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  1. How about less rules overall so that this server can actually be fun again?
  2. It wasn't an enforceable rule until recently where Rubik literally added it the rules just 2 days ago. It's absolutely mingy, but it's still really fun to do. My gang and I fully understand that it's super mingy and therefore we don't call sits while doing it as we know that it will only further cause problems. In other words, RDM my gang, we honestly didn't care. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/7DLF4Pm7fYr1O/d1337vlfbKwA?invite=cr-MSxYSUEsNTYyNzY1MSw
  3. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/74535579/d1337szpGz3p?invite=cr-MSw3RmosNTYyNzY1MSw https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/74536658/d1337Yr3pE1G?invite=cr-MSxQbzksNTYyNzY1MSw Videos take place right after each other, pardon the mic spam. Note: Logs say killed with fists when it was actually shovels clearly shown in video.
  4. -Rework gang talents, there's only a handful of them that are actually useful, the rest are promptly ignored by every gang. -Staff is held to a standard that I feel is much higher than most servers. That being said, the way they are awarded for upholding that standard isn't enough. Simply giving ingame currency and saying "good job" isn't enough. Staff should have more benefits than that. -In addition, a staff-only ingame store would be really beneficial to staff and help give that incentive for people to become staff and try and remain staff. In the staff-only ingame store, staff members can purchase things that are normally uncommon for a decent price at any time, such as C4, Blowtorches, SBC Cannons, etc, however things purchased from the staff-only ingame store are untradeble. -The fixes and accessibility of certain things have improved the server greatly this year, very thankful for that. Ex: Legacy jobs are displayed on the F4 menu and logs have only gotten more and more detailed.
  5. I do not. It's been 5 days... If I had more evidence. I would have posted it already.
  6. Again, why would I call a sit on myself? Also, Seff is no longer staff, and he definitely handled this sit poorly. The entire sit was rushed when it shouldn't have been especially when the PERSON WHO CALLED THE SIT IS NOW BEING ACCUSED. Please consider that Zeehk only received a verbal warn for the initial sit with Saiah for RDM, meanwhile this sit I get a full fledged warn for what was RDM possibly and definitely not Revenge RDM. I would never seek out to revenge RDM a guy especially after a sit. I'm rather upset mainly because my record was spotless for over a year and now I get the most BS warn I've ever received for something I never did.
  7. I should also say that after my sit with Saiah, I witnessed the dog still actively try and kill other Bloods players (the player was clearly siding with the crips as a master pet). Which also lead me to believe he would eventually attack me again depite the sit. Either of these logs would help but I logged off shortly after this appeal.
  8. Why would I make a sit if I wanted to just show I'm guilty of RDM? I legit thought he bit me. This isn't the first time I saw a blood splatter on my character with what defenitely looked like I was just damaged, and it never registered in logs. I had a sit a few months back where I did have a situation that mirrors this one where the damage did not register in logs. I believe I explained that sit away with video evidence. My recording software requires me to boot the software up manually, it does not start recording upon starting gmod or booting my computer, and therefore I never booted it. I had only joined Titsrp about 25mins before this situation occured.
  9. Active warns post sit: https://gyazo.com/e92c324a197d92540d64f51e2e50b3d1 Chat logs: Keep in mind, I was the only person typing during the sit, Zeehk and Seff were using their mic. I tried to fill in the gaps as accurately as I could. I've been playing titsrp for about a year and a half now, I would never retaliate on someone unless I was sure they attacked first. I saw a dog bite me so I threw a shovel at the dog to protect myself.
  10. Can't wait for the inevitable shit show that will occur when someone loses a pet to a force drop.
  11. I wish I could provide video evidence but I have no way to accurately record the flicker.
  12. Snowflakes aren't welcomed here. I don't agree with Walter, but I also don't agree with you whining just because someone said something that offended you.
  13. In-game name: Lil Pudin Taters SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43285464 Your plans for Halloween: nothing, but on the 23rd I'm taking a trip to Detroit with a couple friends to visit some stores that aren't normally near me.
  14. This entire incident feels like a 1984 cover up no matter which way you look at it. I don't care if it ruins the economy (economy is kind of fucked as is anyways). So many people got banned here that there's no way you can tell me each and everyone is 100% guilty of exploiting, and 100% guilty of intent to exploit, and because of that, I feel everyone should be unbanned or at the least a heavily reduced ban length. I have never stuck my neck out ever to get a player or in this case, a number of players, unbanned before, but this very much feels like a huge fuck up on Sugah and Rubik's end as well as players' end. It would be so much better for everyone if this was NOT swept under the rug.
  15. Remove the swep, not the players. By the sound of this entire situation this sounds like a dystopian cover up to the 10th degree. I STRONGLY believe everyone who was banned for the exploit should be unbanned unconditionally. I can not be convinced that every single person who was exploiting had 100% intent to make a massive amount of money. Was the zombie exploit a problem? Yes. Is the problem done and over with? Yes. So many good players were banned when I highly doubt every single player had the true intent to actually profit off the exploit. Please just undo the bans on everyone who was banned because of this stupid exploit.
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