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  1. In-game name: Lil Pudin Taters SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43285464 Your plans for Halloween: nothing, but on the 23rd I'm taking a trip to Detroit with a couple friends to visit some stores that aren't normally near me.
  2. This entire incident feels like a 1984 cover up no matter which way you look at it. I don't care if it ruins the economy (economy is kind of fucked as is anyways). So many people got banned here that there's no way you can tell me each and everyone is 100% guilty of exploiting, and 100% guilty of intent to exploit, and because of that, I feel everyone should be unbanned or at the least a heavily reduced ban length. I have never stuck my neck out ever to get a player or in this case, a number of players, unbanned before, but this very much feels like a huge fuck up on Sugah and Rubik's end as well as players' end. It would be so much better for everyone if this was NOT swept under the rug.
  3. Remove the swep, not the players. By the sound of this entire situation this sounds like a dystopian cover up to the 10th degree. I STRONGLY believe everyone who was banned for the exploit should be unbanned unconditionally. I can not be convinced that every single person who was exploiting had 100% intent to make a massive amount of money. Was the zombie exploit a problem? Yes. Is the problem done and over with? Yes. So many good players were banned when I highly doubt every single player had the true intent to actually profit off the exploit. Please just undo the bans on everyone who was banned because of this stupid exploit.
  4. https://medal.tv/clips/66832823/d13371frfmn8?invite=cr-MSxsVEMsNTYyNzY1MSw please ignore the music in the video.
  5. Why can't normal players see issued warrants in !slogs? The warrant approved message only appears on the screen for a split second which makes it unlikely a player even knows a warrant has been issued against them. I feel this could significantly reduce the amount of false sits called for situations where a cop raids with a warrant, but the person basing never saw the onscreen message.
  6. Ever since I came back to Titsrp after a 3 month long break back in May I made a vow to myself to: Never report anyone Never call a sit on miniscule shit (especially RDM and MRDM) Only call sits on players where you were directly involved, rather than calling sits on witnessed rule breaking. Titsrp became way more enjoyable thanks to those 3 rules. People will break rules no matter how many get reported and punished; there is no end to the cycle.
  7. Damn, I love seeing a good ol' union strike once in a a good while.
  8. There's a reason tax law in the US is so fucked. No one wants to read a document that is 2600 pages long.
  9. It's a volunteer job, beggers can't be choosers. Literally nothing is giving motivation to staff members to take sits other than their quota. After they achieved their quota, there's nothing left to give staff a reason to take sits other than maybe a promotion. A promotion that doesn't really reward anything. There needs to be incentive.
  10. Recent update, gang name changed and recruitment is reopened
  11. Metroid Prime 1 and 2 I recently played through Metroid Prime 1 again and realized that a lot of the enjoyment I got from the game when I was a kid was simply because I had no idea where to go or what to do. Now that I've experienced both games a couple times through, they feel very linear. The games are very much built with the intent of the player getting lost.
  12. Hardly There's more ways of giving incentives than just in-game currency. Giving staff the ability to actually have fun with their powers within' reason is a good incentive, or possibly giving staff access to silly weapons that are exclusive to staff.
  13. I agree, please shorten the timer. Most of the time the SK gets me in a hidden location within' 10 seconds and then waits there like an idiot for the remaining 80 seconds just to kill me.
  14. Give players actual incentive to become staff and we'll probably get better staff. Applying for staff currently is basically a process of whomever wants the position and is will to put in the work for a half-decent staff application. It should much rather be a competitive application process as competition breeds perfection, but without actually giving people a really good reason to become staff, no such competition will exist.
  15. @QuasI never said anything about an imbalance issue. This is a bug report for the reason that this doesn't seem like an intended result of this effect that Gru has. This is true, however you intentionally give them every possible reason to retaliate. I watched you several times today and several days before pickup a kidnap body from the baby thrower effect, throw the body as high as you could into the air with a bludgeon so that when the player returns to their normal form midair, they take fall damage upon being thrown. I don't know if you want them to retaliate, but it sure seems like you do for some reason. Regardless, this isn't what this BUG report is about. This is just to show that you have all intention to abuse and exploit every aspect of the Gru job.
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