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SmokinJew ban Appeal


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57 minutes ago, Jewann said:

if someone can confirm that you actually tried to stop the video, i dont think you need to be banned for the full 2 weeks.


39 minutes ago, EpicWafflehouse said:

Agreed, if an attempt to stop it was made and can be confirmed i would consider a reduction from 2 weeks

I was typing in chat before the video started playing and as it was loading begging lucy to skip. Should be in logs

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35 minutes ago, cobaselic said:

There's no way that you accidentally played the video lol. You had to search it and then select it. I guess it was nice of you to ask someone to skip it, but wouldn't it have been better to not play it at all? 




9 hours ago, Mr.BigDick said:

I was in a meme playlist on youtube and  found a video through there. When i copied the link it played the first video in the playlist which was that one. After a video or 2 went by that others had posted i went into the queue to see when mine was playing and saw the thumbnail.

Refer to one of my previous statements ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

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3 minutes ago, cobaselic said:

You played the playlist. The video you were banned for was the first video, kinda hard to believe that you didn't know that, seeing as how it was literally the first video in the playlist. Appeal invalid.

I tried to play a video in the playlist that was farther down but when I submitted the link it started the playlist from the beginning. Appeal valid. Simple mistake anyone could make. Also not saying the ban isnt justified just want it to be shortened since it was a mistake. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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If you or nobody can prove u tried to stop the video. Your ban will stay and not be reduced. If you got nothing to add regarding the ban appeal don't reply. Stop acting like a child not gonna help u out

Edited by {GN} Isaac
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hey, not entirely sure if I'm allowed to respond yet since I'm still a t-mod. but yes he did try to get us to stop the video, however the movie theater is  in a very broken state. when we skip videos it either does nothing or skips them but bugs out so the video plays over the next queued video.


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