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    I believe when I brought you to the sit, you told me "logs lie" and proceeded to be non compliant, and this is your 10th time being banned for MRDM. -1
  2. trACE

    I was perma'd

    All I did was pick up that gun, I didn't know what it was at first but I didn't try to inventory or sell it or anything. If I knew the gun on the ground was exploited I wouldn't have picked it up
  3. trACE

    I was perma'd

    I honestly don't remember that far back to Sept. 12th, but can you explain to me what I did on October 3rd? I'm very confused
  4. In this sit I asked you why you were killing so many people to get your side of the story, you told me you were killing bloods but in logs it showed that you were killing other people too. I sat there for 5 minutes while you typed and you never said anything, then you looked the other way and I banned you. I never gagged, muted or did anything besides jail you since it seemed you were mass killing https://imgur.com/rQelmWS
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