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  1. hey, not entirely sure if I'm allowed to respond yet since I'm still a t-mod. but yes he did try to get us to stop the video, however the movie theater is in a very broken state. when we skip videos it either does nothing or skips them but bugs out so the video plays over the next queued video.
  2. Hey. I'm the T-mod who originally banned you, my ban reason was valid. the law was a fail law if you look at the !motd it states under the Mayor rules that "You can override any default illegal activity except for making murder, printers, or stealing legal" so that means that the default law of murder being illegal is not a valid law. besides that as RAY RAY stated common sense is also to be used in this situation, a law that states a main server rule can be broken is never a valid one. i still believe that my decision was the right one to take.
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