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  1. good suggestions +1 I wanna keep mass rdming legally.
  2. If getting force taken 1 chem barrel each time or 10 c4 is making you play less then you have never been raided and lost all your stuff 1v7 now that is unfair and has no counter.
  3. You act like everything on the server isn't a chore. Quests aren't chores and if you aren't doing them you aren't efficient. Force take is fantastic for making people not want to play on there cc's 24/7. Maybe you will stay on farmer if you are you going to afk in a base alone growing crops instead of hopping on your cc then swapping back. Cc's are broken already and I find it's a reason not to play on them ALL THE TIME.
  4. -1 literally get someone random on the server to force take you. I've never had an issue with it, and if you are that lonely to not play with anyone that can force take you, join a gang...
  5. Mdantos


    Racism is not tolerated raccoons you should know better.
  6. Mdantos

    Banned for nothing

    That is not why you were banned for FDA. You cannot and really cannot open a fading door to shoot a raider which both you and your party members did in multiple raids that were recorded by cardinal. I raided you originally in which I called a sit on fortnitekid69 for mass nlr which he broke nlr 4 times during my raid. I died through the fading door through the window which had no button and no keypads. The other base member and you also got STUCK in one of your plastic fading doors opening it up and closing it to shoot me. (they admitted to this in the sit). You clearly don't understand what the FDA rule is and you were blocking the other entrance with over 10 lights. Please read the rules and not basing it on other servers.
  7. Mdantos

    50MIL Giveaway

    trump gonna win because ember said
  8. This is a fantastic idea, I've been killed countless times from someone literally afking in a different unowned base waiting until there friend in the discord call to say IM BEING RAIDED HELP NOW!!!#[email protected][email protected][email protected] They come over with a leggy press l for there bind and you get killed instantly almost no time to react with a god tier legendary with dmg food. +1
  9. Mdantos

    Giveaway poggers

    IG: Mdantos Discord: Mdantos#9370 Halloween: Literally giving kids my big ol lollipops.
  10. Right now the mr sniffy class is used to intercept hits but I feel as it's very hard to play since no one places hits. Bounty hunter almost has no counter to playing and I feel if mr sniffy could intercept or kill bounty hunters when they are hunting, it would change the meta of bounty hunter. It is really annoying to get killed over and over by bounty hunters with legendaries and jetpacks. It would be awesome to see a new meta of fighting between mr sniffy and bounty hunter. I feel many legendary guns would be gained and swapped around.
  11. It is very annoying having 30 tills in a tiny ass base with a lot of procs. +1 for a way to claim it.
  12. Guys silver is cool I wouldn't kiss him if I was a chick though.
  13. Warheads, they are so sour but the flavor is insane plus I like sour.
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