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  1. @QuasI never said anything about an imbalance issue. This is a bug report for the reason that this doesn't seem like an intended result of this effect that Gru has. This is true, however you intentionally give them every possible reason to retaliate. I watched you several times today and several days before pickup a kidnap body from the baby thrower effect, throw the body as high as you could into the air with a bludgeon so that when the player returns to their normal form midair, they take fall damage upon being thrown. I don't know if you want them to retaliate, but it sure seems like you do for some reason. Regardless, this isn't what this BUG report is about. This is just to show that you have all intention to abuse and exploit every aspect of the Gru job.
  2. You're telling me you'd guys rather sell DarkRP for less than the federal minimum wage when McDonalds is hiring 12$ an hour minimum? McDonalds literally doesn't care who the fuck you are, just as long as you got a heart that's beating and you can stand on 2 feet. #PaysMoreToWorkAtMcDonalds This is a server that's intended to be fun, not a side hustle.
  3. STEAM_0:1:43285464 ShovelSaints
  4. Update: After rereading it I'm realizing it was a 2 day ban. I was on last night but I was AFK for the last 2 hours I was online. (I was actually in the Hazed discord VC at the same time and exclaimed "Oh my god I left gmod open", before going off to bed and closing Gmod. Gmod was muted in the background) That being said, in the rare event for some reason during that AFK time I was brought into a sit and never noticed for supposed RDM, I don't know how I can RDM anyone if I was AFK for so fuckin' long. When I closed Gmod, I definitely was not in sitland but rather in RPLand near fountain.
  5. https://gyazo.com/e110cee4b4d15be2cdbf7cec825631e4 I legit don't know why I've been banned, I haven't been on all day. This seems like a huge mistake. My internet has been on the frits lately so if this so happens to be a 2 day ban that my internet cut out during the sit. I apologize. They're upgrading to fiberoptic in my area so my internet cuts out periodically during the day.
  6. I want to point out that Vigilante cannot make people wanted. Therefore, I can't see it being anywhere near Batman.
  7. New Role: Vigilante - Civilian Normal civilian role except: -Always has gun license, cannot be revoked. -The ability to kill people who are already wanted in the name of civilian justice. -All fines and jail time are doubled as your goal as a Vigilante is to help enforce the current law, not break it yourself. -Your bounty goes up as normal, as the government still frowns upon acts of vigilantism. Can still be arrested for carrying out murder even if the victim was wanted. Loudout: -Fake Cuffs -AR15 (cause mah 2nd amendment) Make the player model something like Frank Castle or John Wick.
  8. 16GB RAM DDR3 128 GB SSD (W7 OS) 1TB HDD Intel i7 2.2Ghz NVIDIA GEFORE GTX 650M LMAO My computer is an Acer laptop I've babied since 2012 and still is chugging like it's new. It's just unfortunate that even like new it's extremely outdated.
  9. I absolutely love the statistical evidence.
  10. Looking for new members of S-7 Shock Steel! Recruitment Closed S-7 Shock Steel is a tool steel used in heavy duty shock applications such as die springs, valve springs, and sometimes performance automotive suspension systems. No other grade of tool steel is tougher than S-7 which makes it ideal for high impact and material memory applications. S-7's goal is to provide a friendly and mature environment for all members to collectively enjoy TitsRP and many other games. Current Gang Talents: S-7 Shock Steel is a max level 70 gang (Last updated: 07APR2021) Quick Sell - You can sell to the general buyer from your inventory A Pretty Penny - You get 10 more Suga Dollas on earning them from Gang XP Fish Master - Your fish are usually more rare Good Ear - You hear an audible notification when lootboxes and dragon eggs spawn Junk Launcher - You can use your gravity gun to punt most objects Force Drop - Force a player on a CC to drop an item from their inventory when mugging them (100 minute cooldown) Feather Hands - You can pickpocket people and take a random weapon they have Pocket Sand - Kidnapping people blinds everyone around and your victim and gives you an 8 second speed buff Important Temporary Information: (Last updated: 07APR2021) -All gang talents are subject to heavily change within' the first month or so as the first members of S-7 Shock Steel will be able to choose a complete new set of talents! -S-7 Currently does have a gang CC but like the previous bullet point, recent new members will get to choose the gang CC details when I apply to Rubik for it. -S-7 Shock Steel is currently in an infant state which gives ample opportunity for new members to be the first gang officers! How To Apply: (Last updated: 07APR2021) -ALL MEMBERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER. NO EXCEPTIONS. -Discord is required to apply as S-7's Discord Server will act as the gang's central hub. -To apply simply reply to this thread with your Discord username including the 4 digits after the pound sign. For example: JoeDirt#5678 An officer or myself will contact you shortly after via Discord private message. ☺S-7 will consider recruiting anyone as long as they are 18 years old or older and have a discord account!☺ -Lil' Pudin' Taters, Proud Owner of S-7 Shock Steel
  11. It fucks with the hitbox very little, the bigger reason people use the emotes is a way to disguise where their gun is pointing, and any other animations they want to disguise (reloading for example) since the emote animation takes priority. It does add an advantage to combat but literally nothing is stopping you from doing it yourself.
  12. Additional evidence to help prove time I was on and motivation: https://gyazo.com/762a1f28eafd02da0395475776c64412 It's been over 6 hours now, can this be accepted yet? This still feels absurdly petty.
  13. about 2 hours later as shown in the screenshot. I also did a bunch of other stuff in the meantime. (Get lunch, help my housemate clean, etc)
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