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  1. "I have skull fractures" https://medal.tv/clips/35807198/vpayb7dMx The camera has collision too https://medal.tv/clips/34614292/FzNsUUicE6ed Very well timed music from my youtube playlist in the background https://medal.tv/clips/29889353/PdkJhjmWOj2W Local rat runs into a brick https://medal.tv/clips/30187745/Q6R7QxQQqzZu The Great COVID-19 Boston Tea Party https://medal.tv/clips/31005657/QkMBcVWnLzvS Don't do it https://medal.tv/clips/32677035/uhvcH2h2h76P "Isn't this KFC?" https://medal.tv/clips/32749911/2p0mAEZx3Cuc Big brain play https://medal.tv/clips/33126275/1TCAgeYmj1hg Swat doesn't know what's going on so he blaims the nearest player https://medal.tv/clips/33667251/QONZPkLDmhcz "I found out what the cannon does" https://medal.tv/clips/33775919/PC4QUDLIB3Ux "...but you're a ****** bro" https://medal.tv/clips/34182251/cbOhVLBt3fR9 Best sit ever https://medal.tv/clips/39361319/d133760BWxCz Seno dropping 7 trains on the map in one go https://medal.tv/clips/39359840/d1337rCmU19y All clips were recorded sometime from the time I started playing back in March.
  2. Server restart did not fix this. Still out my 600 suga, and the cc is still not a cop.
  3. I purchased a new cop cc with 900 suga. I purchased the CC first with 300 suga and 600 suga on editor to change it to a cop cc, however the new cc does not have any cop items or even cop status but I was still charged the 600 suga to change the class to a cop cc. Tried restarting gmod twice to see if it would help with no success. https://gyazo.com/dc12d4f1d7306efa75ba8c41c0b8fb86 https://medal.tv/clips/40024548/d1337AOW50s3
  4. Currently the Spirit Caller role serves very little purpose. The Spirit Caller's primary goal is to reap souls from people, just to make Talismans, however currently more than half the current Talismans are borderline useless and when creating a Talisman, the Talisman is given at random. There is no choice as to what Talisman is generated. Any experienced player on this server will say the best way to get Talismans is from loot crates which is just another form of getting random Talismans, and even then I don't think anything that comes from loot crates should be the primary source to get such item when there literally an entire role dedicated to producing that one specific item. I suggest that the Spirit Caller be buffed to where which when creating a Talisman, the specific Talisman to be created can be chosen. That way the Spirit Caller can actually be somewhat useful.
  5. Happened to my twice last night after successfully defending myself from Mike.
  6. What are you talking about? https://medal.tv/clips/37599298/d1337PoaQjbm
  7. Lower it to a minute cool down instead of 3 minutes. The cool down is needed as bounty hunting was getting ridiculous before the change.
  8. Sit was called but never taken, vote ban was not from me but did go through and banned him. Asking for an extension.
  9. Quick sell just needs to be a default feature on the server, with or without a gang. Such a waste of a talent point. Junk Launcher is incredibly useful still as you can't punt anything without it, including parcels, lootboxes, timebombs, etc. IN ALMOST EVERY WAY the entire system needs a rework. A lot of talents and perks just aren't relevant and never will be again.
  10. I don't think you see the point I'm trying to make. I'm not pointing out the fact of less appeals so easier for staff, I'm pointing out that the current system allows laziness on the appealer's part as some appeals can get accepted with little effort on the appealer's part. If a person is making an appeal, then they must truly believed they are not guilty or their punishment was unfair for the offense they committed instead of "Let's make an appeal for something I am completely guilty for and was punished fairly for, just to see if I can get it reduced or removed for the hell of it". Above is an example of lazy appeal that was accepted even though no actual helpful evidence was submitted and the question of guilt is still not clear as there's no damning evidence to support either argument other than word-of-mouth. The current system is almost like a banned person is handed a scratch off ticket when they are banned called "Ban appeal" and they can scratch the ticket for very little effort to see if they won an unban or ban reduced. I'm vouching for a system where there needs to be an effort shown on the appealer's part otherwise risk more punishment.
  11. This only applies to Ban appeals pertaining to Titsrp itself and not the forums, discord, and warn appeals as well as permabans of any kind: I feel the appeal system is somewhat abused too often by people who are clearly guilty but choose to make an appeal anyways as it might help get the ban reduced. I suggest there be a possibility that if an appeal clearly still shows the banned person is still guilty that there should be a possible extension added to the ban based on how well the appeal was written and how much counter evidence was presented that was viable. I strongly believe that if someone truly believes they should be unbanned or that same person feels like they were unjustly punished, only then they should write an appeal. However, the current system I feel caters to people who constantly enact minge behavior and can't ever accept responsibility for their own actions. Players who get banned and then make enough fuss about the ban are the players who get catered to in the current system, NOT the actual people who believe they are not guilty or unjustly punished. Above player's ban was extended heavily as new evidence against the banned person was presented that clearly showed more guilt than the initial ban was given for. For the reason I'm making this isn't an accurate example as more evidence was presented that wasn't there in the initial ban, but great example of how an appeal can backfire. I don't think bans should be extended as heavily as this man's did for just making an appeal, assuming no more evidence is presented against the banned person, but rather a 1 or 2 day extension. Above appeal shows piss poor presentation, little to no effort given, no counter evidence to support the appeal, almost badgering behavior to just get a response out of the staff; prime example of a ban that should have been extended 1 or 2 days for wasting staff time. Another prime example of an appeal that should been given an extension just for making a piss poor appeal and wasting staff time. Above appeal shows some effort and an attempt at some supporting evidence to revoke the ban. Given, the evidence wasn't great and the player was still guilty, there was still a show of effort in the appeal and the player did think they truly did not deserve the ban. No ban extension should be warranted as the banned person made an effort at the appeal and showed true belief that he/she did not deserve this. TL;DR I feel people who make poor efforts at ban appeals and are still clearly guilty should be given ban extensions just for wasting staff time as they are just not able to accept responsibility for their actions.
  12. I feel playing a cop roll should earn less as I feel that the decent wage encourages new players to play cop. New players playing a roll that is extremely easy to break server rules with if the roll isn't played correctly just for the sake that the newer player wants to earn a couple bucks doesn't seem very smart. At the same time, that payout for playing a cop isn't enough to draw experienced players to play cop. I figured it would be best to lower the payout as to not encourage new players to play cop, and make the cop roll for people who actually enjoy rping as a cop.
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