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  1. Mdantos

    Giveaway poggers

    IG: Mdantos Discord: Mdantos#9370 Halloween: Literally giving kids my big ol lollipops.
  2. Right now the mr sniffy class is used to intercept hits but I feel as it's very hard to play since no one places hits. Bounty hunter almost has no counter to playing and I feel if mr sniffy could intercept or kill bounty hunters when they are hunting, it would change the meta of bounty hunter. It is really annoying to get killed over and over by bounty hunters with legendaries and jetpacks. It would be awesome to see a new meta of fighting between mr sniffy and bounty hunter. I feel many legendary guns would be gained and swapped around.
  3. It is very annoying having 30 tills in a tiny ass base with a lot of procs. +1 for a way to claim it.
  4. Guys silver is cool I wouldn't kiss him if I was a chick though.
  5. Warheads, they are so sour but the flavor is insane plus I like sour.
  6. no everything's fixed
  7. -1 raiding is too easy plus you only get to buy one for yourself. People with no proc tokens or cant raid can only have one proc.
  8. Mdantos

    Nerf C4s

    -1 you spend 60k a c4 just to place 5 to get in some bases.
  9. +1 to make it vip, too many times getting mass rdmed at pd by a new player on demo.
  10. I love rats twitch is my brother
  11. Mdantos


    Love you steve! <3
  12. Mdantos


    <3 <3 For real though kids can be staff. Truly a kid like me is able to be staff. I do not think minimum is 15 because they are still kids at 15. There are 15 year olds in my grade and class. They are still kids.
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