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You have probably seen that when I get on a few times if you have seen me around, and the reason I say that, is because I am bringing the bruh moments to you with the NATIONAL BRUH ASSOCIATION. It is NBA for short, and that is what it is called in game. This gang is for all the people that like some good ole bruh moments, and want to connect with other people that also like bruh moments. If you are interested, then be sure to check it out!
Gang information
Here is the information for the gang, and will be updated constantly until it is max level. Be sure to check on this often to check on the gang level as well as the members of the gang. This is a fresh gang, so I understand if you want to pass up on it, but I guarantee you, this gang will be for people that want friends that will help them out in anything they need on the server, without worrying about getting harassed or bullied, I will make sure of that, and only people that truly intend on having good experiences will be accepted. DM Danutercisd#6669 if you want more details.

Gang Name: NBA

Gang Level:  70

Gang Perks:

Current Talents:
Junk Launcher
Quick Sell

Precious Life
Blood Sucker

Extra Bullet

Wide Awake
Slippery Snake


Notable Members and Officers 
Dan Mcstubbins(President and Founder of the NBA)


FK: Caliber


Raccoons: Talibanned




If you still haven't made up your mind, here is a video with THE VoiceOverPete

Remember that this is indeed, more than a gang, its a community, A Fellowship, and we support each other. Thats why you should Join THE NATIONAL BRUH ASSOCIATION 

Here is our discord: https://discord.gg/AwHMrVp

And like I have said before:

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16 minutes ago, ZestyBoi said:

don't get pocket sand at all, also morpher is pretty bad in its own right as it only helps when fucking around and not when doing any sort of defending / raiding

Yeah I decided to replace pocket sand with force drop, so this is what all the perks gonna be honestly. I'll go take a look but my vice president and I have discussed the perks we together would want and I decided to at least respect his morpher pick. 

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