciative.
  19. I was on the server as well when this occured, and I didnt feel lag at all, not to mention the server was above 100 people. But you got kicked, came back out, and repeated what kicked you in the first place. +1 to a 3m ban.
  20. "kys" isnt considered a threat but we dont take lightly to that sort of humor but banning him seemed to be out of the wazoo. You aren't negative in ooc nor in game as I have thoroughly interacted with you. +1 for unban
  21. +1 for warn removal If he stood there for 3 or more seconds staring down where he died then it would be a different story. It just shows a clip of him jumping around; And not only that but he didnt even interact with any of you. Wasn't even him staying in the area for 5 seconds.
  22. What is the point of you being on if you 1 dont rp 2 massrdm for the intention to be funny 3 threatened to alt if you were banned What exactly is the punchline in your joke? You said you actually wanted to roleplay, so why did you not do that after the 3rd time you were banned for MRDM?
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